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Treasure Story free gems cheat? (iphone ipad app)

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kylie 11 yr ago x
I really love this game! But almost everything cost really money since you have to buy the gems. And if you finish an island you have to pay a gem to revisit it again?? Any cheats or how can you earn them for free?

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bossman 11 yr ago x
cheats for GEMS ?
pleas reply ASAP!
Nickyg520 11 yr ago x
Stupid ppl stop going on here and commenting things like,"plz help i need cheats!" obviously stupids! Dont you think tht ppl on this site have eyes that can see that the person asking the question already made it clear?!?! Stop makeing pointless comments ppl, cuz its really annoying! Anyway, there are no cheats sorry to say, cuz i no tht uve looked at other site and saw the same thing so your hoping for a better answer, but its kinda obvious, cuz if there was , it would be on very site, not all but three. COMMON SENCE IS OUR FRIEND, SO USE IT!!!!!
Kelly 11 yr ago x
You spelled SENSE wrong you idiot...what are u an anti cheating goody two shoes?? You're the dumbass here for being such a spaz for no shove your comment somewhere the sun never shines..rude jerkoffs like you are not needed in life
Emma 11 yr ago x
In treasure story how do you get more gems without paying
Hunter 11 yr ago x
I say you both are stupid. I have seen cheat videos that prove there are gem cheats. Don't fight and be total bitches about it, just accept that you both have different opinions.
trishall 11 yr ago x
is there a way you can buy gems online
treasure^isle^ support^FAQ  11 yr ago x
Listen I am staff alright don't tell anyone I said this cuz I'll get fired but go to help click report problem say u got hacked for so much amount of gems and we will give u 20,000 gems free
kylie 11 yr ago x
^^^ No way you are staff and they will certainly NOT give you 20,000 gems for free!!
Not a fag 11 yr ago x
I love how the dumbass Kelly made a comment to that other person as if he were going to come back on this page and be like "oh I wonder if anybody has left a comment on the nasty remark I left". No, people don't do that, so stop being a bitch about, grow up and get some friends. FREEDOM OF SPEECH people, learn to love it!
Cat's eye 11 yr ago x
Has anyone gotten the America jewelry. I've through all the level but I have seen any amber treasure. Thanks for your help.
Abbey 11 yr ago x
How do you get more free gems on treasure story?
Brigirl 10 yr ago x
How do I get to report a problem?
Blobbyblob 10 yr ago x
How do i report a problem?:]
mmmm..... 10 yr ago x
@ Not a fag

it's not true you're so totally wrong :)
even me i came to look here often

@ lilyLee and guest

You're right. It's [hilarious].
I agree with the guest top from lilyLee!
Randy Flagg 10 yr ago x
Altogether I go along with Nickyg520, it's annoying to read the same questions over and over again. "How do I get gems free?" That's the question EVERYBODY wants to know, so instead of asking it for the hundredth time, try to find an answer guys
page 10 yr ago x
how do you get free stars with out paying
maddie 10 yr ago x
hey i think it is easyer to just buy stars bye
Duh 10 yr ago x
How do you get people to stop being such losers??
Flame 10 yr ago x
there's no such things as cheats for most games.... :(
Flame 10 yr ago x
Or Maybe try to find a mod and maybe they could help. good luck! ^^
Best island! 10 yr ago x
The only way I know how is to keep collecting the jewel treasure and trade them in for gems. Then I buy more fires and get more energy. It's not a cheat but it's free!
Ekapope123 9 yr ago x
Someone said there is a 'report problem button' in 'Help/FAQ' section but there isn't!!! And whoever said there are videos on cheats for this game, please do share/use them!
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