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Masteric 11 yr ago x
Wanna be immortal? Wanna be super rich? Then join Masteric's Giveaway/MG Group! Here, you can request for hacked items or money! Wanna be a member? Just say it to me! Not a hacker? Don't worry, because our supplier is in here!

What are you waititng for? Join or request NOW!
admins 11 yr ago x
Hi, what game? Because we really want to keep posts for a specific game in 1 topic, as much as possible. You also get more readers that way.
Masteric 11 yr ago x
@admins hmm... I think RPG game. This is a giveaway, so I think I can't limited the game. Well, I hope RPG is the answer of your question.
Masteric 11 yr ago x
Oh, if I make a new forum of MG with another game in each forum, is that permitted?
admins 11 yr ago x
That's (technically) not possible here. We might add subforums or something like that in the future.
Zak 11 yr ago x
So LilSis, how's it goIng? You know by saying this is an RPG giveaways sight, well be getting people who play Zenonia 1-4, Illusia, and all of that, you sure don't want to just make it straight up Destinia?
Masteric 11 yr ago x
What the- BigBro!? You're here!? *fall and get unconscious*
Masteric 11 yr ago x
*get up* aww....Huh? What? Um? Oh, I think you're right. I don't play Z1-3 and Illusia, though. Nice, BigBro!
Zak 11 yr ago x
So... This forum is for Destinia only then right Sis?
Masteric 11 yr ago x
Our new system of giving away: Giver and Supplier!
-Giver: people who send requester hacked item. They got money and items from supplier.
-Supplier: people who supplies giver's hacked item. They're a hacker.
-Requester: people who requesting a hacked item.

We're need of supplier! For anyone who can hack, please become our supplier!

Note: this forum is for DESTINIA only.
Lycan 11 yr ago x
So is it possible for me to ask for a lvl 60 broadsword +20/30???
Also is the stats could be 255 it would be awsome please reply
My ID: 9858091457
Zak 11 yr ago x
Sorry man, according to "Leader," (Masteric) this forum's for updating new rules and members to "Masteric's Giveaway Group!" And I believe it's impossible to reinforce past +20..I don't know, I'm not a hacker but I remember it from somewhere..sorry!
Masteric 11 yr ago x
Our member (for now):
-Masteric (me, the leader, and a giver)
-Zak (Masteric's most closes friend, almost like her older brother. The most trusted member of MG. Co-leader of this group, and a giver)
-Azure (the most diligent member of this group. He's a hacker, and he's a supplier)
-charger (the third member of MG. Dunno where he is, but he still our member. He's a giver)
-spoorky5 (the fourth member of MG. Dunno where he is. Still the member of MG, and a supplier)

For you who want to be our member, please go to DESTINIA forum. We'll be waiting!
Zak 11 yr ago x
?! Wasn't Klowmnx a supplier too?! He's gone inactive too... I'll remind him?
charger 11 yr ago x
I don't wright much but I send $ and requested stuff to people
Zak 11 yr ago x
@Charger You do? So you send with out telling the person? And you send items too?... Are you a hacker? O.o
charger 11 yr ago x
Yea I send with out telling ill start telling

and no im not a hacker
mallowz 11 yr ago x
Nice sis.. This is good for destinia player.. Good luck sis
Masteric 11 yr ago x
Our purpose is to make DESTINIA players enjoy finish their game more easily. If there's anyone who want to become our member, you must do this:
Masteric 11 yr ago x
-really want to help DESTINIA players
-will always active in DESTINIA forum
-not a wasful guy
-not a greedy person
Masteric 11 yr ago x
-can hack (of course) or a hacker
-will always active in the DESTINIA forum
-will always ready if a Giver needs help
-really want to help DESTINIA players
Masteric 11 yr ago x
If there's anyone want to be our member, please come to DESTINIA forum in the bottom of this site. We'll be waiting!
Masteric 11 yr ago x
Update! (members):
-Amad (one of Zak's friends. A giver)
Masteric 11 yr ago x
Update! (members):
-thelazt16 (live I'm the same country of Masteric. A supplier)
thelazt16 11 yr ago x
.i looked at the member lists
.there is spoorky5 a.k.a doboy
.and where is he?
charger 11 yr ago x
What if Im a hacker but a giver
Masteric 11 yr ago x
Update! (members):
-herivie (live in the same town as thelazt16. A supplier)
DaddyMikal90 11 yr ago x
Masteric. You told me to come to this page to request to join. So whats next?
Masteric 11 yr ago x
Please say your request @Destinia Forum. This site's just for an update to our group.
Masteric 11 yr ago x
And, I say to see the rules, right? Have you see it? Please reply @Destinia Forum. I'll waiting the new giver, @DaddyMikal90!
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