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Dream Dresses iphone/ipod game app free cheats gems tips help

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madison 12 yr ago x
It is fun but the prices are so high I need more money. Gems are needed for too many things. I wish there were more ways to collect the gems faster. Please make the shop bigger or the racks smaller, there isn't enough space.

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Henry 12 yr ago x
I hate that I spend hours for my dresses to be ready and they are gone in such little time.
hollie 12 yr ago x
Great game for fashionistas or fashion designers. BreakTime made the majority of dresses require Silk Thread, which requires gems or a Panda/Silk Thread rack to make them (which also requires gems). You can get free gems by watching videos for a gem a pop. More dresses please!
Andrea 12 yr ago x
How do you complete the "babysit this customers baby panda" task? I've looked and I have no clue on how to complete that!:O HELP!
Me 12 yr ago x
It freezes so I can't get past tutorial
Bubbles31035 12 yr ago x
Where do I find clothing racks? I can't find them. Looked everywhere.
Cc  12 yr ago x
I can't find where to buy a dress rack anywhere does anyone know how?
Leah 12 yr ago x
Hey, I just started playing DD, and it tells me I need to buy a dress rack, but I can't find one in the shop. Where can I get one?
Anonymous 12 yr ago x
You need to go to the shop icon in the bottom right corner of your screen and open it. You see the categories to buy from along the bottom. You can scroll this with your finger and you find dress/clothing racks under the "Dress Racks" category.
Newbie999 12 yr ago x
I know a way speed up time.

1. Make a dress of your choice
2. Go to "settings" on your iPad, iPhone, iPod, Andriod
3. Go to "general"
4. Go to "date and time"
5. If it is on to "set automatically", turn it off
6. Go to "set date and time"
7. Change the time to whatever time you need your dresses to be ready at
8. Go to the multi-task menu and how you do that is to double press the home button
9. Keep your finger on one of the apps that is in the multi-task menu until there's a red minus sign next to it
10. Tap the minus sign that is next to the "Dream Dresses" app
11. Get out of the multi-task menu
12. Go back to the app on your home screen
13. Your dresses should be ready by then

If your want to change the time to the correct time again just go back to date and time then turn it back on to "set automatically"

Hope this helps ;D
Emily 12 yr ago x
How do I earn more diamonds?
Eryo 12 yr ago x
Do you guys know how to rearrange items in the store?
HELP ME! 12 yr ago x
how do i buy more sewing machines and change rooms?? i cant find the anywhere.... im so lost
Im so stuck!? 12 yr ago x
I just started playing and it says complete this pattern and comes up with red question marks .. What do i do ??
Vanessa 12 yr ago x
Sometimes when I click on Dream Dresses it goes to the shop but then it automatically goes back to my home page.
Frock123 12 yr ago x
How do I get gems for free?
I was with my freind and she said go on YouTube and look at cheats but I tried that and there was no results and she could not do it on my iPad so I was wondering how to do it
If anyone finds out please put an answer to frock123 please.
Frock123 12 yr ago x
How come you are only load two sewing machines I am level 54 and it isn't letting me get two sew machines so I looked at a neighbours shop and they had 16 sew machines ???
Berta's  12 yr ago x
My dress game stopped giving me ink for 2 days no one has come in with the ink drop over their heads all I came make now Is blue dresses what can I do
Strawberry 12 yr ago x
How Do I GET MOREEE GEMS! Is there a way I can watch videos and get free gems? Plz Soemone helpp mee!
Strawberry 12 yr ago x
I lost my reputation for changing the time! And i lost alllll of my dresses on the racks and it didn't even speed up my dresses to be finished! I am soooo disappointed! Definitely notttt doing that again!!!!
Hello kitty  11 yr ago x
Strawberry u need to watch videos
Cayleigh 11 yr ago x
I kneed more gems and the fact you have to give a gem to sell all of your dresses I think that you should get at least one gem for the dresses and the fact you have to wait for the dresses that is so rong and I think your customers should stop complaing because they can see that the sowing machine is working
JulieJo 11 yr ago x
Need neighbors! Please feel free to add me! My GC ID is: coocoojuju

Thank you!
Cats in hats 11 yr ago x
Gems can be acquired from watching movies, the link can be found on the left hand side,tap on the clapboard.

Dress racks can be found in the shop under dress racks, next to bolts and sewing machines.

The bigger your store, the more sewing machines you can have, every second expansion grants you enough room for a new one.
idk123 11 yr ago x
hey, i love dream dresses and i think it is a wonderful app for anyone. the thing i have a problem with is the gems. mostly everything requires gems and i dont have that much. what should i do?
Weird 234 11 yr ago x
Strawberry I know how you can get free gems by watching a video..........on dream dresses there's a thing with a play button click on that then watch the video then get one free gem
Weird 234 11 yr ago x
Sorry and idk123
CREATE 11 yr ago x
i need to know if you can POSSIBLY download this game on the computer instead and play it on there? because it kinda difficult for me in a small screen. I kno it might b possible cuz my bro has a app on his computer and it works rlly good. :) plz help me. if nnot possible its ok, but plz keep trying for me :) THX
Bebe10562 11 yr ago x
when I first wanted to download Dream Dresses it said that u can go on dates with ur boyfriend and play mini games I've been tying ma best to see how to go out on a date or play mini games but I just can't find out how! so plz plz plz anyone help me:)
Plz Answer My Question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 11 yr ago x
Guys this ANY way to get free gems instead of watching those videos they take forever to load plz help me I need neibours add me my ne is mark and Spencer's
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