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curiouswhisper 10 yr ago x
When I was at my wits end the TeamLava support gang lent a personalized hand. The used care and personality to calm me and assure me all will be restored. Thankfully they did just that. These stories are apart of my life as I recover from the death of my husband. The stories have replaced all prescriptions I was taking. They are my addrenaline, my peace, and my comedy. And now as I grow into the Device does my stories! Thank you all that came to my rescue!... Sincerely yours Lauri,aka...curiouswhisper
richards154 9 yr ago x
I love pet shop story. Thank u 4 that game. Every time i try 2 play it. It goes out or off on me. The game just turns off on me and i cant play it. I have 2 reboot the game & start again. I don't have an email address. But u can leave a message on my wall in the game. I'll try 2 read it if it don't go off on me. Can u fix it. This is richard siganowich. My storm id is hogmen. Thank you.
fancy's closet 9 yr ago x
I play alot of your games the one in paticular is fashion story I was playing and all of a sudden it started showing me different things to buy I was trying to exit and it spent my diamonds I had bn saving to expand my mall I had 31 it took 24 for the holiday egg display then 2 days later I was collecting my clothes and it did it again and it took 10 more of my diamonds I do spend money on diamonds from time to time so if you can reimburse my diamonds of 34 I will continue playing if not then im deleting all of my games I play which I also spend money on so please fix this or im done playing your games thanks
Stacy B Evees 9 yr ago x
Hi! I'm confined to my bed and I have been playing restaurant and bakery story like forever and I love these games! I cannot hardly see on my iPhone. How can I transfer it to my iPad so I can see better? Thanks so much!
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