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admins 7 yr ago x
What other games do you play? Doesn't matter which platform (XBOX, Wii, PS2, PS3, iOS, Android etc.).

Let us know! If there are more people interested, we can create a new topic for that (if it doesn't exist already).
Zak 7 yr ago x
Well, the names Zak and I play an online player-vs-player game called "Avatar fight"! It's pretty fun! Hey, I have a question for you Admin, are you a person/people who look over the forums and make sure people don't cuss, or type in all caps?! xP
charger 7 yr ago x
Ps3 and xbox 360
mostly war games and games like skyrim and fallout
admins 7 yr ago x
@Zak :) there are several admins for specific topics that especially lookout for people typing all caps!

If there are similar interests (for example XBOX, PS3 or iOS problems or games that more than 1 people here play) we can create a new topic for that, so you can discuss it over there.

Any suggestions are welcome.
Zak 7 yr ago x
Hmm... So you're the admin in charge of making and watching over new forums?

Let's see.. Well, like charger I also love war games, but on X-Box 360 but the only games I have are: COD(MW3, MW1, Black Ops) Halo (Reach, 3, Wars)...
Oh! And I love music games too like Rockband (1,2, and Beatles) and Guitar Hero (2,3, World Tour)!

Do you have/like any of these games Charger so we can create a new forum for the Admins' sake?! :)
charger 7 yr ago x
Yea tocjband and gitaut hero
i also have all.those war games
Zak 7 yr ago x
That's cool, you're still in 6th grade right? Or was that another person in the forum?(Destinia)Man, I haven't played any of the Halos in a while! But I really like Reach because of the ability to have complete control of te rules in multiplayer mode(s)! I always make my guy go super fast with practically flying hops! And unlimited equipment usage of course! Full airborne battles! xP \m/
charger 7 yr ago x
Yea I was the 6 grader but I got out the 18friday
Zak 7 yr ago x
Lucky, I get out June 21st!! >:/
charger 7 yr ago x
When you go back
Zak 7 yr ago x
Hmm.. Sometime late August? Like last week of August I think?
Masteric 7 yr ago x
And I like NDS Games! Woo! NDS's rock!
Zak 7 yr ago x
NDS? What's that stand for LilSis?
charger 7 yr ago x
Nds is netendo ds
Zak 7 yr ago x
Ahhh! Make sense! :)
littledude 7 yr ago x
how abut runescape, or wizard101
Dan 7 yr ago x
I like Minecraft
charger 7 yr ago x
???????? This is a destinia form ????????
charger 7 yr ago x
My bad I ment I Luke destinia and zonia 2/3
Zak 7 yr ago x
The best RPG for smartphones is Destinia in my opinion, but I don't think this is a Destinia forum, I think we're supposed to discuss different games...
charger 7 yr ago x
I sead I ment I like destinia
Masteric 7 yr ago x
@BigBro NDS: Nintendo DS. I've one, and I like the Megaman Starforce series games! It cool!
thelazt16 7 yr ago x
.i play pc,ps2,ps one
.and i have a suggestion
can you make profile management so user can personalize their profile...make avatar,give info about theirself
.so they can know each other
thelazt16 7 yr ago x
.sorry change "theirself" with "themself"
admins 7 yr ago x
@thelazt16 we are always open to suggestions and will take note of yours. In the meantime, for the Destinia topic, you could create a new "Destinia iPhone/Android Introduce yourself" topic.
admins 7 yr ago x
Websites suggestions / avatar issues moved here
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