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Office Zombie iphone cheats free Hatchet entertainment pack app

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Victor 8 yr ago x
Like office jerk, this is fun! He seems like such a nice zombie :) But it won't let me obtain a brick nor a soda can when I arch the video.

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vivian 8 yr ago x
The app sometimes freezes and crashes. Please fix this. Also this game needs more things to throw. He should scream louder when you hit him with the hatchet!
Mike 8 yr ago x
Does anyone know hot to do be headed to unlock the cactus? There should be more ways to earn eyeballs, not just each day.
franco 8 yr ago x
how do I get the trapped achievement?
Gamer1032 8 yr ago x
How do you do trapped
Mike 97 8 yr ago x
How do u do the daily challenge skull cap prickley
Office Freak 8 yr ago x
Hey, I recommend more objects to throw. It's so hard to unlock the cactus and the stapler, how can we unlock it?
Cheat  8 yr ago x
For the skull cap prickly, keep hitting his head with a cactus. The cactus would prick his inside head cap and you will complete your daily challenge. Your Welcome!:)
lalalala 8 yr ago x
how do you complete 'love hurts' from the checklist???
AdamSavage:) 8 yr ago x
How do u do the greatest hits thing invent checklist
Mrpabo 8 yr ago x
How do u do facework
jacobtip 8 yr ago x
how do you get hot potato from the check list?
ronin 8 yr ago x
It won't update the daily challenge. how do I fix this?

btw, to get the stapler, you need to download office jerk.
hot potato 8 yr ago x
To get hot potato, you have to hit him with the grenade once, get him to turn to face you, and bounce he grenade off his forehead.
Dee 8 yr ago x
How do do the eye see you one from the check list?
Dee 8 yr ago x
Does anyone know how u get the " eye see you " off of the check list
Awesome dude 8 yr ago x
How do you do facework
Mt 8 yr ago x
You complete facework by throwing the stapler until he turns around, it should stick to his forehead to complete the challenge. I completed I see you by throwing the brick and hitting him like 3 times and then I hit the computer monitor, then he should pull his eye out of his head when he turns around.
Dan 8 yr ago x
How do you do hot potato
Teairiarotten 8 yr ago x
How do you knock his eyeball out?
Cassitron 8 yr ago x
How do you behead the zombie???
Meeeeeeshelllllley 8 yr ago x
How do you finish the check list...?
Jenkys 8 yr ago x
How do you get axed checked off
Laurelwood 8 yr ago x
What is thrown at what to achieve employee o the month?
Laurelwood 8 yr ago x
Hot potato is completed by throwing the grenade at the zombie until he catches it.
redrider68 8 yr ago x
How do u complete greatest hits
Sparkyo 8 yr ago x
How do u get the bug for lunch? It's driving me CRAZY!!!
Cheater 8 yr ago x
To get the bug for lunch just let him go along and eventually he will just eat a random bug
Cheater 8 yr ago x
Sorry thats not true I've kinda forgotten how to get most of the stuff so bye!
Cheater 8 yr ago x
To get employee o the month though you have to throw some random thing at the employee of the month poster.This time I'm sure im right
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