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Tap Petshop iphone cheats free paws coins ipod touch app game

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guest 12 yr ago x
Tap pet store has no quests and bored me after my first play. I don't want to buy paws, you should be able to convert coins to paws. Collecting coins is too much effort...

tags: tap petshop, how do i get more free paws
guest 12 yr ago x
I wish you did not have to buy paws from the app store. Is there a way or cheats to get them?
guest 12 yr ago x
I wish they would have more snakes that you don't have too buy with paws. Other than that this is a fun game, but you have to work hard to earn coins.
Nicky 12 yr ago x
There is a way to get free coins I got like 999,999,999 so yeah
Scaresd 12 yr ago x
How did u get 999'999'999
guest 12 yr ago x
yeah @Nicky, how can i get free coins?
rainah 12 yr ago x
how do you get lots of money in a short time.
Flaming bunny ninja 12 yr ago x
I always have to buy paws there should be a way to earn them!!
Flaming bunny ninja 12 yr ago x
Do they expect you to buy 100 paws to get some of those habitats? It's fun but an outrage
Mimi 12 yr ago x
I need more coins how can I get them
Nicky  12 yr ago x
i have 999,999,999 and i didnt even pay for it
Bob 12 yr ago x
There is no cheat you will have to earn them your self
Snoot 12 yr ago x
I started playing this game after a friend showed it to me a few days ago. Can't believe that there is no way to earn Paws! Absolute wrought. No way will I buy any! Complete waste of money.
Jesse 12 yr ago x
How did you get that much,Nicky this game is fun but I'm not paying..............
Abby Lim 12 yr ago x
Hi Nicky! Can you give some tips on how to earn free coins? I mean, other than collecting them?
lizzie 12 yr ago x
hey its easy to get the coins for free i recieved 150,000,000
PetshopTips 12 yr ago x
Just earn lotsa coins like 500-900 and convert them!
PetshopTips 12 yr ago x
Please do not send viruses, and im very sorry if I did not help.
Greer 12 yr ago x
How do u convert them ?
Maz 12 yr ago x
How do u convert them to earn free coins???? Please answer ASAP!!
Snoot 12 yr ago x
This game and just warning people out there, a game called Tapzoo is frustrating and lame. The graphics are clumsy and it's SO boring!!
Alley 12 yr ago x
I don't want to buy ifile to get coins and paws, is there any other way that's free?
TNT 12 yr ago x
Just tell us how to get free paws and coins with out sining ANYTHING at all of paying!
Greer 12 yr ago x
Why don't those stupid people let u get paws when your costumer is happy .
Jan 12 yr ago x
Anyone else not able to reload your petshop after the new iPod / iPhone OS software update? There is no button that allows me to access my last saved status, and now it's trying to make me into a new player. Help?
Lucy 12 yr ago x
Should i buy some paws????
Greer 12 yr ago x
Lucy I would not buy them I do not think it is worth it
Katie 12 yr ago x
All I need is to get free paws somehow. There has to be another way to get free paws and coins in a few minutes. Somebody tell me how to get free paws and coins.
Greer 12 yr ago x
I would tell u if I knew how but I don't . :(
Kjosh 12 yr ago x
Please help us pls
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