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Stardom: The A-List free iphone cheats star pack cash stack hacks

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Sasha 9 yr ago x
I have both games and would like some friends, but i do not know how to add people, if anyone would like to add me, the name is Sasha :) Hope to hear from someone!
Evan 9 yr ago x
For some reason I lie A-List better than Hollywood. Hollywood lags and crashes so bad I had I start over like 4 times so I jut deleted it and came back to A-List. Had to start over but oh well it's gonna be fun getting back on top. Also add me on GC my name is
Dj12 9 yr ago x
How do I complete Rosetta's lesson?????????
Victoria 9 yr ago x
Add im Gr33ne-lim3
Number 10 A-lister
Zombie_Queen 8 yr ago x
The Best Game Ever.
Zombie_Queen 8 yr ago x
Dazed star 8 yr ago x
Have npc arsenal of nurses politicians bloggers therapist respiratory ones and podis keep coming at me how cute . the npc guys are so ugly lmao but crazy careers for npcs lol or is it me?
A lister 8 yr ago x
Ohh just change setting of time if u r not a regular i advice not more than 2 days though and always come back to automatic setting. U get a list very easily but beware if u go to forward u might lose 3 million fans....i lost 3 millions fan but i still got 31m....hope it helps
xyz 8 yr ago x
Help me
I cant read thw the full task party for five as I already have other tasks lined up , can anyone plz tell me what the complete task is
😜 8 yr ago x
Everyone please add me!!!! Game Center name: MichelleWaples
mynameispinky 8 yr ago x
Hi guys! I'd really love more friends. Im new at this. Im a daily player. :) please add me up on game center: mynameispinky. Thanks. :)
Shlingit 8 yr ago x
Add me on Game Center "Shlingit"
-m 8 yr ago x
I'd love to have friends in Stardom!
-m 8 yr ago x
Oops, forgot to add my name: mariiene
SWS 8 yr ago x
Hey I was wondering. I've been nominated for the STAR. Awards plenty of times and u get five stars on the movies I am nominated for as well but I have yet to win an award. I don't know why. Does anyone know ?
SWS 8 yr ago x
Add me on game center : KARENXAF
soph  8 yr ago x
can someone tell me the lines for war on the algerians?
aylaebs 8 yr ago x
Love some friends :) add me: aylaababyy
Swag 8 yr ago x

*** link needs to be approved
haithere 8 yr ago x
add me on gamecenter, I play daily :)
AmethystCC 8 yr ago x
Anyone with a jail broken phone or max stars want to gift me the things I need please?! :)

My GC: AmethystCC
I'm a daily player! Please and Ty <3
Nic 8 yr ago x
Im on the misson of making my own tv series and the stars wont go up but the energy are sure going down every minute and i cant finish it in 24 hrs still , i wont level up eighter and i lost a date btw if i breakup with the boyfriends in my list will i get fans ? Help
Best game but so far
Chantia 8 yr ago x
@Jaiden you need to be level 13 or higher to click on it. You unlock new places to travel like Toronto, New York,Paris and other places
ms3181 8 yr ago x
I'm an A-list star but I have no title under my name like big budget drama , action etc. When the guy from New York asked me to go back to the e-list I declined. How do I get that challenge again and is this why I have no title. Thanks in advance
Brittney 8 yr ago x
Okay so I bought the stray cat in front of my apartment And I collected straight away 1 energy and 2 XP is that it every time or? And how long does it take to "recharge" or whatever please help lol
Zory 8 yr ago x
I would appreciate any hairstyle!
bernie 7 yr ago x
Hey what clothes give you fans? Anyone know?
King 5 yr ago x
How do u do it
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