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How far away should my monitor be? What's a normal monitor/face distance?

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guest 12 yr ago x
How far away should you should from your monitor? Is 10 inches too close? What distance is safe to prevent eye issues?
admin 12 yr ago x
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nick 12 yr ago x
I think it's more important to take regular breaks when you have to stare all day at monitors. Anyway, don't sit too far away, if you find yourself leaning forward in order to read things. This could cause an additional strain on your neck. It also depends on the monitor size and resolution, for example, 20 inch should be ok for a 17 inch monitor. Nowadays HD wide screen monitors (1920 x 1080) often have small text size, so you probably will need to sit a bit closer.
mike 12 yr ago x
Does it really matter as long as your not haveing to skwint or if it hurts your eyes.
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