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Order & Chaos Online for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad free golds runes cheats

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guest 12 yr ago x
This is a great RPG. Mounts would be an additional upgrade many would appreciate. As big as the map is, who would want to run all the way around it? Utilizing mounts would solve this.

tags: order & chaos online, golds, runes, free cheats, ipad2
guest 12 yr ago x
Great MMO. 4 classes with 2 unique talent trees each (dps/tank warr, archer/rogue, frost/fire mage, healer/dps monk), auction house, lots of quests and items, quest tracker and arrow guide, pvp zones to challenge players. Duels, trading, vanity pets, item slots to equipment gear. I hope runes will be cheaper in the future. Spells and PvM (Player vs monster) and PvP (Duels,Ganking) are easy to learn. Questing is fun. We need mounts!
guest 12 yr ago x
It's the best RPG in the app store right now. I've bought WoW and didn't really like it. I hope Gameloft put in mounts in future updates. Long story cheap subscription and the game always changes and doesn't get repetitive. The iPhone 4 seem to heat up quite a bit when playing this game. Don't know about the iPad2. Multiple toons, can level to 60. Crafting skills are actually useful. You make armor and weapons that are better than what you are wearing.
VVARGOS  12 yr ago x
How do you get free gold on order and chaos online iPod
Nick 12 yr ago x
Send message from mailbox to ___LMFAO__ label it gold and attach gold and he will double it rly works I did it with 10 and got back 20
bob 12 yr ago x
Just find people who offer double gold. I found a guy named Mithzar who will double whatever gold you send him.
Michael 12 yr ago x
i kno a guy that will double your gold just send him any amount and he doubles it. I actually know him outside the game and he is legit.
This guy is for real 12 yr ago x
Send gold (any amount) to this guy CrAzY.MtNdEw he doubles it and sends you a pet too. (a rare pet!!!) he's seriously legit. I sent 200g and he sent me 400g and a Sand demon!
Hasnot 11 yr ago x
This game rocks I Gus wanna sey have fun.
Buddah13_ 11 yr ago x
How can I get free runes for order and chaos for I pod
The order guy 11 yr ago x
I do not have a clue unless u jail break your iPod or iPad and get 99998999 runes of more for free by just buying it for free go on google and it will tell u how to get jail break (^-^)
bobbo 11 yr ago x
A guy named
fatbank doubles any gold you send him. i have done it a buntch of times and have gotten loads of money from him.
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