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Live Poker Zynga cheats / Texas Poker iPhone app chips and gold coins

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jake 13 yr ago x
Is this a scam or not? I purchased chips with my real credit card. The card shuffles seams to be unreal. I think the app is made to make you lose 95% of the time, so you have to purchase more chips!! And when you do have a good hand, your connection gets lost and you still loose! At least the app itself is for free.

What's your experience?
Musafir 13 yr ago x
1 time i had fullhouse i banged all in and i got disconnected and 1 time i had flush just like the other guy (flop turn and river all spades) it should have been a split pot, but the other guy won because he had higher pairs..
ciprian 13 yr ago x
i need chips for texas poker. i don`t wanna play because i don`t have $...please send me $ thank`s!
Julie 13 yr ago x
I need coins please
tanaka bruno 13 yr ago x
hi please cheats
Bruno 13 yr ago x
please chips cheat
Bruno 13 yr ago x
please 60.M texas poker
Johns 13 yr ago x
I nead 100.m Texas poker
Ray 13 yr ago x
Please give me 500k chips on the Account ray ( picture of a baby)
Tai 13 yr ago x
How much can I have or is this a scam
JT 12 yr ago x
I need 50! in poker chips please and thank you.
JT 12 yr ago x
I need 50M in chips
Vijen 12 yr ago x
Millionare 12 yr ago x
Can I have 1 billion chips please
John 12 yr ago x
Name John - red hair default character can I please have 50m? I just lost 100m :(
Broke 12 yr ago x
Can I have 100M? Name is McMillion
rami 12 yr ago x
plzzz i want free ships in zynga poker on facebook my nami is rami nahhas plz send me ships
thnx alot
Alex 12 yr ago x
I want chips
ashish 12 yr ago x
i need chips pls
giselo 12 yr ago x
i bought a chips worth 685 million chips but until now i dont get that chips in zynga almost a month now, and im so disappointed on zynga even if they gave me 50 million, for me its okay for me to play in their game
giselo 12 yr ago x
again i bought this week 10$ USD for gold coins 50pcs, thru my mobile payment, i deducted already but the coins chips that i bought was not delivered to my account, its do frustrating playing this game anymore.. my email was
ziggy 12 yr ago x
Why dont you just earn them like almost everyone else. You have to have patients and discipline. Only takes a cuple weeks to have 3M easy. Wish they still had the bags of potatoe chips in the gift shop, id send ya all
Seydo 11 yr ago x
I Need coins please 5 M. ? Please :(
Seydo 11 yr ago x
I Need coins please 5M. ?
Please Name is Seydo
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