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Battle Nations free iphone cheats nanopods ipod touch game app hacks

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anthony 8 yr ago x
You need to be online for this game. If you lose connection the game stops. Please make it so you can play offline! Some things could be improved, like the wait time on creating and growing goods.

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Patrick 8 yr ago x
Without spending real money to make progress, the action is really slow.
kendra 8 yr ago x
Would like to see the cost of thing a little more realistic like the amount Of mats needed for building and healing on some things is too high. But otherwise great game.
Guest 8 yr ago x
I like the game but Im not going to spend cash to play it nanopods are hard to get unless u spend the cash I know that is how people got paid for making the game but come on give a lot more free nanopods.
Guest 8 yr ago x
There is a lot of down time. More smaller missions to kill time would be awsome. Also to harvest materials is way too hard. You should allow that to be done at lower levels. I have 2 guys waiting to be healed for a few days due to not having enough iron. And i have land on several a few iron deposits and can't use them. But great game thank you!
Yesitisme 8 yr ago x
Cheats pls i need nanos I bought a Pack and with a day by by o well I'll lOok at vids username is nanowanter o course =)
Yesitisme 8 yr ago x
Hey I played with u guest :•]
edusclan 8 yr ago x
to get free nanopods there is a page called where you can complete many task for free nanopods...
Now does somebody know how to get easy XP... and what do I do whith the purple thing behind my trees?
tO1st 8 yr ago x
Why do you have soldiers that require iron to build and heal, but you can start mining iron till like 9 levels later?!?Why?!?!?! I love this game, but there are several things that bother me: 1. The iron requiring soldiers without iron. 2. The inability to sell soldier that are no longer needed. 3. The abcence of a market to sell an abundance of rock since thats the ONLY resorce that you can have till level 11. 4. How D@$€ expensive the buildings are. I shouldn't have to wait 3 days to get the amount of iron that I need to build a raptor ranch from the depo since I have NO OTHER SORCE OF IRON! Come on guys, I love the game but honestly? It has some major problems with it. Must fixes, so please do.
Funny_guy02 8 yr ago x
All the above mentioned need to be worked on. And the raider kids error. Come out with an update soon! And then you'll have the best game out their for the iphone
Shaxxxy 8 yr ago x
I absolutely love this game but it needs more missions. I've spent like $25 on this game... I know it's sad..
geust 8 yr ago x
seriously how come we have to get to a certain level just to get the supplies we need for our present missions otherwise 5 STARS; 4.5 stars
Dex 8 yr ago x
Sign up for talkie free nanopods just install run apps then delete that easy
Guest_Man 8 yr ago x
Ya know, usually you can start up a few levels with lots of nanopods and money by collecting as much as you can at sheriff Colt's outpost, and so basically you can get all the daikon to boost to level, like... 7.
Rip it 8 yr ago x
Colt's outpost said I have to message and get him to up grade before I can raid but there is no way to do that same with the kids out post what's up with that??
Rip it 8 yr ago x
Whats going on I can not get the game to work keeps on reloading Will not start up and let me play.
Dudethehood 8 yr ago x
Am now stuck needing 75 nano pods to build bunkhouse for mission!!
Rip it 8 yr ago x
Go to u can get free nanopods there just download the games play them for a bit and u will get them for free
Rip it 8 yr ago x
Guest_man how do u get him to up grade I do not know how to message it
Manda 8 yr ago x
Hey how to I get more coins in the game.. I am using tap joy but need coins!
Rip it 8 yr ago x
U get coins from your Bildings farming and attacking things
Nao sucks 8 yr ago x
This game is fun with money this game sucks. I be play a 60 game and not this.
superman 8 yr ago x
conseguir nanopods gratis
Julian 8 yr ago x
Battle nations ña ipods gratis
micky 8 yr ago x
i can go to the web sight
Abeltje1956 8 yr ago x
No value for money.
Hunter38 8 yr ago x
1 go to Tapjoy and make an acount, then install to device, and then go to Tapjoy and push battle nations(earn nanopods) and WAHBOOM U GOT FREE NANOPODS
Yesitisme 8 yr ago x go there and download free apps and sign up for some nanos, I have 200.
Adrian yeoh 8 yr ago x
nikers 8 yr ago x
hi i love battle nations but can u guys make it so u and your freinds can give eachother money and rescources
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