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Is there an iPad / Iphone 4 DLNA client in Itunes or jailbreak app?

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guest 13 yr ago x
Hi I have an iPAd and iphone 4 and would like to know if I could download a dlna client, or has somebody developed an app in cydia? I'm thinking of jailbreaking the iPad if that's the case. Thanks.
king 12 yr ago x
you can jailbrak the ipad with green poizen
sam 12 yr ago x
guest 12 yr ago x
sorry but that's illegal. if u update ur version, jailbreak with me invisible. also, if u kept doing it, you'll get caught. and jailbreak is cheating 'cause FREE is EVERYTHING to you. like me, i bought over 90 paid apps. no jailbreaking.

if you did it again, they will delete all of your apps cuz that happens to meh.
crabby 12 yr ago x
PlugPlayer's a pretty decent DLNA client, pretty cheap and available on iPhone.

Jailbreaking is not illegal, and there are more reasons to do it than stealing paid apps, and by the way, Cydia is full of paid for apps these days.

Jailbroken apps can do things not allowed in the stock iOS, like using undocumented APIs, 3rd party system libraries and getting direct access to the data on your phone (+ the security risks therein).

e.g. more direct access to your music and it's data.allowed Instinctiv player (a fantastic intelligent shuffling music player) to be developed (they've now moved it to Android to avoid the need to jailbreak to get around Apple's restrictions.

Another use would be enabling an iPhone as a DLNA server, allowing another DLNA device to control it remotely, or stream music from it. Which would mean I didn't need an Apple version of every device alongside my perfetly good non Apple device!
Yuri 12 yr ago x
If you're using Android or any non Apple device, then it's another thing. The latest version prevent more jailbreaking apps. Maybe your apps are free, so jailbreaking on the free ones are fine. But the paid apps-no.
Yuri 12 yr ago x
One reminder: I updated the latest ones and Winterboard and Cydia was deleted.

tags: winterboard, cydia, updated
Dedo 11 yr ago x
I dont have Cdyia on my ipad so how can I Download it ??
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