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Dream Dresses iphone/ipod game app free cheats gems tips help

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Plz answer my question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 yr ago x
I meant name
Plz answer my question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 yr ago x
Can I get free silk thread?
SnowFallFell 10 yr ago x
Bubbles cc Leah to get the racks Click shop icon and then a window will pop up there will items to buy, there will be some icons below there will be 1 saying dress racks click there and the racks will be there u can buy it own choice
SnowFallFell 10 yr ago x
Create if u wanna download it on the ur computer u have to download blue Starks it is kinda like a mobile but's on computer u can download apps and go on Internet but I can't make calls and texting obviously. I hope this really helped that's all I know soz if u couldn't answer ur phone.
SnowFallFell 10 yr ago x
Eryo u can rearrange items by clicking the edit icon next to the shop icon u can move and remove and sell your items hope that helped
SnowFallFell 10 yr ago x
Guys I need neibours feel free to add me on my GC ID: Samreen908:)
SnowFallFell 10 yr ago x
Lol forget the last part of the 3rd answer.
Glitter 10 yr ago x
Please change that amount of gems for the last expansion it would cost me 50 dollars to do that it shouldn't be gems it should be the money you have to play with like before
Glitter 10 yr ago x
Please change the amount of gems for last expansion all the other times it was not gems it was the amount of money you have it should stay that way the last expansion would cost me 50 dollars to get the gems that is insane!!!! Please change it
Glitter 10 yr ago x
Please get new dresses need something new you still have Christmas and halloween
Hi xxxxx 9 yr ago x
I need more gems, I can't sleep without knowing I'm broke...
I know! I sound so weird
Dunkindonnaa 9 yr ago x
Where can i buy sewing machine and grand piano? Can't find them. Please help im lost.
Dsnhvninc 9 yr ago x
Watching videos no longer earns me Gems(??)
What is wrong??
Mrs.mcfluffy  9 yr ago x
How can you buy a sewing machine?
Kaykayperks  9 yr ago x
Why are there question marks instead of objects? It won't let me sew certain items.. Etc.. I'm very confused..

I made a mini collage to show what I'm talking about. Please help me!!

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