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Office Zombie iphone cheats free Hatchet entertainment pack app

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Victor 13 yr ago x
Like office jerk, this is fun! He seems like such a nice zombie :) But it won't let me obtain a brick nor a soda can when I arch the video.

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vivian 13 yr ago x
The app sometimes freezes and crashes. Please fix this. Also this game needs more things to throw. He should scream louder when you hit him with the hatchet!
Mike 13 yr ago x
Does anyone know hot to do be headed to unlock the cactus? There should be more ways to earn eyeballs, not just each day.
franco 13 yr ago x
how do I get the trapped achievement?
Gamer1032 13 yr ago x
How do you do trapped
Mike 97 13 yr ago x
How do u do the daily challenge skull cap prickley
Office Freak 13 yr ago x
Hey, I recommend more objects to throw. It's so hard to unlock the cactus and the stapler, how can we unlock it?
Cheat  13 yr ago x
For the skull cap prickly, keep hitting his head with a cactus. The cactus would prick his inside head cap and you will complete your daily challenge. Your Welcome!:)
lalalala 13 yr ago x
how do you complete 'love hurts' from the checklist???
AdamSavage:) 13 yr ago x
How do u do the greatest hits thing invent checklist
Mrpabo 13 yr ago x
How do u do facework
jacobtip 13 yr ago x
how do you get hot potato from the check list?
ronin 13 yr ago x
It won't update the daily challenge. how do I fix this?

btw, to get the stapler, you need to download office jerk.
hot potato 13 yr ago x
To get hot potato, you have to hit him with the grenade once, get him to turn to face you, and bounce he grenade off his forehead.
Dee 13 yr ago x
How do do the eye see you one from the check list?
Dee 13 yr ago x
Does anyone know how u get the " eye see you " off of the check list
Awesome dude 13 yr ago x
How do you do facework
Mt 13 yr ago x
You complete facework by throwing the stapler until he turns around, it should stick to his forehead to complete the challenge. I completed I see you by throwing the brick and hitting him like 3 times and then I hit the computer monitor, then he should pull his eye out of his head when he turns around.
Dan 13 yr ago x
How do you do hot potato
Teairiarotten 13 yr ago x
How do you knock his eyeball out?
Cassitron 13 yr ago x
How do you behead the zombie???
Meeeeeeshelllllley 13 yr ago x
How do you finish the check list...?
Jenkys 13 yr ago x
How do you get axed checked off
Laurelwood 13 yr ago x
What is thrown at what to achieve employee o the month?
Laurelwood 13 yr ago x
Hot potato is completed by throwing the grenade at the zombie until he catches it.
redrider68 13 yr ago x
How do u complete greatest hits
Sparkyo 13 yr ago x
How do u get the bug for lunch? It's driving me CRAZY!!!
Cheater 13 yr ago x
To get the bug for lunch just let him go along and eventually he will just eat a random bug
Cheater 13 yr ago x
Sorry thats not true I've kinda forgotten how to get most of the stuff so bye!
Cheater 13 yr ago x
To get employee o the month though you have to throw some random thing at the employee of the month poster.This time I'm sure im right
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