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Eenies at War Shiny Gems / Gold coins free cheats? (iphone app / ipad)

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jerry 13 yr ago x
Remembers me of Worms, but still makes a great a game. I had to download the app a couple of times before it would start though. The game doesn't start the first few times. Some free shiny gems or gold coins would be nice!
john 13 yr ago x
Anyone has a walkthrough?
Marcwins 13 yr ago x
I know one good cheat but this is a little bit better then the one i know better
Marcwins 13 yr ago x
Does anyone know how to earn gems and second of all how does this website give us any gems and coins for free how do we do it?
Lior 13 yr ago x
No gems for free

At least until level 24, I'm a big fan of this game and the genuis creators of it, but hate the way of making money: why can't I sell equipment I bought? No gems for wins and some of the items require only gems. Also I have a bug and the savysoda team doesn't answer for a week.
Jeramy 13 yr ago x
PlZ help. I see people with huge bombs that like blow up the entire map. I would like to know. Or just even knowing a hack for a one shot kill.
Dpgg94 13 yr ago x
Ive seen such hacks before. The one many many shots within one shot and it adds up to a lot a lot of damage, becoming a one hit kill. How to do that?
eeniezpro 13 yr ago x
if u guys want I'll teach u some glitches and I'll also show the money glitch add me (dre35slim)
sesoia94 13 yr ago x
How can I get free stuffs fer my gorilla without using real money to buy gems n gold
xiaoQing 13 yr ago x
eeniezpro, please teach me...
Bob 13 yr ago x
Please eeniezpro tell me
cho 13 yr ago x
can tell me?
eeniezpro 13 yr ago x
sorry guys. the hack is patched. no more hack for now.
eeniesboss 13 yr ago x
help me with one shot one kill glitches and anything else you have
sorriya 13 yr ago x
I could tell you guys all kind of hacks, cheat, etc.
sorriya 13 yr ago x
and add me too facetime contacT:
and ill tell you all kind of glitches like 1 shot KO glitches facetime me :] and im a guy namd jason not sorriya. sorriya is my eenies name
Dpgg94 13 yr ago x
But the new version has patched the glitches already
eeniezpro 13 yr ago x
Yes guys. In version 2.2, there is no more gold/gem, one shot kill hack anymore. I will continue to see any loopholes in v2.2. Will update you guys over here!
Sesoia94 13 yr ago x
The gorilla is the only animal not updated with new weapons. But all the other animals like Rex, sheep, Ufo, tank.. etc..has new things, new parts, more powerful weapon. But why not the gorilla also except the old armore that ain't strong enough, damn what gives.
JMZ 13 yr ago x
if u have the version 2.3 the better...the dinosour has a one shot kill with the ball that explodes in tiny arrows.....first u get close to a person....the tail with the spikey ball has to be under the other player.....then throw it and instantly touch the sreen like a crazy maniac....if the have sheild or more than 150hp it dosent work
JMZ 13 yr ago x
a way to get free gold with the daily bonus coins....if u have ipod 2g or 3g its slower than 4g.........go to the game....go to settings/general/date......change the date 1 day after...for example ...if were on the 14th, change it to 15th......go to the game and recive your daily gold bonus....repeat this hwever many times u want .....if u login to facebook they will give double the daily gold ......add
JMZ 13 yr ago x
add me on eenies (OMG WT THU F)
JMZ 13 yr ago x
the way that u get multiple shots only works on iphone4.......go to multiplayer....grab another phone close by....wen ur on the game on multiplayer,aim on the player that u want to kill (dont shoot) use your other phone and send yourself as many messages as u can at once to your iphone.....put on all of the messages cancel and after all of them you will get the multiple shot
JMZ 13 yr ago x
for all u that are hackers already and got 2.2 i got good news....make whatever hack u everething u need.......and then update it to 2.3
Pandoras Lil Sis  13 yr ago x
Hey does anyone know where I can get 2.2 ?? Reallyyyyy want it! Like say @JMZ :) you know right??
JMZ 13 yr ago x
there is still some hacking websites that still have it....but impossiply hard to find...or hack right now and wait for the update so u could play multiplayer

i will try to get a walk through on eenies
Pandoras Lil Sis  13 yr ago x
I mean I know how to hack it but I just want to be able to get the stuff I want then play online. I made my self a siege tank with super health that sous blow up the map lol but was so upset they wouldn't let me use it. I even tried backgrounding ifile while i was in a match and it didn't work :/ so if I get 2.2 I can hack then update right?
JMZ 13 yr ago x
yes hack.....update.....then u can play multiplayer.../ u can have 2.3.....wait for update.....hack.....and update and u can play multiplayer
JMZ 13 yr ago x
ONE MORE THING....u wont have super health....u could hack the super from a launcher.....but cant make super damage or super health......(part 1)
JMZ 13 yr ago x
to equipt super ...... equipt...go on match....touch the weapons icon (DONT TOUCH ANY WEAPONS)....touch it again...and shoot super :D.....only work once per match.
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