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Tap Pet Hotel cheats for free treats and coins (iPod Touch/iPhone game)

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Bubbles 7 yr ago x
Thanks Bobby pin. Ive bought Nanny Maggie but the Doggy Kids arent coming.... Im restricted in this game bcoz of the stupid 'treats'. They just want to give you a free game and make you pay lots of money for it.
Angela 7 yr ago x
Its easy to get the coins. All u do is go to ur neighbor's hotel and tap on their balloons!!
But I need treats:(
I'm about to lose my mind!! I need cheats!!!!!
Help Please!! How do u get treats!!

They just want u to spend all their money on treats, but that ain't working!
zaazaa 7 yr ago x
Why can't you sell things instead of having to delete stuff you worked hard for!!!!
Brooke247 7 yr ago x
How do u get bones I don't want to buy them but I want to get the cool rooms this is really pissing me off!!!!! I need those bones
Mimi 7 yr ago x
How can I get animal babies?
archiew22 7 yr ago x
how do u get animal babies
Taptap girl 7 yr ago x
This works on Mac. Not sure about pc. Works for tap zoo as well.
Firstly: Download iPhone explorer and SQLite database browser.

Make sure you have completely exited and shut down your game (iphone4 double tap menu) and connect to your computer.

Open iPhone explorer.
Go to pet hotel folder.
Go to document folder.
Find file called gamestate and drag to your desktop (should copy).
Open SQLite and drag gamestate file into window (should open automatically).
Select browse and the user in drop down menu.
Then change values in currency (coins) and secondary currency (treats). You can also change experience also.
Once you have done this save and close program.
Drag your newly changed gamestate file back over the one in iPhone explorer.
It will ask if you would like to replace. Select yes.

Done. As simple as that.
brooke 12 7 yr ago x
how do you get the small volcano room it looks like its on fire... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
ashley 7 yr ago x
How do I make the little animals I already made one but I don't know how help plz
MissFluffy 7 yr ago x
Does anybody know how I buy a fallen tree?
Mimi 7 yr ago x
To get babilles you have to go in "kids room" and tune tap onto Nannie. Aftershave you have to choose winch Baby you want and Nannie's gonna prepare the room. That's as simple as that
Anonymus 7 yr ago x
Are there any cheats??? I need cheats orelse I have to pay like 20 bucks to get stuff I want 
Taptap girl 7 yr ago x
Hello..... Has nobody tried my cheat only a few comments above??????
I've been getting thousands of free coins and treats!!!
You don't need to jailbreak your device!!!
ElleOh 7 yr ago x
Yes TapTap Girl! I tried it. It worked. And I am loving it. I'm not sure why people keep asking for treats if they haven't read the feed. Thanks!
Any 7 yr ago x
Do u have to have your phone jailbroken before u do the cheat for it to work?
Any 7 yr ago x
N the volcano room u get it once u level up to level 21 i believe
jake 7 yr ago x
i know how to get free treats on pet hotel for the i pad!!!!!!just add me on moshi monsters and i will tell u there!!!!

Kyl 7 yr ago x
Just rate the game only 1 and say treats should be free, then if enough ppl do tha the owner of the game will see its ratings go down and do something about it!!!
Carmenliew 7 yr ago x
How can I found fallen tree?? Can anyone tell me?
Any 7 yr ago x
Whats the fallen tree for?
kelly 7 yr ago x
hi, does any body know where i buy a fallen tree from? for the ring of fire trophy? and also doggy day care trophy, how do i get another pet dog without buying treats? if you could help that would be brilliant. thanks
Shaeby 7 yr ago x
How on EARTH do you get treats?
kelly 7 yr ago x
i think the only way you can get treats is by buying them!!!!
Any 7 yr ago x
The fallen tree is on the conectors seccion :)
The fallen tree is on the conectors seccion :)
The fallen tree is on the conectors seccion :)
Bri27 7 yr ago x
How do you get 2 different types of dogs?
Tess 7 yr ago x
You have to pay with your iTunes card that sucks how else are u surposed to get treats
Nabs 7 yr ago x
Taptap girl, that is awesome!! Due to your comment, I've gone all morning and jail broken my phone (for some extra fun) and with iFunBox can get into the DB as you suggested...

Changed pretty much everything in there.. height, width of the area, expansions, experience, gold coins, treats... may just have to delete all my rooms and start from scratch making a nice looking hotel instead of one that is just profitable...

Thanks a lot, this changes things and I'm sure in not too long will have me stop playing Pet Hotel once I "finish" it with rooms filling the entire hotel and having 5 stars! :)
D-dog 7 yr ago x
I just get treats all day long I have 1,567 treats :)
Dog 7 yr ago x
Buy em
D-dog 7 yr ago x
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