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Star Wars Imperial Academy free cheats for Keys? iPhone app

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steez 13 yr ago x
You can't heal unless you pay for some of your keys. A health recharge is like 4 keys which is around 2 dollars. I still think Eliminate is better than this game. But the app is free. If anyone would tell me how I could get some keys for free, that would be a great way to cheat this game :)
John 13 yr ago x
I want to level up for free
Shortskull 13 yr ago x
How do you get weapons
Jo 13 yr ago x

Go to the get equipment to buy a gun, but can you get free keys?
Daily 13 yr ago x
You can get free keys by taking advantage of one of the "download this ap and get free keys". I've done this many times to get keys. You can delete the free ap, but keep the keys!
Bob 13 yr ago x
Man so far no one can kill me because of this glitch that makes me always have deflector shield. I'm rank 37 already
Al 13 yr ago x
How can you keep the deflector shield up? I didn't know that there even was one! And how can people jump up onto the higher scenery?
mike 13 yr ago x
You can jump by shooting the rocket luancher at the ground getting you to higher scenery.
me 13 yr ago x
imperial academy app trick

What are the roket luanch tricks in each level of imperial academy I only know hanger and tattoine.
Al 13 yr ago x
In Jabba, it is possible to get somewhere on the upper level. Don't know where, just been shot at! In the library, you can get on top of the tall glass structures. In Cloud City Chamber, I have seen a few players on top of the doors, facing outwards into the circle. Seems pointless, as they are so exposed. In Cloud City Tower, you can get onto the main central column from the top level, and probably the four smaller grey structures that rise up, surrounding the top level. And in Tatooine, apart from jumping out of the game at either the left or right end, you can jump up on to of the buildings oposite the doors.
landshark 13 yr ago x
I luv this game and i see people w/ the blackhole trooper amour and they'er only a lvl 17 anyone know how??? I NEED to know!!!!!!
Al (Dukeholme) 13 yr ago x
You can buy some things early, using keys, but don't know how to get BH armour THAT early. But, it is easy to move up quickly. If you have/borrow, two iPod/iPad devices, you make a second login, make it friends with the first login, then challenge it to Squad games, letting your main login beat it on bonus games. If you only play bonus games alone, (every 40 minutes ish), you can go up three levels a day, but playing against a second login on a separate machine, you could go up as many as you want. It would be handy for when you are say, at level 29, and keep getting hammered by level 31 BH players. Also, once you hit 40, you get nothing but level 50 players, where your shots just bounce off. Being able to move up quickly through a second login, gets you credits, new levels, kills and games, but doesn't help your skill rating at all - and obviously doesn't give you experience! And the level 50 players are fast!
Al (Dukeholme) 13 yr ago x
Does anyone know what these Rank 0 players are? They start turning up from level 40 on, yet it doesn't seem to be related to either their games won, or kills.
alpha 13 yr ago x
Guys, i got a good cheat! if u can get the blackhole tropper armor, get it! not only is it powerful at defence, in dark areas like jabba and the black space near the lift,it is IMPOSSIBLE for the enermy to see! but beware, u want to use weapons that doesn't have big spark, so it doesn't reveal u. You want to have weapons like the micro grenade launcher and the sniper rifle, not the the rocket launcher. hope this helps
alpha 13 yr ago x
and adding to the one above, if the enermy actually realises that you are there, and they have a rocket launcher or a grenade launcher, you might want to move quickly, and not staying at the same position all the time, because these powerful weapons can also kill you if they blast CLOSE to you, they basically don't have to aim. again, hope this helps... =)
Andox237 13 yr ago x
Yeah i agree you need to have weapons that don't give off spark E.G i was playing with my bro i hid in that spot killed him easy. I then changed my weapon and the first time i shot he knew exactly where i was.

Also if another player has autofire and his cross line runs across where you are hiding this also gives you away i say wait in small spaces with an arc caster it covers the whole area
Al 13 yr ago x
It is interesting firing at a wall (like the hangar), with the Arc caster and the FA-3 Flechette launcher. As you move further away, the impact marks spread out and separate. You can find the point where all the 'shots' of these two weapons are focused close enough for all of them to hit an opponent at once. Further than this point, you'll only clip them, and you can see why the FA-3 is no good for distance shots.
Landshark 13 yr ago x
OK so i see these people with Basic stromtrooper armor and i use a dxr or rct. launcher and they are not even effected and sometimes my rounds will even bounce back and kill me! i heard about a deflector sheild but anybody know how to activae the glitch???
Dukeholme 13 yr ago x
Don't know how to get Black Hole armour earlier than using keys. But maybe they had a shield. But on the subject of jumping, I have found something in Cloud City Tower completely by accident when trying to jump. On the top level, if you look up, there is a black 'footpath' that runs around the top. I have only managed to reach it once by accident. It you land there, you can run around the top, and across the black supports to the central column. It must have been made for this purpose, as it is a proper walkway, but I have never seen anyone up there and can't get back, but you can see it if you know it's there. In Hoth, I was shot by someone hiding up in the cables to the right of the big open area. And in Jabba I found the hiding spot. In the centre of the arena upstairs, you can see a ledge above the archways facing in at either end. We should meet up in the game one day! So fed up playing Nikki-Sixx and Gym, game after game that I've started wearing level 1 white and my Flachette, and playing anyone just for the hell of it.
Dukeholme 13 yr ago x
DX6 and E11 sniper rifles

As a warning, my favourite weapons were the E11 and DX6. I couldn't wait for the level 50 DX6. But then found I couldn't use it. Level 50 players simply don't let the rifles focus with their time delay. the distinctive sound and red/green flashes make them an easy target. Players dodge and weave close to them, then use an arc or flachette to kill the slower DX6. I do it all the time. I won a match in Hoth, 5 - 1 against a level 50 (DX6) exactly like that yesterday. Their only point was after they had jumped into the cables and I had given up looking for them!
ArkhaicToast 13 yr ago x
I've found a rather unimportant glitch in the user interface that allows you to use the E-11s zoom scope with other weapons. Basically, keep on switching weapons and trying too activate the zoom scope. This doesn't actually zoom, though.
Dukeholme 13 yr ago x
There is a bug with the rifles zooming. If you a rifle as the second weapon, and have it zoomed in when you get killed. You are reborn with the first weapon already zoomed. Tapping the screen doesn't change to non-zoom mode. You have to select the second weapon (rifle), then tap the screen, then select the first weapon to get out of zoom mode.
username:tucker8991 13 yr ago x
How do you get on the railing or walkway on cloud city tower?
Thry 13 yr ago x
Hey every one , when you are using the sniper rifle use as ur second because more and more people are using grinade launchers so have a fast firing gun as ur first so u don't get killed right away good luck!! Ps friend me
tucker8991 13 yr ago x
ok who knows how to play a game called sniper tag or zombie on imperial academy?if you don't,add me as a friend and i can teach you. ps my name is my username.
looser210 13 yr ago x
ill friend you and you can teach me
tucker8991 13 yr ago x
looser210 I will not be on until sunday the 5th after 3:00pm because I live on the west coast.
tucker8991 13 yr ago x
we will need 4 people in order to play sniper tag,and zombie.
tucker8991 13 yr ago x
Who knows how to go outside the map on the HANGAR level?if not meet me on suday the 5th with a green rocket launcher.p.s add me as a friend
tucker8991 13 yr ago x
looser210 I added you to my friends list but I won't be able to play until sunday
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