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Monster Pet Shop free iphone cheats berries ipod touch app/game

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Lisa 8 yr ago x
I love the little monsters! Great helpful guide in the beginning. Please any cheats for free berries??

tags: monster pet shop, how to get free monster berries, ipad, ipad2
jessica 8 yr ago x
This game is fun! I just wish you could do more without having to pay for stuff. Sometimes it crashes on my ipod touch.

Kaitlin 8 yr ago x
I really really like this game!! Cute monsters. I wish it was easier to get money and berries.
Allybear 8 yr ago x
Hey guys I know a cheat! It's super easy...
1st-Go to settings on your iPod touch or iPhone and click general and select date and time and go an hour ahead after all of your pets are fully fed and played with.
2nd-Feed your monsters and play with them.
3rd-Go an hour ahead, this will make cycle a lot faster! Thanks enjoy!!
-Allybear aka EZ as 123
Shara 8 yr ago x
When people try and visit me they say my house is purple and they can't get to my shop. how do i get it normal again?
camza 8 yr ago x
fire the boss da
Gooooooog 8 yr ago x
I didn't get the app yet is it goood?
A'Doll_Hitter 8 yr ago x
It's a fantastic little app. Bit slow to begin with. I'm looking to find friends on there as apparently it gives you bonuses in berries?! I think you can only get friends through Facebook though?? The time thing Allybear mentioned works :) does anyone know any ways of getting free berries? Cheats etc? And specific ways to breed certain monsters? I only have a limited egg selection ATM and too many requests. Merci :)
A'Doll Hitter #44
Roller Derby Blocker for SXDG :)
Heygirk 8 yr ago x
Is their any way you can get berries without having to charge your iTunes account?
chaz 8 yr ago x
need free berrys
Fuzz buzz 8 yr ago x
I need a cheat to get free barrys
Ky 8 yr ago x
I'm guessing no one has found a way to get monster berries without paying. I need free berries! :(
gn 8 yr ago x
what is a gloop i cant get it for billy
Bonzola 8 yr ago x
I've ran out of money to feed and clean, is there anyway to get more?
Monster luver 8 yr ago x
Hi I am trying to figure out how to give my pets to the adoption agency? On help it says to just go to the dollar sign icon in the context menu but I can't find it!!! Please help!
Orangutan 8 yr ago x
I ran into the same problem bonzola, I just kept petting my monsters until they were old enough to be sold but now I'm running out of money too and desperately need help!!! I need a gloop too :(

It would also be helpful to find the adoption agency I can't find it either! And free berries would also be appreciated...
spiralsalamander 8 yr ago x
@Monster luver: Touch and hold one of the habitats with a monster in it. The context menu appears and consists of 4 icons. Touch the icon that is a profile of a monster with $ in it, and you will get a prompt to sell your monster to the Adoption Agency.
spiralsalamander 8 yr ago x
My shop is also purple and no one can visit. How do I fix this?
booster 8 yr ago x
@spiralsalamander: it's because you did the clock change cheat, mine's purple too lolz
Monster luver 8 yr ago x
Thanks so much spiralsalammander! I will do that now ;)

Sorry I don't know how to help you with the purple thing...
Kel 8 yr ago x
So I just tried the clock thing but it catches you and tells you that if you keep changing the time your mosters will run away
kittish 8 yr ago x

This says that only after 12-18 hours, at least for me.
Also you can not pass the time until the formation of new eggs because then too it gets you.
After the message appears, return the clock back at the right time, go to your monster and click on any one of them and wake her, so time will be normal and you will not get the penalty of waiting for a day
Heather 8 yr ago x
Does anybody know when or how I'll get a gloop or any of the other requests?
Ky 8 yr ago x
how do you make a horned persnicket?! and a gloop?!
Nattt 8 yr ago x
I need a persnicket cnt find it i also need a gloop!!!!!
Mia 8 yr ago x
Because i did the time crap it doesnt evn let me press the play button ughhhhhhhh how lng will it take 2 b bck 2 normal?????
bla 8 yr ago x
you can buy both of them at some point (lvl 4-5) persnicket is grass monster and the shape of the egg is the most normal of all, with 3 weaves like stripes on the top half of the egg. gloop is a woter monster and its egg is the green one shaped like round coral! hope this helps :)
Mon 8 yr ago x
How does a gloop and a persnicket look like??
mumofboys 8 yr ago x
I've got a gloop - it's a water monster and I bought the egg from the egg shop, it was an oval shaped blue egg with dark wavy lines pointing downwards
MM 8 yr ago x
I can't seem to get coins either. I only have 2, and I can't even feed my poor monsters! What am I doing wrong?
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