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Stardom: The A-List free iphone cheats star pack cash stack hacks

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Jessica 9 yr ago x
Cani get some friends to join me on stardom im currently a d lister trying to climb up can someome help me and let me join their entourage
KaylaO 9 yr ago x
I'm a level 15 a list #37 living on the coast. Everytime I go talk to Max's receptionist she says they are at full capacity. What more do I have to do to get him to represent me?? I feel like at this point there isn't much else to do on the game.
Jessica 9 yr ago x
Im on red carpet who am I wearing
PennyJay 9 yr ago x
Hi guys!
How do you complete the game im level 17 a list ranked number 1 and max is the agent, is there a way to finish it?
Maryln  9 yr ago x
I'm on level 16 A lister. I need help ok how to get a buzz cut and also how do I add friends
Marlyn  9 yr ago x
Btw I'm #2 in top 100
Maryln  9 yr ago x
Add me: Le'Empress on G.C
Level 16 ranked #100 in top 100. I need a entourage.
ag 9 yr ago x
I'm an a lister and I have yet to get asked by the bling bling agency to represent me. what do I have to do?
SCChica27 9 yr ago x
Add me please. Game center ID: SCChica27. Had to start over from scratch and need all the help i can get
Lolcatz 9 yr ago x
I'm an A-Lister no. 1 in the list and my Game Center account is Mistwolf101. Thanks!
Kunzy 9 yr ago x
Hey everyone I had a question. You know when you go into the starnews and the top 100 list. I see that every actor has a description like blockbuster comedy actor. I was wondering how I get that under my guys name, because its blank right now and I'm ranked number 2
Shannon 9 yr ago x
How do I sell my old properties when I buy new ones??
bbarrera328 9 yr ago x
add me on gamecenter!

my id: bbarrera328

i play both stardom a list and hollywood.

gifts please..? thanks.

bbarrera328 9 yr ago x
@Shannon You can't sell your properties. You have to keep them.
stardomhollywood12 9 yr ago x
hi i'm new at stardom (D list) , need some friends . add me GC: shaina.v. thanks!
BreezyBre 9 yr ago x
Add me on gc mszbreezybre
EmEm5801085 9 yr ago x
Im dating a c lister and i got rich cause of him. Because of him, i went from a d lister to a b lister
Charlie 9 yr ago x
Okay so I have Hollywood Stardom and have just bought the apartment downtown for 3,500. It still says I have the other house however (the one you start with)... can I get rid of it? Also, can I move all my furniture to the new house? Can I have pets in that apartment, because it still says I'm not allowed dogs and stuff in my home so do I need to do something to confirm my apartment home? Sorry about all the questions, just two more... how do you add people not by Facebook like you guys are doing? And how can you get the cheat?!
Charlie 9 yr ago x
Just saw the comment above me... can you get money from your boyfriend? How?
SCChica27 9 yr ago x
for those who want new friends add me

GC: SCChica27

I'm level 10 A list and I will include you in my movies.

For those who are at a higher level can you please add me in your movies and i will return the favor.

Jakii 9 yr ago x
What does it mean by meet in the bathroom,are they smushing???
Gamer287 9 yr ago x
I am trying to put together an entourage I can have 9 ppl I have the biggest house and I'm an A list tell me if your want in
Gamer287 9 yr ago x
Add me on Game Center if you want to join my entourage I can have 9 my name is gamer287 add me
Lotis  9 yr ago x
Add me on gc at Lochiiki

I'm new to this and some friends would be great.
Hayat 9 yr ago x
Umm I really more energy and all my wardrobe open
Shani 9 yr ago x
How do you buy the blue dress on stardom plz the guy in the boutique won't talk to me
babygurll19 9 yr ago x
I HATE stardom Hollywood. I hate the graphics and the glitches and everything about it. Anyways, I still play A-list, I like it a lot better. I got a new phone, so I had to start over but I don't mind, I liked playing again, it's different every time.

The only thing is that I never got to use all the stars I accumulated last time. So my suggestion is that you should use the stars asap.
babygurll19 9 yr ago x

You have to get it from the Narcis guy. If he's not talkin to you then maybe your game is not yet ready to get the blue dress. You only need it for the 1st award ceremony. Are you at that point yet?
Kai Louis 9 yr ago x
How do you get married on stardom
Chelsea 9 yr ago x
I like A-list but there are no new quests...:(
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