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Tap Pet Hotel cheats for free treats and coins (iPod Touch/iPhone game)

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Kittykat 7 yr ago x
To get treats touch "get more" (it's under where it says how many treats u have) then u have 2 buy treats which pretty stupid hope it helps
PS I'm wondering how 2 get treats 4 free if anyone knows how 2 plz tell me
Mary 7 yr ago x
I have heaps of money and only 1bone plz help
hunter 7 yr ago x
i like this game if you get bones for free.but you don't.all i have is 1 panda,2 dogs,and 2 washing places and i don't wan't to buy any other pet room becase in the midle of bilding it cost treats so i get ridof it.
yankeefan21 7 yr ago x
i think iit rock but the prices are so expensive
hunter 7 yr ago x
i don't know what my mom would say if i ask her if i can buy a can of treats.i know what my mom would say if i can buy a vial of treats.
Mishta focksh 7 yr ago x
Omg everything costs treats and i was sooo looking forward to getting a unicorn but its lik 200 blooming treats! Whenever there is something good it just costs treats!! BACK ME UP!
Nosam 7 yr ago x
I like pet hotel. I have a full question is how do
You get bones/treats?
Kayla 7 yr ago x
This game has an extremely high app store rating. Go give it a 1 star rating to pull it down and complain about not being able to earn treats and the extremely high prices. It's the only way to get the developers to listen!
jenna 7 yr ago x
There is one cheat for Pet Hotel for those who have i Pods. To earn money is your daily bonus just change the date on your iPod and u will earn many coins
Ali 7 yr ago x
I really want to get more treats!!!!!!!!! But I don't want tu buy them (ugh) all though I like this game it is such a pain sometimes!!!!!!!!
Bee 7 yr ago x
How do I get free treats pease help
Jessie 7 yr ago x
How do i get bones
Nikki 7 yr ago x
How do i get free bones???

Tags: free,bones,pet hotel
mississippI girl 7 yr ago x
Seriously people I have tried there is no way to get free bones it is just plain impossible it really sucks cuz I'm running out of money and only hav 1 bone cuz y'all just don't understand u can quit askin for how to get free treats cuz ain't nobody that knows so shut up
Poop 7 yr ago x
So how do u do it i really dont get it. I dont think there ever will be a cheat for that soooo we will just av 2 suffer xx
Meow meow 7 yr ago x
I love this game but bones freakin cost money I hate it that if u want any bones it cost money I mean every thing else cost money in the world y made some FREE game cost money the game should really cost money if it's gonna make u spend money on bones they should at least give daily surprises that give u bones for free!!!! I REALLY WANT FREE BONES
Keke 7 yr ago x
I agree
Kate 7 yr ago x
I am on level 14 and I have know clue what is in the waterfall room!!!!!! And I want more bones but they cost to much!!!!
Kyla 7 yr ago x
I have the free app Pet Hotel and I earn coins everyday! But I never earn bones! How to get free treats?!
Liz 7 yr ago x
Im addicted to this game but i cant buy the treats becuz when i click on get treats it says u cant buy this unless u have the app. I have the app. What the heck do i do?
Larry 7 yr ago x
I no wut we should do we shood giv the app a low rating and demand the developers for daily surprise gifts or another to earn more free treets cuz I bought some but I bought like 10 for 1dollar and is really gay so hoo agrees wit my idea anyone speak out thnx
Poppet 7 yr ago x
How do i get treats because i already have lots of coins
Kate 7 yr ago x
It's me again anybody know what the waterfall room is please help!!!!!!!! I have 5 bones and I do not know how I got them!!!!
You have to pay $100 for 1500 bones. Who would waste that mucho moneyy!!!!!!!$$$$$$ my parent would get SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO mad!!!!!!!!
Lilliana 7 yr ago x
I love this game!!! (Click here for 2000 bones)!!!!!!!
Kate  7 yr ago x
A samoln in the water fall room and very funny Lilliana
Lilian's Place 7 yr ago x
Feel free to add Crazysister6, I'm going through all of my friends and am looking for dedicated, gift giving, good things types of people. I'd love to check out your boutique, and I will ALWAYS like.
~happy playing
Jersey Girl 7 yr ago x
How do you get the bones or treats or whatever they are!!!!!! If you know the app to get free bones or treats or coins please give me the name!
Millie 7 yr ago x
It's not fair I have to wait 3 hours to expand my hotel because you can't get treats for free. Their just trying to make you spend more money, why can't they just do what other apps do they get you to download a free app and if you get the app you get free coins or tokens.
Katie 7 yr ago x
Yeah they make you spend more money just to get bones/treats!
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