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Big Time Gangsta iphone game app cred packs free cheats

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guest 10 yr ago x
Its obvious that this game for free is not free at all. The only way is to buy cred to heal or to finish missions right away.

tags: free cheats for cred pack/green pack
guest 10 yr ago x
There needs to be easier ways to get cred maybe when u level up or from mission but the mission takes long time.
guest 10 yr ago x
Anything to do between mission and missions to gain credit would be nice. Getting cred is way to hard. It's a cool app but when u get hurt it take hours for u to heal.
Unknown 10 yr ago x
isn't there a cheat the gives u 50 cred if there was me would be happy
Cheats system 10 yr ago x
Once u have enough turfs u can have a lot of money simply when u have collected all your turf protection money u go to home screen than general date and time then add one more day to it go back to big time gangsta than more green will be there
Cheats system 10 yr ago x
Unkwown, no but there will be a daily gift for way less cred though someday
Big time gangsta 10 yr ago x
Yeah people who play big time gangsta would like cred to be earned by doing missions or completing a wave in arena or collecting turfs I would like that too
Gangster O.J. 10 yr ago x
This game is cool just not affordable
Biggy big 10 yr ago x
Please is there a cheat that gives u 125 cred at least each day like daily gift or something
the gangsta 10 yr ago x
You can go to gang and click the button that says earn free cred that has a video camera next to it and keep watching videos. But it takes forever but it's worth it
the gangsta 10 yr ago x
You can also keep spinning the wheel but you got to get real lucky to get cred.
omar 10 yr ago x
CCan you give me free cred
ehw1998 10 yr ago x
if u want some free cred you need to watch the video. if ur free cred from the watch video unavaible u just change the year of ur ipad or iphone.even its need a long time

after u change the year it will avaible again

i already get the long barrel (the weapon that cost 300 cred)
Herman 10 yr ago x
lol i got 9.9999999999999 cred and 6 long barrels and 6 gold hammers :P You can hack the game with a windows program named paros
btangry 10 yr ago x
I've been trying to use paros but its not working...can I get some help?
Jippik 10 yr ago x
Ok guys today I found a way to get free Creds. Email me and I'll tell you the steps or add me on msn: anvarotash
btangry 10 yr ago x
I just e-mailed you jippik. If you didn't get it plz let me know
ice 10 yr ago x
how can i get free cred at bt gangsta
GaNgsTer 10 yr ago x
Just change the date one day ahead and go back to the game to get instant protection money, free slot spins, all gangsters will be healed, missions completed, and instant tonic. Hope this helped ;-)
timhi1996 10 yr ago x
Email me my nickname Jippik
Mg 10 yr ago x
Hi jippik could you let me know how to get the free creds?
jippik 10 yr ago x
I need btr cheats
BTG 10 yr ago x
How can i get more free cred jippik
og king 10 yr ago x
how can i get free credits
Btangry 10 yr ago x
Thanx jippik it worked perfectly
BTG 10 yr ago x
How can you get more free cred Btangry
Jippik 10 yr ago x
Ok guys like I said add me on MSN: anvarotash

And I will walk you through
BTG 10 yr ago x
Jippik did you receive the email I sent you
Eazy 10 yr ago x
Please help cheat bt gangsta
Tez 10 yr ago x
I need help
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