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Deadlock: Online iphone free cheats unlock points ipod touch game app

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guest 13 yr ago x
Help every time I open this app it freezes and does not let me play the game. Please fix this with an update!

tags: codes, points cheats, update, fix lags, slow, freezes, weapons, ipad game
guest 13 yr ago x
Menus are a bit slow. Offline play is difficult when the bots have 2 layers of body armor and 50 caliber pistols. Unlock points should be easier to earn / or sell weapons in exchange for unlock points.
guest 13 yr ago x
This game is like black ops but it lags and you only start with 1 weapon (mac10 &beretta)! You get to unlock weapons ranking up, but this takes forever. Menu screen is slow. Sometimes you lose network connection.
Glenn5398 13 yr ago x
Diz game won't let me play it please update thiz looks cool but can't play it sometimes.:(
BOB 13 yr ago x
Use this code to get free unlock points, please.

Code: 4E28275A9208E
Me 13 yr ago x
Those codes only work once i tried to do it Again and it didnt work
Help Is Here! 13 yr ago x
Look, what you need to do is restart your iPod/iPad to get it to work. Happy Killing?
Andy 13 yr ago x
If you enter this code, you and I will both earn two free points to spend on guns, attachments, armor, grenades and other stuff in the armory:
Just copy and paste it in! Thanks!
j_wavey 13 yr ago x
Why isn't anybody online when I want to play?..kinda sucks..
Add me
j_wavey 13 yr ago x
Why doesn't it allow you to see the servers that are up on custom?

N how come when I do play it exits out and then the level I reached or unlock points don't get saved!
1800bealy 13 yr ago x
why aren't people playing
Jakeimb 13 yr ago x
this is soo annoying cuz it sais joining game but in never joins!!
Baadman 13 yr ago x
Why dont it work more then once????????!!!!!!!!!
j-doggg brahhhh 13 yr ago x
add me, 4E2C1F224062B

ANOTHER QUESTION: can you get the 2 points everyday??
Navy Seall 13 yr ago x
Put this code by enter code 4E298F47BA40B for free unlock points
PrettyAdvance 13 yr ago x
2 free unlock codes:

Add Me on Game Center, I am accepting all friends request:
Nick Name is::: PrettyAdvance
toski 13 yr ago x
yo id appreciate if u use my code add me plzzz

kid 13 yr ago x
add me plzz
Ezio123321 13 yr ago x
4E2D4B3756F81 add plz two unlock points for u and me
Bobby 13 yr ago x
Download Deadlock:Online from the App Store today and get ready for some 8 player online action. Enter the following code in the share menu in game to get 2 free unlock points: 4E2FC26356208
Kolyansila 13 yr ago x
Great game add me to play kolyansila, Share code for unlock points: 4E2E959ACA70A
craftysob 13 yr ago x
add me "craftysob" my share code is 4E2E2BDAD9986
boodysweat24 13 yr ago x
add me 4E2E178A92106 PLZ
Nick!$? 13 yr ago x
Add 4E2DB5477F062
The online gameplay is super lagy.
kingmarquis4 13 yr ago x
can u only share once? cuz it wont let me share with anyone else
Deadlock dude 13 yr ago x
Can u do the code thing once every day?!!
Metazoanbus1 13 yr ago x
Plz someone use my code. Unused! 4E30D97F0A901. Add me as friend. dragonmunday.
FLAMING_DELTA87 13 yr ago x
Add me plz 4E2DBACE8CEB
Person 13 yr ago x
4E34656B2C29C5 please? Can u share daily or only once?
Lordruben22 13 yr ago x
Please add me: Rubi22
My Share code: 4E33373F5ED10
thank u ;D
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