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Zombie Cafe iphone/ipad game app free toxin cheats?

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justme 13 yr ago x
Download this game, don't hesitate! Cool game with zombies helping you out. Earning money goes slowly, because food takes so long, so anybody here knows how to get free toxin? It would be better if you could win toxin in every battle or buy toxins with game money instead of real money.

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jojo 13 yr ago x
It's impossible. I've tried. :/ But you can go to settings and change your clock time when you're offline to speed up your food production! (I've gained about 5 million in one day.)
Lt.Kill 13 yr ago x
is there a way to get lots of money
yogabagaba 13 yr ago x
pls give me a 1000 toxin pls....!!
Eli 13 yr ago x
Can i get 1000 toxin plsssss.s.s.s.ssss
J-One 13 yr ago x
look at this video
yomansup 13 yr ago x
umm hey jojo where is the settings in zombie cafe? i wanna change the time or do u go to ipad settings?
skyler 13 yr ago x
go on ur ipod settings. yomansup
flash911 13 yr ago x
why did my cafe turn green?
yomansup 13 yr ago x
Thnx Skyler :)
 13 yr ago x
Do your zombies heal faster
Roseface 13 yr ago x
My cafes gone green too why is this ?
Tommy 13 yr ago x
Can i have 10000000 toxins
Tom Tom 13 yr ago x
Pls can i have 1000 toxins pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees
rulo 13 yr ago x
can i have like 1000 toxins pliz?
Toxinneed 13 yr ago x
How do you get the toxin cause I only want like 15 of them
RayRay 13 yr ago x
I had a game on zombie cafe and I started a new one. I am currently on level 7 and I can't do raids!!!! Does anyone know how to fix this?
Groggy 13 yr ago x
how do you sell items
Vane 13 yr ago x
If I keep changing the time on my settings it won't affect my iPod??? Cuz I just notice that it would change my other applications and calendar and notes and all that stuff, also I got a note saying bout my zombies being over worked so anybody knows sum bout it???
Vane 13 yr ago x
By the way my cafe turned green too WTF ???!!
Lachy 13 yr ago x
How do you get free toxins just on your ipod
chernhong 13 yr ago x
plss tell me my toxins is sooooooo little plssssss
flipy the puma 13 yr ago x
if this works u guys rock
bench 13 yr ago x
one time, my niece played it and bought kermit the hermit and gained 10 toxins for free and he never got to do it again XD i think it got something to do with the bug in the lower right part of the cafe XD
Kvan 13 yr ago x
The best way I've found to get toxins is to come back and cook everyday. You get mystery prizes after a few days and alot of them end up being toxins. I think I've gotten 12 at one time? Not bad. It's just a patience thing I guess. Btw, some more information on how the clock thing works would be nice. How do you just throw something like that out there and then leave everybody hanging?
xXxBlaze420xXx 13 yr ago x
Speed up clock to make food production instant.
When you speed up the clock, collect meal and change time back to normal. Every time you move clock ahead and back again, it also instantly heals zombies, except for the cooking one, always have you main character as a server so youre always making cash. Also, in between time changes, the restaurants you raid come back into service instantly, so you can keep attacking and stealing food, each customer gives a bit of cash and some xp as well, sometimes you even score a toxin. Hope this helps! I found it pretty amusing lol
Nijapigy 13 yr ago x
Whenever there's a pop-up that says get this app and receive toxin, press on it but don't get the app. It works
Joey 13 yr ago x
I don't have settings I have options and when I go to the options I don't have the time changer
hali 13 yr ago x
what should I do when I can't access my account? it keep returning to my main screen, please help me out.
kawaii 13 yr ago x
my cafe turned green too. can you please help me? >.<
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