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Jamie 10 yr ago x
I hate it's so hard to get diamonds without money. Diamonds are necessary to buy stylish clothes and unlock the higher levels. It takes 170 diamonds for one dress!

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alyssa 10 yr ago x
I am really curious to know what new clothes, shoes or jewelry I get to unlock next. I've pretty much bought everything and now just waiting for the special guy to show up!!
Layla 10 yr ago x
This is fun at first until you realize for how many items you need diamonds.
Samantha 10 yr ago x
The energy bar really needs to fill up faster. But other than that the clothes are really cute.
Lyndsay 10 yr ago x
So no one has figured out a diamond cheat? I read one tip that didn't work. Just curious if anyone else had figured this out yet!
Eko 10 yr ago x
I really need to find out how to unlock diamonds.
Bethany 10 yr ago x
I also would like to know how to get more diamonds
Melanie 10 yr ago x
If anyone finds out a cheat for diamonds or money let me know! I also hate waiting for the energy to fill up I can get money. I've already bought mOst of the clothes with cash
Evie 9 yr ago x
How do you get a mass amount of coins on modern girl
Bloom 9 yr ago x
Try chaging the time to a few hours a head on your device it refills the energy.
Caitie 9 yr ago x
if you change your i phone's ime and date settings to 3 hours ahead and go back to the game, there will b a full meter of energy witch can be used to earn money and diamods by filling the meters. then you can go back to real time and still have everything.thats the best cheat i know for diamonds and money....sorry. if anyone else knows better and faster cheats let me know
Dylan  9 yr ago x
These apps are soooo wannabe.
Draqnight 9 yr ago x
You can buy most of the Diamond clothes on Daily Deals. So you dont really need so much diamonds. I'm just wondering if they will update the game soon and add more stores :-)
AWESOME 9 yr ago x
You can go to your set date and time and make the time about 2 to 3 hours and go back to your game and you energy bar will be full!!
Qweenmuffin  9 yr ago x
I love this game I just hate goin on fifty dates for one gift how do I get him to give me jewelry sooner?
PalmoLive 9 yr ago x
I Love This Game BUT Why Should We Pay For Enjoying The Game?:O
Killahswagg17 9 yr ago x
This game rocks!! If you want more money or diamonds just shut up and buy them!!

Neon panda 9 yr ago x
Ummmm I know how to get free money. If ur energy bar goes down, simply go to settings and change the date to the next day. Hope it helps!
Neon panda 9 yr ago x
I really need these cute zebra shorts that r 74 diamonds. I only have 34 and 2,008 coins. I watch the adds for 1 diamond but it doesn't bring me up. Should I keep earning money and hope that it will go on sale?
Cassie 5 yr ago x
Want to get money in modern girl
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