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Tiny Zoo free bucks/coins cheats animals (iphone/ipod touch game app)

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guest 13 yr ago x
This app is pretty good but why not let people buy other apps to gain zoo bucks. Or have like 50000 coins for one buck. How about three nests u can use coins for and then double the about of bucks needed for the other three. And .99 for only 200 coins!??

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guest 13 yr ago x
Breedables cost too much. Give us a way to earn FREE bucks. Animals would be more interesting if they moved, but I could deal with it if the bucks were easier to get or the pay animals were cheaper. But still a fun farm game.
guest 13 yr ago x
Earning bucks is tedious and you are capped for the number of decorations you can put in your zoo (which includes paved roads), which is disappointing. Less animals requiring Zoo Bucks would be nice, and cheaper lab and breeding requirements.
Ross woodrow 13 yr ago x
Cheat: rename your zoo to unlimited or 9999 and you should get unlimited bucks. It works for me !!

edit admins: DOES NOT work, see further comments below.
guesty 13 yr ago x
cant you have a system so that you can change maybe like 250k for 1 buck??
Jon 13 yr ago x
Changed name to unlimited and then 9999, neither one gave me more bucks or coins. Anything else I need to do?
Starr 13 yr ago x
How do I get free coins for Tiny zoo
liss 13 yr ago x
How do i get free coins i tried to rename unlimited and 9999 but niether worked!!!!! i think your just trying to cheat US!!!
joshman444 13 yr ago x
how to get zoo bucks quick
nana 13 yr ago x
How to change tiny Id name?
I don't want to just change the picture but also the name. Thx!
Geetabug  13 yr ago x
I have been billed for zoobucks that I did not receive. What can I do?
some1 13 yr ago x
can we use ifile to edit the bucks purchase to 0 ?
quest12 13 yr ago x
Well, all I know is that some animals if you buy them more than once then you can get you zoo bucks from it, not money, I have enough money I just need zoo bucks!! Some animals that you need to by that give you zoo bucks are Ocelot, if you by 2 then breed one then you get.. 1.9k. If you want more by breeding Red Pandas they give you 3k for 3 Red Panda's
quest12 13 yr ago x
i wrote the comment above! add me!! i am tinyzoobff!! :)
GJ LIVE 13 yr ago x
Is there anyway I can change my TinyID?
Tiiiinyzooogooy 13 yr ago x
When i changed my Zoo-name to unlimited or 9999 i don't earn free bucks..

I don't believe that there are any cheats to earn free bucks!
Chaston006 13 yr ago x
This did not help at all....,(:
Lyss 13 yr ago x
The cheats that I read didn't work, pls someone find some cheats for me cuz I need more zoobucks!!!!!
Jbieber 13 yr ago x
I need more zoobucks but the password dosent help! Someone find me a way to get more zoobucks! NOW!
Matt 13 yr ago x
This website did not help at all :(
Bill 13 yr ago x
It's not a good game to enjoy if u have to wait and not be able to get bucks
Guest  13 yr ago x
Get four animals in each slot and they give more coins to collect
tbs park 13 yr ago x
buy 40 caricature stands put them close togheter they cost 100 coins each but every 45 seconds you get 5 coins and 1 XP each stand you have, it works perfect for me got now olmost 200.000
tbs park 13 yr ago x
a friend got a picture of herself how can i do that???
her name is: ketchadlg
Manu 13 yr ago x
I know a cheat no body else knows it to get 99 coins
voozoo  13 yr ago x
I don't believe there is a way to get free anything on Tiny Zoo other than completeing "goals". Just thought I should let everyone know. If anyone is claiming they know a cheat, it's not one - once in a blue moon as the phrase goes, a "bug" or "default" occurs. It rarely involves free items however, I have once or twice encountered my Cetaur giving me money more often than it says. Hope this helps.
Cpuchica 13 yr ago x
How do you crossbreed a Centaur in Tiny Zoo?
Tony 13 yr ago x
Have all animals possible without paying for zoo bucks. Too many animals only for bucks and I for one am not willing to spend that sort of money. Spent 5 million on a castle and it does not reward you with anything at all. 25 bucks for another breeding section is ridiculous. Enjoy game but just not good enough a game to spend money on it.
Nat 13 yr ago x
How do I cross breed a centaur?? Pls help
PENGUINGIRL 13 yr ago x
So I am very addicted to this marvolous game; I am 11 years old and I'm pretty sure all you freaks (no offence friends ;)) are all adults.... I am at level 21 and my username is: penguingrl so adding would be appreciated. :D Ummm this site didnt help so far but: I know how to get some $$$$ you just get a big amount of animals... And for bucks: in the earlier levels you can complete easy tasks that take about 30 seconds and get them but otherwise each level you get them also.. God I'm not a nerd I'm a tomboy but this fricken game got me hooked!!! That explains the long comment O_O
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