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Dark Summoner free iphone app soul points cheats ipad game hacks

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mia 7 yr ago x
If you are new to the game, select Sin as your Guild and input my Player ID above. You will receive a FREE Dark Summon for a chance to get a powerful creature/stronger monsters. Or add my as an ally :)

tags: dark summoner, tyranny, guild, sin, ally, rancor, soul points cheats
nicole 7 yr ago x
If you belong to the same Guild as the other player, it is possible to become allies.
Jamie 7 yr ago x
Fun game, entices you to use ally features and the raid bosses are cool.
Coldsteelwill 7 yr ago x
My id is:2468969059 please I need soul points.
Sebbe 7 yr ago x
Add mé im Sin 1430330399
sumrandomasian 7 yr ago x
if you are new to the game, select Tyranny as your guild and input my player ID: 2662948446. You will automatically receive a godly summon by doing that.
get... 7 yr ago x
add me!: 1974755852 (sin)
diogi 7 yr ago x
Guild: Sin
 Player ID: 2963781820 When you start the game and input the Player ID above, you will receive 3 Ally Invite Summons. Also, if you belong to the same Guild as the other player, it is possible to become Allies.
Battlemaster 7 yr ago x
guild: Tyranny
player id: 2562366934
add for a powerful summon
Shanzi 7 yr ago x
Guild: Tyranny
Player ID: 2000161267
gary 7 yr ago x
Guild : Sin
Player id : 1790105745
doesnt matter 6 yr ago x
here is a 4shared link of the dark summoner hack because i know lots of people get pissed of by surveys:
who cares 6 yr ago x
what do you do with the 4ahared link exactly ?
Sor 6 yr ago x
Hello my ID 1813486912 Have fun with gold and free summ
judg3ment 6 yr ago x
Guild: Sin
ID: 2249474571

Phreedom 6 yr ago x
Guild: sin
Id: 2092493022
loki 6 yr ago x
Sin add me Guild: Sin
 Player ID: 2499820661 When you start the game and input the Player ID above, you will receive Ally Invite Summonx3.
ToxicWidow 6 yr ago x
Raidan 6 yr ago x
3 ally invite summons free if you add the above ID
Marceline 6 yr ago x

Jaeko 6 yr ago x
Guild: Rancor
 Player ID: 2807493802
Hafid 6 yr ago x
If you a new member in the game, add me Guild: Tyranny
Player ID: 2332903711
You will get a free dark summoner
Losingcoins 6 yr ago x
if you are a ally to me you will get soul pionts

zoibs 6 yr ago x
The file link further up appears to be a virus. I ran it on a vmware and it loaded something then closed no message or anything. dont dl.
2105668032 6 yr ago x
Guild: Tyranny
Player ID: 2105668032
help needed 6 yr ago x
if you hacked this game plz be a angel and help me
vampydoll 6 yr ago x
Add me plz thx Guild: Sin
 Player ID: 1964485970 new still learning
JR 6 yr ago x
ID 2364913392 need soul points
JV 6 yr ago x
Please help with soul points
 Player ID: 2322554123
Noto85 6 yr ago x
Hi , anybody help me gain the soul point pls
Guild: Sin
My ID : 1878162662
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