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Stardom: The A-List free iphone cheats star pack cash stack hacks

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Juno LaCroix 9 yr ago x
Add me on gamecenter if you play stardom hollywood! Name is junofiasco xxx
chanel 9 yr ago x
hey guys, please add me by GC: chanel0204.
tuishangel 9 yr ago x
I was told dat d pent house was for 3500,i have the mopney but now its for 50 stars,where do i get dat kind of money
alyssa 9 yr ago x
How do I get to talk the the Miguel at narcis it's been long since I talked to him?
tishi 9 yr ago x
how do i date c-listers? the characters i meet snob me. please add me in GC: tish.28
alyssa 9 yr ago x
You keep trying to talk to anyone to find out if there c listers
SamC24 9 yr ago x
How long until I can marry adrian? I've been on a bunch of dates already. He gave me his apartment key but he just says hi when I walk in.
SamC24 9 yr ago x
Also add me on GC SamIAM0214
adrian 9 yr ago x
Samc24, please leave the keys on the table and leave, I don't want to marry u. We are over.
Katara889 9 yr ago x
For the racy photo shoot quest, i decided to go with it and to not tell miguel. What happens if i did tell him? Would it have been better?
Also, Charlene gave me a quest for the PITA ad and i accepted. But this random person appears and asked me a bunch of questions. Should i keep doing the ad or should i donate money? Which is better cuz i have heard from some people that if you do the ad, the pets will not give out items as fast and even less too.
Oh and add me on game center: katara889
Chelsea  9 yr ago x
How do you add people?
Chelsea  9 yr ago x
Add me on GC: chel241
sarfelici 9 yr ago x
Anyone still playing Stardom Hollywood? Just started playing,i noticed that this forum is already a yr ago.
sarfelici 9 yr ago x
Add me: sarfelici23
sarfelici 9 yr ago x
Where can i find the red carpet?i am already in downtown but theres nothing there. Please help
shopabercrombiegurl 9 yr ago x
MadSimmy1975, to answer your question u can increase the amount of energy u have, but it only goes up when u complete a level. Also if u need the time for energy to go faster click on the money, stars, and Xp that come out of trash cans and those ther things. Hope that helped!;)
shopabercrombiegurl  9 yr ago x
sarfelici23 the red carpet only shows when Charlene calls u for the Star Awards. When she calls and sends the limo, u automatically end up there:)
sarfelici 9 yr ago x
Its been 4 days that i cannot play stardom. The only thing i did was add contacts n game center.please help

mecaxcx 9 yr ago x
Where is the beach?
Minthu 9 yr ago x
Hei!!!!its kinda stupid trying to achieve 5 star in every movie. Hence sometimes could not get those 5 stars. Is there any other way of getting the energy than the fast method?
Im in A listed & in the level 16. How to boost my money than the fast method??or is there anyway else?
Katara889 9 yr ago x
Heyy has anyone done the bartender quest at club coco? Should i do it?
Lola 9 yr ago x
[Stardom The A-List]

Pls HELP! I've accepted to star in Dusk (a love story 'bout a vampire & human), and then choose the film (The First Day). But why does the mission list on the left handside only appear to wait for call for The First Day, not Dusk??

(Ref: ***)

*** link needs to be approved
Shanna2cute 9 yr ago x
How do I'd get rid of the man that help me with the couch...I set the time forward and now it's back to normal and the man tell me I have to restart to continue but I will lose my progress in stardom am a A lister I don't wanna start over any suggestions anyone please help...
Mskay 9 yr ago x
Who is the cute guy that randomly shows up and when you click on him it says "what's up" but your only response is cancel.
Mini_Cuka 9 yr ago x
Miguel says his fren 'Richard Stills' is coming by... who exactly is he?

Mini_Cuka 9 yr ago x
Miguel says dat his fren Richard Still was coming by. Who exactly is he?
Dissentive 9 yr ago x
Add me on Stardom HollyWood I'm extremely Rich (will give you a lot of money/stars) my Name is Darshan Singh for fb and my game enter is Supersanjay5 add me !
Bibs 9 yr ago x
It's an awesome game, an i'm in the A list! :D
Feliciounette 9 yr ago x
I am Feliciounette and I search friends to add
Cat! 9 yr ago x
Anyone wanna be friends in the two stardoms
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