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Tap Pet Hotel cheats for free treats and coins (iPod Touch/iPhone game)

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Mary 8 yr ago x
Fun game, very similar to Tap Zoo but just as great! But it takes too long to get the cool stuff. I wish you could earn coins/money faster!

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Kristin 8 yr ago x
If you click the button to earn free treats nothing shows up, why? Annoying there is no way to get free coins or bones :( Too many things costs bones. Overall fun game just wish you could get treats when you go to the next level.
susan 8 yr ago x
Game is pretty fun! I'm excited to build my hotel. Love all the animals. Nice game but too hard to earn treats and coins. Everything takes too long. Wish you could get bones though as well as coins.
Anne 8 yr ago x
Just keep on building rooms so that you'll earn money and xp faster and when you level up you earn more money.I dont have any tricks left though.
Ann 8 yr ago x
If you want more money faster, visit your neighbor and pop their balloons for coins, once your out of balloons from your neighbor, click the go back home arrow ( bottom right) and then repeat the process multiple times for more cash... Good luck, it helped me!!
Dee Tee 8 yr ago x
Yeah, I love playing this game but I want to make a dojo room, but of course to update it, it's costs 18 treats. ;( and second of course, I dont have that!!! ;(

And of course I don't have a Facebook either so I can't get any neighbors and I dont want a random one!!! ;(
Jessica (me) 8 yr ago x
this game is so addicting, i'm on it all the time.
i know one time i got a notification that if you download tap zoo you get 5 treats or something. not sure if it's still like that, but worth a shot :)

kirara 8 yr ago x
hey. I have a question. how can I earn "treats" without buying them?

thank u =)
Kellzbellz 8 yr ago x
How do I get treats??????
Pethotellova  8 yr ago x
Heyy if u go to ur neighbor u can pick up there rubbish and get some coins another thing is get ur hotel rating up because the higher the raring the more coins for ur daily bonus if u sinc ur iPhone or pond it'll auto update your pet hotel game so u can get the dojo room
Hope this helps
Nicoris 8 yr ago x
How much coins would you make if you had the whole thing filled with dog houses?
Dubby2001 8 yr ago x
Kittykat 8 yr ago x
How do u get lots of treats for free to make the hotel bigger and buy pet rooms to unlock pets
I've bought 20 treats and I didn't use them then it said I have none left
lolmaorofl 8 yr ago x
This is saaaaaaaa annoying. I just want bloody friggen cheats and the only reason they don't give you free treats is because they want you to spend money for a game! Rude people -.-
puppylover 8 yr ago x
i h8 the hotel expansions! they are so annoying and cost so much money! =.= Annoying much!!! (i just got an ugly kitten for the yarn room, was hoping for a cuter one ._.)
Vanessa 8 yr ago x
Why am I getting balloons with the hotel? It is weird
aidan 8 yr ago x
what the heck i bought the expansion for a small price then the third one was so much money i can't keep up
Dave 8 yr ago x
the best earning room type is PIRATE. you earn 472 coins per hour, and it takes about 3 days for it to pay for itself. the next closest earner is the WATERFALL, but that only makes 425 coins per hour per unit, and takes 17.65 days to pay for itself. I'd stick with the PIRATE room if you want to make the most money. None of the other stuff affects your earnings, so just make a bunch of pirate rooms. If you cannot afford PIRATE yet, then make DOJO, which makes 217 coins per hour but pays for itself in only 4.62 hours. before even that, there's HONEY which makes 133 coins per hour and pays for itself in 90 minutes. by the way doggy makes 120 coins per hour but you need to be there every 2 mins to click on it to get that much. if you're not there, you lose it.
Gabby 8 yr ago x
How do I get bones?
Natashia 8 yr ago x
First I had 2 treat than I have 1
Michael 8 yr ago x
I suddenly lost 1 treat when nobody used it.

And how to buy treats?
missfiveday 8 yr ago x
how ridiculous... to buy a satchel of coins is $99.99, do they really think someone would pay that???
Hannah 8 yr ago x
How do u get treats (bones) I can not figure it out!!!!
edwin 8 yr ago x
this game is cool but they want you to give them money by buying treats. wish it was free!!!!
nicole 8 yr ago x
one day i saw on of those things that said upload this vet likes this i said it looks cool i uploaded it 3 treats and they give u 9 treats a day if u upload them all i do its for level 7 and up only
BOB 8 yr ago x
I want more treats! :) (bones)
plz help me get more!
blabla 8 yr ago x
i really like this game too, to get free money go to your neighbours hotel and pop their balloons if you continue this you will earn some money
Olivia 8 yr ago x
so i am on level 7 (almost level 8) and i never have enough money for anything. i have to buy a room and then i cant finish it until like a day later because i have to earn money. it is too hard to earn money and impossible to get treats.
Megz98 8 yr ago x
I need more treats!! How on earth do you get them, someone anyone answer my question!!!!
Cydney 8 yr ago x
How do I get TREATS!!!!!!!!!!
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