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COD: Black OPS map packs for free, glitches and Easter eggs. ALL WELCOME!

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Lombax0987-1234 9 yr ago x
COD Black OPS is such an AWESOME game to play, and anyone who wants to know a little glitch that seems to 'pretend' you have a map from a map pack you haven't even BOUGHT. I'm going to find out if 'pretend' means that you can play them or not. NOW, HERE'S HOW TO DO IT. Go to theater, then click community, change the filter to a map you haven't got, then you load up any video of it, wait until it has fully downloaded the video in question. Once THAT is done, go to someones file share that has a private match set-up with the map you d/loaded a video of, then it pops up. You can click on start match, but idk if it actually plays. Hopefully tommorow I will find out what it does, and any variations on the glitch. NOT FOR USE WITH LÉ ZOMBĚ MAPPÉS! Only actually confirmed to be able to work with the anhialation map pack, probs are that it would work with the other map packs*.

*Not for use in Rezzurection, as that is a zombie map pack ONLY. If you really want to play those WAW maps, and you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, you could download the app, COD:ZOMBIES. It's a lower price than Rezzurection and it has the four origional maps. :) Hope this helps!!
Lombax0987-1234 9 yr ago x
Only pretends. If you try to play, it says you haven't bought the map.
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