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HBO GO audio sound not working fix ipad cable directv comcast airplay

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guest 13 yr ago x
I have no audio or sound, please fix this. Furthermore, for Charter subscribers there's this problem: every time you go to log back in, it has you check your account status with Charter to make sure you are an HBO subscriber. Then it forces you to create a NEW account (even if you already have an account... When do hbo shows go on demand?

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guest 13 yr ago x
Most of the times the app says it is already in use on another device and will stop playback. HBO offer no support at all on this app so i have no idea how to fix the issue.
guest 13 yr ago x
I've managed to login with My DirectTv account, but it keeps crashing. Please fix this. Other than that cool app, it gives you access to all the series and movies on HBO. You can make a watch list for the shows you want to see and make a season pass. How does airplay work?
guest 13 yr ago x
No Time Warner Cable??
guest 13 yr ago x
I've had sign on issues several times, where it tells me I'm not authorized. Also, if i switch from watching on my laptop to my iPhone, it won't let me do it because the "GO ID" is in use.
guest 13 yr ago x
I have an iPad 2 but the video out does not work. You can only hear the audio through the TV.
Carole 13 yr ago x
I have no sound on hbo go ????
Ed 13 yr ago x
No sound with apps I pad

Down loaded weather channel and hbogo apps and no sound on either can U help????
afabris 13 yr ago x
The “no audio” thing has to do with the lock rotation button/mute side switch on iPad 2. If you use the side switch for lock rotation instead of mute, HBO Go will appear to have no sound. If you go to settings and change “side switch use to mute”, the audio will play. You can switch it back to lock rotation after that. Credit for figuring this out goes to:
iPad junkie 13 yr ago x
I had the same problem with sound on my iPad. The solution is easy- make sure the little side switch( above your sound button) with the red area is not showing. If you see a red area your hbo2go app will be muted..there is nothing wrong with the app..
majic rat 13 yr ago x
ipad junkie thanks for tip on sound sw.
BigjimIAm 13 yr ago x
Sound fix worked. Thanks for the posts
jill 13 yr ago x
it worked thank you time warner had no record of "why no sound would play with time warner application" your comment to move the lock button worked thank you !!!!
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