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City Story app free City Cash (ipod/iphone) cheats

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marjory 13 yr ago x
The game is really fun but they charge ridiculous high amounts of money to buy city cash to buy the nicer items!! I know you can get city cash when you earn stars for each products, but that's limited to only 1 for each. any way to speed up things?

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Murali 13 yr ago x
I want to dispute the charges. My kid was using it and did not know that it will be charged to the iTunes account.

How do we go about it?

matt 13 yr ago x
how to get free city cash
Cindy B 13 yr ago x
My kids have done the same thing. I just got a bill for $60! in City Cash
Asian 13 yr ago x
How do I get free city cash
Softballbeast 13 yr ago x
Am I getting charged even though I'm not buying mall bucks or anything? And how's a good way to make more city cash
Kevsbox360 13 yr ago x
Sadly there is no cheats. The game is basically dictated with the amount of time spent on the game I.e if you visit all your neighbours to clean you'll earn more XP to rank up levels. If you play alot, then you can afford to return to the game every other hour to complete the factory challenges/contracts.

Sadly enough, I've being playing the game since I got my iPhone in june 2010, so nearly a year! Completely addicted, and I admit, very sad indeed! Level 96 though, waiting for the next update to move on higher.

The key is not to spend any money on this app. At the end of the day, it is only a game! I love hearing about kids buying the city cash though, makes me smile!
ThatGoodFeelingOfADQBlizzard;) 13 yr ago x
Hello! I was wondering if anyone knows how to "add" someone on City Story™! I am new to this and need a bit of help from you friendly people. ;) So when I go and "clean" somebody's city I usually visit their "wall" and tell them that I "CYC" which I guess means "Cleaned Your City" They reply saying "CYCB Thanks, add _______" ______ being a random username I guess........? So is there a way to "add" people? I tried looking but had no luck what-so-ever....

Thanks for your help guys,

Pall 13 yr ago x
How to get alot of coins
Lily  13 yr ago x
Actully The best way is to buy ur kids city cash cuz I tryied to do many things but I couldn't so at last I bought them 500 city cash
Channy 13 yr ago x
Omg I tried to get free city cash for about 6 months ... And I'm still on 0 .. How do I get more city cash
Dunb guy above me 13 yr ago x
Omg i have tried to do this for soooooo long next time tell something on here
Walshy 13 yr ago x
804 883 723 add me Please
salvio 13 yr ago x
This game it's a shet all. They created it just to suck your money and spend ages to upgrade that crap buildings. DON'T waste your time or money!
Spad3z 13 yr ago x
Add me...spad3z
The Dude 12 yr ago x
There are damn sure cheats, I have caught two people using them, one idiot admitted it, iPAD I Phone, did dick about he put it in black and white and admitted it, I saw him ue it, there are several codes you can"t rob his buildings, he has a cheat that steals your attack and defense points by the hundreds, don't listen to this crap. They are all lying they aren't going to tell just anyone, they have cheats out there asses.
billi bob joe jim 12 yr ago x
Need city cash for free pls
X686 12 yr ago x
Can't there be just 10 City Cash for $0.99 so you can get enough City Cash for only basics such as renaming your city at a lower cost?
Casper 12 yr ago x
Add. Me. 370-258-379
Casper 12 yr ago x
I got. Killa stats ,?? Play. 24//7.......ADD 370-258--379.
Sparta 12 yr ago x
Add me please! ....... san_tomo
WorzBila 12 yr ago x
I have try cracking City Story. But Sadly it did NOT works. Their Security is too strong..
Roy jones!  12 yr ago x
Anyone want to join a strong ass mafia then add this code 645 177 934!! PS THERE IS NO CHEATS FOR CRIME CITY.
za 12 yr ago x
715 261 532
TARRY 12 yr ago x
add me plaz

579 928b042
sex 12 yr ago x
959 170 647 - ADD ME - Strong mafia and defense.
ShyTown2354 12 yr ago x
add me my I.D is ShyTown2354
Shorty 12 yr ago x
add me in Crime City my Mafia Code it:433-172-295
please add me (;
shaun 12 yr ago x
add me go to my hood and reseive $100
liarat 12 yr ago x
add me please calico3985
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