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Zombieville USA 2 iphone game app free cheats hacks ipod touch

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bob 12 yr ago x
There should be a skill/ability to have more than 3 weapons. Also please fix how you earn money when you level up.

tags: zombieville usa 2, better controls, zombies, characters, weapons, levels, ipad
daniel 12 yr ago x
The joystick moves to slow!! The zombies are a hard to kill with lacking controls and I need more money!

jack 12 yr ago x
Ehm, the app has reset all my money, characters and weapons to default?? You guys should add customizing characters and more close combat weapons. But still a fun game.
RoyG 12 yr ago x
Ya know how hard it would be for all these things? Stick to infinite money...
PJMan13579 12 yr ago x
I got the game and i am trying to get more money with ifile... Can someone please help me with how to do this. i have been at it for 3 days.
Jason 12 yr ago x
How do you get unlimited money in zombieville usa 2
The Survivor 12 yr ago x
I agree with jack
pao 12 yr ago x
3 best weapons (for me):
skills to get the most money each run:
tough guy
and the last but not the least the money maker skill..
EpicDude 12 yr ago x
Yea I've been through all that crap too, but the frikin easiest way to make more money, is to do co op with ur buddies or game center ppl and do some stages that match ur guns and skills. It got me up to tesla gun( which sucked dick) but was pretty strong. I suggest u try to freeze em first with cyro then end em off with slum shotgun. A really good team these 2 guns make. :) but if ur rly having trouble with the controls, try to keep moving forward and keep blasting open those mailboxes or lawn mowers or whatever. And jut eliminate those in front. A great way to not die. Don't stop unless u think u have time. Good Luck^^
rocketeej 12 yr ago x
i've been playing for about 3 days, and my brother for about 5 days, but for some reason I've been making more money than he does. He has max "Daddy Warbucks" as do I. and even when we play co-op, I have "BFF" so he profits everything i get.

However he gets more kills than i do and score is higher too. But he gets like 800 bucks while i get like 1800.

someone care to explain?
EpicDude 12 yr ago x
Maybe it's because you get more cash from those boxes or watever. Or your health was rly high and gave extra cash for that. Accuracy counts ALOT. That's probably why u made more money than ur bro.

Keep It Up Man^^
ZombieHunta 12 yr ago x
Hey Epic, I've been wondering...what's the best 2 3 weapons to use for missions? I've been dying countless times n i need better weapons! I have alot of money but i dont know what 2 buy! Which r the best?

Please Reply
EpicDude 12 yr ago x
Well....the best stuff i use r: The Cyro Freezy thing, Med kit, and chainsaw....I've been trollin many zombies with these 3...If u prefer something else....then I'd say put rpg or flamethrower with u....Other than that, Magnum is sure strong for anyone to use...But you'll have to upgrade magnum to max to get it to pwn zombies without switching guns in missions.....

Just need to stratagize ur moves and kills! Good Luck dude
Lucas 12 yr ago x
Minigun helps, but not the best choice. I use Minigun, Max Axe (Katana) I use this because it has Infinite Ammo and finally I use Sniper Rifle Because you can easily get Multi-Kills. I use The following perks:
Corrosive (Heals you)
Dead-eye (More Sniper Damage)
Daddy War-Bucks (More Money)

This really helps me
nick 12 yr ago x
yo,epic I keep dieing and I can't aford any wepons.

steve 12 yr ago x
Easy cash
Play level 1 over and over and don`t jump on helicopter recommenced fire axe
EpicDude 12 yr ago x
Nick, if u keeP dieing and can't afford any weapons, I suggest u try some combos with the guns such as, hit zombies with axe then end off with a gun... Or u could just forget the zOmbies behind and shoot the zombies in front Like I said in my other post. Just shoot down the Thingamajigs that give u money or ammo.. You survive better this way, and if u do his repeatedly you'll make enough money for the best weps there r. :)
Legendary'Broly 12 yr ago x
Best 3 weapons are...
Fully upgraded
Best skills are...
Radioactive+peacemaker+quartermaster. I have no problem surviving but I get pissed off so many hackers and you can never beat their score!!!
zombviller 12 yr ago x
i think the best guns n perks to use are dual pistols or uzies slug shotgun n med kit and peacemaker daddy warbucks n sprint and also if you need more money try to get the x's multyplayer up i got it to 40 once n i got alot of money also if you use the med kit use it before you get on the chooper tht gives you mo monaaa
Harris 12 yr ago x
Help!!!! me I Keep Dying

Help me!!!!!!
Ponie dragon  12 yr ago x
What guns should I get and how do I get a lot of money
Ponie dragon 12 yr ago x
Oh and I need more health pls send back
EpicDude 12 yr ago x
Go troll easy levels. Keep doing that and you'll make lots of money depending on how many zombies u kill. If u keep dying I suggest u get cyro gun to freeze the punks around u, especially when ur being ganged cyro gun helps Epicly.
Mr dude 12 yr ago x
Hey epic I need cash and not like little bucks I need like 1000 per mission but I can't go to higher missions cause I fail but like missions 1 through 3 don't give me enough but number four has the shooting zombie and I die can u think of a soulution
Mr dude 12 yr ago x
Hey epic I need cash and not like little bucks I need like 1000 per mission but I can't go to higher missions cause I fail but like missions 1 through 3 don't give me enough but number four has the shooting zombie and I die can u think of a soulution
Christo lachance 12 yr ago x
Tyler 12 yr ago x
I have all weapons fully upgraded and about 5 stars away from all perks upgraded. Money is based only off of what you pick up. Nothing else. An lastly I have all the characters set with different combos of weapons like all shotgun class with a medlar and the shotgun perk. The class I used to make all my money was a cryo gun with a slug shotgun and medpack. The class I mostly use now is my all full auto class with dual Uzis, assault rifle, and minimum with full auto perk or a class with assault rifle sniper and the starting shotgun all fully upgraded with radioactive quartermaster and the full auto perk or huntsman. Also my solo high score is 143 thousand
Johnny77 the original 12 yr ago x
Ok if u die a lot do what every one els says GET THE CRYO GUN it helped me for the longest time if you keep dieing go back to the easy lvls and practice a hole bunch now if you need mooney go on multi player I was playing with some guy when I was a nub and got a thousand buxs a round on the first couple of lvls the best perks for me are touph guy, radioactive, and sprint now
My favorit wepons fully upgraded in my own oppinion are tesila coil when I'm in big danger flame througher (onistly it suks if it is not fully upgraded ) and the japansess sword ( it has saved my life many times it is really strong and it Is the fully upgraded form of the ax ) any more questions (that do not have to do with hax) then just spit it out and ask oh and ponie dragon if u r desperate get the magnum, mini gun, and a Malay weapon just in case u run out of any amo and get the radioactive and sprint perk
Johnny77 the original 12 yr ago x
Oh and that is a easy nub package like if u r really bad at the game I used that package on some of my friends now they r a hole lot better at the game and I'm talking about the guns I listed for ponie dragon
Johnny77 the original 12 yr ago x
They should really rename this site it seems we all got board with the game and whent looking for cheats that what tis site tells about us and I plead guilty I got board and started looking for cheats
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