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Stardom: The A-List free Android app stars cheats cash game hacks

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ann 10 yr ago x
Time to refill energy takes too long! Please release new places to go, other than the hills, the coast and downtown. There should be more ways to earn stars

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Samantha 10 yr ago x
Are there other ways than Facebook to invite friends to play? I also don't like to wait so long for one energy.
karen 10 yr ago x
Great game but when I use the stars for buying energy the star is gone and it did not fill my energy!! How I can get back my star? Any cheats?
Cash monay 10 yr ago x
How do I earn more cash and get more energy?
Cat 10 yr ago x
Add me on fb
Cat 10 yr ago x
List of clickable objects:

First place: Brockwillow & Cromptown Newspaper stand Rubbish bins Birds on the power line Cars (tap a few times)

Your room: Light bulb Mouse on far right (he hides in the hole so just wait for a bit) Aquarium (if you bought one)

Arnie's talent agency: Rubbish bin on the left and his coffee cup Starbeans: Microwave located on the right side

The Leaky Cantina: Pool table

Ok so the second place which is Downtown: Cars, rubbish bins, CCTV outside rising star studio the sign in front the animal store Sushi place: Mascot's hat Lantern Cat and the dragons nose Inside both Filmstudios: the cupcakeplatter Coco Club: Both dancers, left/right Beer bottle at the bottom of the first dancer

Coast: As usual, cars and if you see the birds, and rubbish bins

Starbeans: Microwave

Le petit cheval restaurant: Painting behind the woman Champagne bucket Martini glass

Bling bling talent agency: Treasure chest thingy Enter to your right, there's a painting by the chair and pop-art painting on the right then the little cabin under the popart thing and the trophy on the main table Then at the Clothing store: The Sale sign the shoestand next to the entrance and the Newyork Milan (ect) painting next to the door The hills: The driving cars the bins parked Ferrari Microwave in Starbeans and i think something in the Venus club but I cant remeber what
mshoney6 10 yr ago x
Has anyone else has a problem with logging into Facebook thru the game? It worked yesterday for me, today I woke up added like 5 new friends for the game, someone added me to their entourage it gave an error and then I haven't been able to log into facebook even though it shows it logged me in but I can't see my friends now
smb 10 yr ago x
I rooted my android, but I havent found any info on how to get unlimited stars yet. So if anyone knows how, please write it here!
Erin 10 yr ago x
Help!I am level13 at the blist and i cant login at facebook even through i keep loging in it still says not login y??? And i cant see my friends help!!! Pls
smb 10 yr ago x
I also have an jailbreaked ipod if anyone knows the step-by-step on how to get unlimited stars.
Younique 10 yr ago x

I reckon it's the new update, the game is having some issues due to the game recently having an update i.e going to New York and that, if it occurs more than a week then it may be your device, when connecting to Facebook remember to have your WiFi or Mobile Internet switched on as Facebook requires an internet connection to run.
Gemma 10 yr ago x
Hey guys was looking at the board for iphone users before found out about this one so. hello all. if wanna add me on facebook for stardom im Gemna Alice Payne if any probs.

Im currently having trouble getting my second crime movie so i can complete a task any one done this yet?
Nessalove 10 yr ago x
Does anyone know how to order a sushi because for some reason it won't let me order
Also feel free to add me
Friends? 10 yr ago x
Hi everyone, I'm new to this game and enjoying it a lot!

Add me :)
GC: Nightrose24
Zelda 10 yr ago x
Hi there, I am having problems with the bling talent agency. I am 18 lv and an A list, and my fans are max, which means I am first on the list. However I still cant get bling talent agency to hire me. Whenever I visit the agency, the secretary is there, but there is no 'bubble' so I can't speak her. Any help would be appreciated.
Missj 10 yr ago x
hi guys add my GC:lvjlv

i'm at level 12 and it takes so long to refill the energy. any cheats or hacked file for jailbroken ipod would be very useful.
Mai Freighter 10 yr ago x
Add me for the game: on fb
smb 10 yr ago x

If you use login with https on facebook under safety-preferences, you might try to remove this, and it will work. I tried, and it worked for me.
Jonah Stasinopoulos  10 yr ago x
Nessalove. Just go to sushi place and buy the first order on the bottom of where buffet is.
Zelda, it depends on how many movies and tasks youve completed to get bling bling representation. Also party's are a good way to make $ if FRIENDS come they will give you minimum 250$ a conversation. Hope I helped someone
Jonah Stasinopoulos  10 yr ago x
With Facebook version or android version you can only add people thru facebook so you need your name mine is jonah stasinopoulos add me on facebook then the first time we are both logged into game on facebook and playing at same time we become friends forever on stardom.
Cat 10 yr ago x
I cant log on to fb! I'm using kindle gire
jade 10 yr ago x
Add me to ur entourage. My name on Facebook is Daisey Duck
answer 10 yr ago x
See if theirs a update and make sure ur not signed in or shut down and try it
idk 10 yr ago x
How do get entourage
babygurllstardom 10 yr ago x
What's the benefit of connecting with FaceBook to play stardom? Also, does it show up on your FaceBook page?
Lulu 10 yr ago x
Anyone here know anything about the thief story line??? Also shud i pay barrys tab at coco bar??
Confused  10 yr ago x
Can some 1 help me I am a b-list lvl 13 and I just wanted to know how to get in blind talent agency?
vinnie 10 yr ago x
lulu: i just did the thief story and got the guy to admit he stole the clothes, then i brought them back to the owner and earned some decent experience points....hope that helps
dana 10 yr ago x
what list do you have to be on so that you wont have to keep bribing the bouncer in the club to get in?
WISHINGWELL 10 yr ago x
how do I get the quest in Paris? I'm currently filming a 24-hr movie...
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