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guest 13 yr ago x
How do u add friends and neighbours from the game center? I love the game however I have to pay so much for coins. All my ants died and I had no money.

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guest 13 yr ago x
You do not need to buy anything to enjoy it. I have no more room for houses. How can I make the land bigger? And how do I delete houses?
guest 13 yr ago x
500 acorns for a cupcake is a waste of money when you can buy 6 sugar cubes and get more energy. The only way to get good xp and money is short tasks in the latest update. Too much work picking up acorns. I can't complete my mission. I have not had any lady bugs in my village since it started the help 15 lady bug mission.
guest 13 yr ago x
Stink bugs and lion ants where always in my garden until I received the task to get rid of them!? Click on the ladybug to get 50 acorns.
;( 13 yr ago x
well with my experience everytime i get back after like 5 hrs all 3: th ladybug, stinkbug, and lion ants are there...
i have a q: i suddenly got 140 gold coins but i swear i didnt buy it..its like 20$ worth so im freakin out right now... i didnt receive a bill but i can see the coins .... i havent even put in my password to permit this transction.. has it ever happen to anybody else... its been 1 whole day and no bill email
Elsa 13 yr ago x
How to earn free coins without buying it
Lorna 13 yr ago x
Is there any way I can re arrange the places I have put things? For example my ants houses?
NoL 13 yr ago x
To move placed items click the build icon then shrink it to bottom. Then click the item you want to move, then move it just as you did when you bought it.

Hope this helps!
Sam (I'm a girl) 13 yr ago x
How can u add friends on it?!
Ajs 13 yr ago x
To get free coins you click on the get more button and on the top left corner it should a video clip click on it and should say watch this video for one coin then you keep doing this till it said sorry this feature does not work but you can come back to it later and get more coins I hope this help
Ez 13 yr ago x
I need help I'm at the Massive Pile Up mission and the game won't go any further till I complete this. I need to have 6 piles ready however I only have 5 and every time I try to add another it says I have reached my pile limit
Helpzors 13 yr ago x
In order to get free coins/free acorns, you have to do something very specific. I do it all the time and now I have 100,000+ acorns and 4000+ coins. ^^
Help 13 yr ago x
What is the specific thing you do to get free coins and acorns???
@sweetdulceneri 13 yr ago x
i have no idea how to complete the builder bug benefit, how do i help my builder bug to collect materials? i just got the game today please help ^-^
@Helpzors 13 yr ago x
What do you need to do specific? Help please! I am not purchasing anything just to get lame coins... and I am not downloading bs too! So give it to us.

thank you :D
emt42 13 yr ago x
Just downloaded this game today. Unreal how the coin system works in this game. what a shame. Take a clue from "Aqua Pets" and make it user friendly. The concept of this game is great and has great potential but to make us have to download crap from your site is ridiculous. If you were fair with the coin system and truly wanted people to play this game long term you wouldnt try to con us into your other games. Just make it fun and fair and people would gladly play the other games. Your coin system is making me delete this game same day and spend my time playing "Aqua Pets".
Andi 13 yr ago x
So I dl the game and played for about 20 minutes and left the game I dl a couple of the games for free coins and I get the free coins I log in the next day and it say congrats you have 200880000 coins no joke... Kinda ruined the game for me since I have everything now... Im lvl 17 I dont know how to delete or expand or what to do now that I bought everything im going to max level since I can hurry every pile with the 200mil coins I have
cierra 13 yr ago x
okay so wanna get more money.... first buy some big piles like 4 or 5 then put 24 hours on them and fill up your flowers, exit our of the game. go to your date on your i pod, and change it, if you go back your piles will be done and your flowers will be done! DONT FORGET TO FEED YOUR ANTS
mamak 13 yr ago x
I don't want to spend money on coins but id like to upgrade everything to perfection im level 16 n have like 60000 acorns q: why can't u trade acorns for coins? I think it would make the game more enjoyable if u had that option! It give u more drive to collect mor acorns! N maybe people wouldnt get bored with it as easy! Just a suggestion
mamakcllxlslx 13 yr ago x
I feel like a lil piece of me is gone my phone glitchd n its gone n im deleting sad but true
melissa 13 yr ago x
I have 2 answers...if u have a mission and it says you need to have a certain number of houses or piles and you reach need to get experience and get to the next each level u may have a certain amount of houses and piles....

My phone also glitched and wiped my game....the make certain it doesn't happen is save it correctly...when.closing your game go to the Menu at the.little silver spicket on the side and select to quit at the main menu.....when you get to your main menu with the name of the game and the back button on your phone (I have a HTC) and it will ask if you want to exit the game and select would be.much easier if they.had a SAVE button....but there is this is how to properly save your game.
brucydragon08 13 yr ago x
i have found one cheat for this game i have a galaxy s if you set your piles for say 12 hours close game with middle button go to settings and change your time forward 12 hours close and go back to game hey presto
shann 13 yr ago x
How do I complete the bug builder benefit task???!!
schroeyers 13 yr ago x
first lvl 26 or a mushroom lvl what you like then on the right side is a hammer

1click on the hammer
2 click on the mushroom what you like
3 wait to 10 sec and then move ypu de mushroom dont drop the moveable mushroom after the first and do it again
MDawkins 13 yr ago x
Game center friends not showing up on bug village on iPhone. Very frustrated.
Yeah! 13 yr ago x
Change the date and gor to the video section and watch it to get free coins
bhargav 13 yr ago x
Hi i have a cheat where u can get 99999 gold coins and acorns just follow me on twitter @bhargavsmarty and message me will let u know thanks
goodcat 13 yr ago x
Been playing game for a while now. Logged back in and game said I earned 44 coins... when I went to feed the bugs the icon popped asking if I wanted to earn or buy more coins... I have 3000 acorns and coin icon says =44.... I can't feed the bugs and I don't want to buy coins at the moment. Help!
Nina 13 yr ago x
angieschwartz77-what is your name in fb I'll try to add you?
Lucystar 13 yr ago x
To rearrange the objects or houses you click edit if your playing the newer version. To get free coins click "get free coins" then you install one of the apps and then u get ur coins
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