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Touch Pets Dogs 2 free coins puppy bucks and bones cheats iphone app

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panda 11 yr ago x
This game would be a lot better if it would stop crashing !! I downloaded a few games but didn't get the puppy bucks :( But buying food to trade in for money is costing too much, any cheats for free coins and bones?

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Johaime 11 yr ago x
Well i was wondering on how can you get free coins for this game if you can get free coins???
Dingle 11 yr ago x
I really like dogs 2
jduh 11 yr ago x
How Do I earn Money Faster And Bones?
Mj 11 yr ago x
You have to buy furniture and send your dog scouting for coins...if you're really poor just do the free 45 sec searches until you can move up. I have 30k+ coins a day just by doing the hourly searches.
KK 11 yr ago x
Yes searches can get you a lot of money but also what I do is I tend to my pets every need. I give my dog food until she is full and water until it says 100% then I play with them until all of the play categories are up. Just keep on tending to your pets needs. You get money and experience
Chesse 11 yr ago x
Warbucks plz
KK 11 yr ago x
Warbucks?we r talking about a pet game!
panda 11 yr ago x
@KK LOL :)
poodle 11 yr ago x
I can not believe that the company that made this app is choosing to cheat us, and use real money instead of fake money. I think it is really bad that the do that it is called fraud. Fraud is absolutely illegal and it is dangerous and wrong that they are doing that. It needs to stop,and it would be one thing if they had you pay like $5 to download the app, then everything else could be free. That would be okay if they did that that is not called fraud if they did that instead of cheating us.
mia 10 yr ago x
When am I going to get them?
Alice 10 yr ago x

How is it fraud?! U don't Have to pay mOney at all. U can just find it and earn it! Dumbnut!
Cyberhawk  10 yr ago x
Hey poodle... Do you know what fraud is?
Yves saint lauren 10 yr ago x
Hii. I wanna knkw how to get to the nextlevel faster.?
Yves saint lauren 10 yr ago x


You're funny :)
sam 10 yr ago x
how do i get free bones with out buying them
Bacon crazyyy 10 yr ago x

Get to the next level and... Tada! Free bones!
Bacon crazyyy 10 yr ago x
Are there any cheats for this game??? If yes, what are they?!?!?!?!?
Sammy  10 yr ago x
how can I get free coins with out trading my dog food?
Mj 10 yr ago x
Mood:When your pet has most of its needs fulfilled and the bar on the right side (when your dog is highlighted) will be at 100% and will drop coins as long as the bar stays at a high level.

Furniture: You have to buy furniture when you can afford it and fill up your house with as much furniture that will fit. Then start at one side of the room and tap each little magnifying glass and select a search (I usually do the half hour or hour search). If you're at a higher level you get the sunroom, fill up that one too and do the same thing when you've started all the searches in the living room. If you're really low on coins then do some free searches until you have enough for longer search times. When time is up, a little yellow icon replaces the magnifying glass. Tap on every yellow icon to drop the coins. Then pull out either the toy plane or blue bird and direct your dog around the room to gather the dropped coins. (REMEMBER: When your dog picks up the coins it's worth twice as much than when you pick it up yourself!!)

Mission: Missions are great too for getting a big coin payout. You gather the mission items from the furniture searches, and the items drop randomly so there is no better chance of an item dropping between lengths of time in searches. You can get to the missions either by going to the dogpark through your neighborhood, or the easiest way is through the chest- when you tap on it the icon is all the way on the left. You'll see what mission pieces you already have will be colored, and the pieces you need will be gray. If you're missing a few, you can still access the first part of the mission and find either a friend or someone else online that has the items you need, and invite them to finish the mission together. I recommend doing the missions together because you get extra coins with a partner!

I wish there were more levels than just 30, but this game is still really fun for me. You can all add me as a friend if you like, and you're more than welcome to hang out at my house and get coins! :-)

username: MissMartini
ChaCha (female Chihuahua)
Magnum (male German Shephard)
Samson (male Golden Retriever)

See you in game!
Mj 10 yr ago x
Oh yeah I forgot to mention...

Weekly bonus: Under your username on the left is a little calendar icon. Complete the daily steps for an entire week (Sunday-Saturday) to get a weekly bonus. These bonuses can range from a new outfit, to 1000 coins, and even 15 bones! Some weeks these bonuses are not available so take advantage of every single day to grab some extra coins!
kendrick1234 10 yr ago x
Mj i want to add you but i tryed but it said your search for MissMartinidog did not match any users.But can you add me please.
Pug 10 yr ago x
Does anyone know if you can get perfect puppy with a cheat? If not what about a day that I missed?
Jen 10 yr ago x
wat do u do if the game keeps on not working and need a wifi?do u really need a wifi to play this game cuz if u do i doesnt work for me. :(
EllaElla 10 yr ago x
Please, I REALLY want to
Know if there is a coim cheat without searching n stuff
Dog 9 yr ago x
Is it possible to have puppies when you have a playmate who is in love with you and you are in love with them?
Dog 9 yr ago x
@ Jen
I know it stinks cause I don't have wifi at my house either and I have to go to McDonalds or somewhere with wifi everytime I want to play
Alex 9 yr ago x
What are some good friends in touch pets dogs 2?
epikninja 9 yr ago x
Anyone know any cheats/hints to get more coins??
Cadence 9 yr ago x
Ok so how do you make play dates who is on touchpets a lot I want shadow my male Labrador to have a mate and have a playdate
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