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Tap Pet Hotel cheats for free treats and coins (iPod Touch/iPhone game)

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Diamond 6 yr ago x
Pocket gems has a lot of fun games but fashion story is by far the best
XC Runner 6 yr ago x
If you change the date on your iPod to a day before, will it give an extra day to finish a quest? I'm almost done with the new year's one but I have to expand my hotel and I don't have 2,500,000 yet.
CJGTSHYYCU 6 yr ago x
I can't collect treats how do you collect treats
XC Runner 6 yr ago x
Nevermind, it doesn't work.
Animal lover 6 yr ago x
Where r the dog BONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bela 6 yr ago x
I wanna know what animal is in wich??
QUEEVES 6 yr ago x
I have only one bone how do i get more ??
Online_buddy 6 yr ago x
I really want more bones cuz i already have 16535590 coins and I WANT MORE TREATS BUT YOU GUYS HAVE NO CHEATS FOR THE TREATS pshhhk
Angel 6 yr ago x
I really need more money I have no streets really you guys aren't given some ways to cheat
Angelixangel 6 yr ago x
Tried Pet Girl's cheat and it worked perfectly for me, thanks! :D
Angelixangel 6 yr ago x
Hmm...guess that I did something wrong to the app, and well~~~facing the same problem or not being able to connect to the internet, which I am connected~~~ O well
Angeliy 6 yr ago x
I know this is off topic but my parents luv my bro more than me and treat him like a prince and I need help. What do I do and nobody better tell me to grow up or anything cause I dont care what you think about me I just need help yo!
Stephenie  6 yr ago x
This is so frustrating not enough money for anything and is there a cheat for expansions or coins except for downloading Cydia or popping balloons? I cannot buy anything and expansions are tiny and not worth it!!!!!!! -hate expansions- D:
@Angeliy 6 yr ago x
Try to talk to your parents about it or try to impress your parents I hope this works

Cocchunzzi 6 yr ago x
Well if you want treats you have to buy them. And if you have bought treats or coins and they don't show up try to go to home page and reload pet hotle or turn your gadget off
Seteo 6 yr ago x
Which fun room has rating of 5 stars?
MilesT 6 yr ago x
Change the year to get free coins
The awesome nick 6 yr ago x
Go to settings turn your internet off change the date (it does not work if you do incromints)( example if you have one that takes 4days u can't do 1 day and collect all the coins and skip 3 days ahead) then turn Internet on and go back change it for anything kids rooms coins ect.
cuchi 6 yr ago x
which are the extint animals┐.?
Cookies1030:) 6 yr ago x
Do get more coins you can go to settings and change your date to a couple days ahead then go back to let hotel collect your coins then go and change your date back!
Sidders21 6 yr ago x
Why duz it not give you treats if everything is worth them?
tmw 6 yr ago x
What animals are in the African Cape and Bushland rooms?
sammy 6 yr ago x
why does the price of the expansion keep going up when you buy one
Jack 6 yr ago x
Here is a list of good rooms in terms of payback time:
Karen  6 yr ago x
it is so cool and the pandas are so cute I love them so much I just want a real panda as a pet
kathy 6 yr ago x
i think this game is so cool the bears are so cute
ppp 6 yr ago x
Use cydia n install pet hotel DLC. U'll get 999,999,999 treats n coins
ppp 6 yr ago x
I need to know which animal to win the top prize in pet hotel in the party rooms
ppp 6 yr ago x
Hey who have yahoo ID? Can you add me on yahoo messenger?? My yahoo ID is Add me plis
rach 6 yr ago x
I love pet hotel !!!!!!!!!
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