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My Town 2 iphone cheats free bucks coins ipad ipod touch game app

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guest 12 yr ago x
I hoped the update would fix the crashing, but it did not. Just lost 1000 experience points and 40k in coins. Give out more bucks or lower the cost on buck only items. I don't like how this game requires the purchase of bucks.

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guest 12 yr ago x
You should be able to trade in coins for cash. Any cheats to get dollars (cash bucks) for free?
guest 12 yr ago x
They need to offer more free dollars instead of asking for payment al the time. They charge coins for more land to dollars ($50). Need more levels.
Kilroykt 12 yr ago x
I have something I call it the international dateline bug. The game allows you to progress it's time using your system clock adjust your phones time and day to anything under a 12 hour period auto refresh any job that take 4 hours. Reset the clock to automatic and repeat ( note: this is all done using the quick app switch feature in ios)
katie 12 yr ago x
how do you earn bucks on my town 2? i have plenty of coins but most things i have to buy with bucks and dont know how to get them? helppp
joey 12 yr ago x
you can get free coins and bucks by going to give free i got 1,000,000,000! if that docent work just get tap joy and it allows you to get free coins for downloading free apps
alleinad 12 yr ago x
Why do I have to pay more for land as I purchase land lots? Make it a standard price.

Why must I pay for Bucks?
442 Bucks for Mount Fuji?! WTF! That's unreal! I would have to $49.99 for the "Trunk load of Bucks" and I am not spending money to play a game.

MORE levels!!! I'm done all 50 levels.
tracyjo 12 yr ago x
My town 2 is a fantastic game and I do spend a lot of time playing it so when I logged in to find that my whole town had been deleted I decided to send an email to booyah ( through there website) and complain,they sent me a reply 24 hours later and requested a few details from me and said they would give me free bucks, coins and wonders within 72 hours. So I waited and within 2 days I received 4 wonders including mt Fuji a serious amount of coins and over 7000 bucks so the moral of the story is pays to complain !!!!
dingalbarry 12 yr ago x
How did you get the ant task?
N@NN@ ( free bucks lover ) 12 yr ago x
I love free bucks

XX free bucks lover
Lise 12 yr ago x
If there isn't a restaurant 25 meters from me to check in at and that's the only goal i have right now... Is there a way to get around that?
Mikethepot 12 yr ago x
To get the cafe 25 mettres away, you need to do a check in when you are next to a restaurant, physically. The check in searches for local businesses. I am I said or what replying tomthisvsort of quuestion. Mytown2 addict!,,
israel contreras 12 yr ago x
my town 2 is cool
Katie 12 yr ago x
Hi, my boyfriend has just downloaded my town 2. In the options to earn free bucks he has so many opportunities whereas I only have 1 link to click on? Where are my links to earn free bucks? Tried going through Tapjoy too??????
JJ 12 yr ago x
My taxi stand disappeared from my community store on my town 2....where the heck did it go, and is there any way to get it back.. ???
Harrybradders 12 yr ago x
Same I unlocked the taxi stand but it was not n there and when you get the spin every day I always only ever get 1 buck they should make it easier to get bucks and make items and land cheaper !!!!!!!!!
San 12 yr ago x
Can you exchange coins for bucks ? And if so how
DJ 12 yr ago x
DJ 12 yr ago x
Lovealot 12 yr ago x
Franchise a businessss! That will get you more than buying one. Booyah ID= 31420854. Send me population as a gift and i'll give you anything back!
Kyle 12 yr ago x
Easy money tip. Build tons of "MyTown Stock Exchanges". Convert all businesses to offices and watch the 20% coin increase compound fast. Collect hundreds of thousands every 4 hours per business.
STARR 12 yr ago x
My 64 bucks just disappeared off the screen as I was playing the game (my town2) where did they go and how do I get them back?
My town2 addict 12 yr ago x
How do u conert coins in to bucks???????
Dj 12 yr ago x
My town 2 I's for loosers
z11449 12 yr ago x
how do you get free bucks and coins in the 3.0 verison
DJ 12 yr ago x
Can you hack stuff to get free bucks n coins
Killer 12 yr ago x
Download iFUNBOX for windows or mac! No jailbreak needed ! Install it, run it an access you mytown root file!! Should be the one on the left! Go into it and find the save game! Make sure youv not got the mytown app open!! Copy savegame to pc! Open savegame with notepad! Then you should see loads of writing! Click edit and find, type in HRDCASH, it should find and highlight it with however many bucks you have! Enter your desired amount of bucks then save as! Delete the save game in your mytown directory in ifunbox and copy and paste this new savegame! Safely eject your phone, take off your leed and open mytown! You will have your desired bucks to buy anything! Type SFTCASH for coins using the same procedure!!! Enjoy!!
McStab 12 yr ago x
Is there any way to change the normal money too? i dont know how its called in the save file
Killer 12 yr ago x
Yeah! As i said, Hrdcash for bucks and sftcash for coins!! Have u got the bucks???
lalola 12 yr ago x
hey i have iphone 4s (no jailbreak), I have the newest version Mytown 2, I installed ifunbox and I'm doing everything as you said, but it not works.. do you have any idea why?
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