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Stardom: The A-List free iphone cheats star pack cash stack hacks

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susan 12 yr ago x
Great game but no point when it takes an eternity to get energy. Everytime I want to play, it crashes on startup. Then sometimes it crashes while I'm playing.

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Melissa 12 yr ago x
It's difficult to achieve higher celebrity status. Trying to get to the D list, it resets the game and lost everything!.
sharon 12 yr ago x
This game is awsome! I does not crash for me. I have an iPod 4 so it's only your iPod when it is crashing. Mine works perfect!!
Brecrazybaker  12 yr ago x
It crashes on start up and my iPods an iPod 4 so I font think it's our iPods or iPhones thAt are missing up I think it's the game. Other than that it's AWESOME!!
Stardom 12 yr ago x
I play this game for 2 days and I'm almost on the c list all u need to do is the quests and try clicking on everything sometimes it's hiding money or point even energy point . And when ibaught a penthouse it gave me more fans
guest69 12 yr ago x
i bought the game yesterday, i have an iphone 4 on latest update and it works perfectly on me. i am a C-Level celeb live in a penthouse and am currently waiting for a call from arnie about a movie. Also I'm in the middle of throwing a 24 hr party. Ugh, so annoying and waste of time and money. Do not throw parties... -.- Other than that, game is great! I'm having trouble finding some new tasks, I think it may be because I am in the middle of a party ;x
Stardom 12 yr ago x
Yes maybe it is cause ur in a middle of a party lol
Kennie 12 yr ago x
How do you get into the clothing store at the beach? And the bling bling talent agency... Howwww?
Stardom 12 yr ago x
I think u have to level up on level and a higher star level like a C or B I really don't know but try
Kennie 12 yr ago x
But I'm number 1, so I'm an A star... Only level 13 though so that might be it
Molly 12 yr ago x
Brilliante!!! XD
Leilani 12 yr ago x
I leilani am number 1 yay =)
Mai 12 yr ago x
I have a question. Somebody knows what is drink more brews than lefty means?? How can I pass this mission? Please help me.
Elizabeth  12 yr ago x
i can't get past the d list! i keep running out of energy from doing the small roles that arnie gets me.
Kennie 12 yr ago x
Mai, you just need to drink a lot of drinks. Go to the bar were lefty is and buy drink after drink
meg 12 yr ago x
need help getting pass E level !! do i jus do tasks?
Mai 12 yr ago x
Kennie, thank you very much for your reply! You really helped me :-))
Fle 12 yr ago x
Does anyone know how to watch an inning with lefty I'm stuck
Lucas 12 yr ago x
How to complete the mission Coat of the Leopard? So frust
pruthvi 12 yr ago x
how to become a d list celebrity pls pls tell???????????????????
Mok 12 yr ago x
I'm a blist celeb in 3 days and I'm lvl16 but I'm still on the sitcom mission and arnie doesn't call me anymore I've finished my task and I have been waiting for 3 hours! Help?
rilles 12 yr ago x
i cat get passed E level, and im getting bored of doing little roles that arnie sets me up for, any one got any advise or answers? please help me:(.
Brandon 12 yr ago x
Help how to pass the reapening
Only one i need willing to spend anything reasonably
Brandon 12 yr ago x
Best way to level up is date boosts xp and relationshi
Carver 12 yr ago x
I WAS a B-List celeb, lvl 11, have 12000+ cash, tons of friends and dates, but the game reset just now, after it crashes. Can anyone help? Glu should update the game so there will be no more crashes and resets
Me 12 yr ago x
Why does my game crash?? I've been playing this game on my ipad2 and I've never had a problem...then today, it just closed and refused to open..even when I put off the iPad..I don't know what to do cos I really luv the game alot...
erna 12 yr ago x
How can I become a D-list celebrity?? anyone??
Hanna 12 yr ago x
Is there any way to get stars quickly? I've been an e list for a while and am bored of arnies jobs...
Anh 12 yr ago x
Im an A lister level 13. i want to unlock that place in the coast next to Bling Agency, how do i do that? i also want to unlock the place downtown next the the coco club
Hanna 12 yr ago x
How do you become an a lister by level 13?! I'm still an e lister at level 9...
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