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DESTINIA free cash cheats tips/hacks Android/iPhone/iTouch game

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herivie 6 yr ago x

i am so sad :-(
my tablet havent get recovered yet

>.< keep waiting for play destinia...

Rangouren 6 yr ago x
Hey, guys!
Would you like to support me with some cash, please?
My ID is: 9858169496

Im just a 40+ LVL Rogue but it would be a lot easier to play with some decent equip ;)

Thanks in advance and I really hope I'll be able to repay for your kindness in the future :)
123456789 6 yr ago x
please sende me gold
kezuke023 6 yr ago x
anyone who has flawless recipe???
kezuke023 6 yr ago x
being ignored :D yo anybody there with flawless recipes
delilah 6 yr ago x
hahahaha @ zak wat do u mean kinda X)
azure 6 yr ago x
@Andrea Ayumi

i just sent you the complete sets (weapon/armors) for your level 80 rogue.
Kindly confirm if you receive them all.

So your a Filipino, too. But i'm here in the Philippines.

Sorry man, i dont have flawless recipes, i'm using hack to get armor/weapon chest and duplicate weapons/armors to get complete sets.
Domo 6 yr ago x
Do I know you Deliah? I know a Deliah in real life...
Joseph I. 6 yr ago x
kindly e-mail your id... I have a rooted phone and I would like to help others

Im sellin random +20 items at the auction hall for 0 gold
Joseph I. 6 yr ago x

email your id here
kezuke023 6 yr ago x
yo azure do you have celestial gems of all types??? can i have some???
kezuke023 6 yr ago x
or can u tell me how to duplic8 dem

i have root amd gamecih and hex.. :D
Andrea Ayumi 6 yr ago x
@Azure. I receive it all thank you so much.

Who's FILIPINO here?
Cause im a Pinay.
Andrea Ayumi 6 yr ago x

azure 6 yr ago x
@Andrea Ayumi
Your welcome!!!
I'm Filipino.

Here's how to get all items, please inform me if not working.
1. Open the game, go to item merchant and click it.

2. Open gamecih and click Input Name, type in ITEM and click ok to search.

3. After searching was done, look for the result with the same as below and click it.

4. Change the value to the any of the following and click Buy Items.

0- Inferior HP Potion
1- Mediocre HP Potion
2- Average HP Potion
3- Superior HP Potion
4- Supreme HP Potion
5- Inferior MP Potion
6- Mediocre MP Potion
7- Average MP Potion
8- Superior MP Potion
9- Supreme MP Potion
10- Inferior HP Vial
11- Mediocre HP Vial
12- Average HP Vial
13- Superior HP Vial
14- Supreme HP Vial
15-Inferior MP Vial
16- Mediocre MP Vial
17- Average MP Vial
18- Superior MP Vial
19- Supreme MP Vial
20- Celestial HP Vial
21- Celestial MP Vial
22- Ultimate Celestial Vial
23- Inferior Strength Orb
24- Mediocre Strength Orb
25- Average Strength Orb
26- Superior Strength Orb
27- Supreme Strength Orb
28- Celestial Strength Orb
29- Inferior Dexterity Orb
30- Mediocre Dexterity Orb
31- Average Dexterity Orb
32- Superior Dexterity Orb
33- Supreme Dexterity Orb
34- Celestial Dexterity Orb
35- Inferior Vitality Orb
36- Mediocre Vitality Orb
37- Average Vitality Orb
38- Superior Vitality Orb
39- Supreme Vitality Orb
40- Celestial Vitality Orb
41- Inferior Intelligence Orb
42- Mediocre Intelligence Orb
43- Average Intelligence Orb
44- Superior Intelligence Orb
45- Supreme Intelligence Orb
46- Celestial Intelligence Orb
47- Inferior Accuracy Orb
48- Mediocre Accuracy Orb
49- Average Accuracy Orb
50- Superior Accuracy Orb
51- Supreme Accuracy Orb
52- Celestial Accuracy Orb
53- Inferior Evasion Orb
54- Mediocre Evasion Orb
55- Average Evasion Orb
56- Superior Evasion Orb
57- Supreme Evasion Orb
58- Celestial Evasion Orb
59- Inferior Critical Orb
64- Celestial Critical Orb
65- Inferior Vampire Orb
70- Celestial Vampire Orb
71- Small Backpack (4 slots)
72- Simple Backpack (6 slots)
73- Large Backpack (8 slots)
74- Travelers Backpack (10 slots)
75- Experts Backpack (12 slots)
76- Celestial Backpack (S) (16 slots)
77- Celestial Backpack (M) (20 slots)
78- Celestial Backpack (L) (24 slots)
79- Copper
80- Steel
81- Mithril
82- Thorium
83- Orihalcon
84- Worn Leather
85- Tough Leather
86- Durable Leather
87- Magic Leather
88- Dragon Leather
89- Linen
90- Wool
91- Silk
92- Magic Fabric
93- Rune Fabric
94- Life Plant
95- Mystic Leaf
96- Magic Plant
97- Ginseng
98- Illusion Leaf
99- Magic Powder
100- Fairy Powder
101- Abyss Powder
102- Spirit Powder
103- Sky Powder
104- Magic Fountain
105- Fairy Fountain
106- Abyss Fountain
107- Spirit Fountain
108- Sky Fountain
109- Magic Essence
110- Fairy Essence
111- Abyss Essence
112- Spirit Essence
113- Sky Essence
114- Magic Core
115- Fairy Core
116- Abyss Core
117- Spirit Core
118- Sky Core
119- Inferior Forging Stone
120- Mediocre Forging Stone
121- Average Forging Stone
122- Superior Forging Stone
123- Supreme Forging Stone
124- Special Forging Stone
125- Inferior Appraisal Scroll
126- Mediocre Appraisal Scroll
127- Average Appraisal Scroll
128- Superior Appraisal Scroll
129- Supreme Appraisal Scroll
130- Special Appraisal Scroll
131- Appraisal Reset Scroll
132- Normal Monster Egg
133- Magic Monster Egg
134- Rare Monster Egg
135- Epic Monster Egg
136- Return Scroll
137- Orb Removal Scroll
138- Stat Reset Scroll
139- Specialty Reset Scroll
140- Inferior Jewelry Box
145- Celestial Jewelry Box
146- Inferior Weapon Box
147- Mediocre Weapon Box
148- Average Weapon Box
149- Superior Weapon Box
150- Supreme Weapon Box
151- Inferior Armor Box
152- Mediocre Armor Box
153- Average Armor Box
154- Superior Armor Box
155- Supreme Armor Box
156- Resurrection Scroll
kezuke023 6 yr ago x
thanks man screened shot it :D
azure 6 yr ago x

I will try to make screenshot as your guide. But i might post it tom. I'm still on work today.
Delilah 6 yr ago x
@azure yup im a pinay n isnt it like really hot there now
@andrea meeee meeee !!!!! I am
@domo hmmmm maybe i know u wats UR name in real life
mickel01 id-9858189538 6 yr ago x
Hello any1 if its possible can I get four celestial bags
kezuke023 6 yr ago x

@azure cant figure out what to do... my gamecih is lite after clicking 60second wait im stuck there...
azure 6 yr ago x

You need to connect to a wifi and after that notification that says
After that when you open the gamecih, the title will become red. That means it is now on full version & you may now use it without waiting time. You may now also turn off the wifi connection. Dont worry gamecih will not turn back to lite version unless you turned off your phone.
Rangouren 6 yr ago x
Hey, Azure!
Somehow, I can't Root my phone, therefore I cant get GameCIH to work :/
Would you like to send me some stuff for level 50 (or higher) thief, please?
Money will do as well if you don't mind :)

I'd really appreciate that!

My ID is: 9858169496

Thanks in advance! :)
azure 6 yr ago x
I'll send it tom.
Rangouren 6 yr ago x
Alrighty, mate :)

I'll try and root my phone again somehow so I won't have to bother anyone for help again ;)
kezuke023 6 yr ago x

nid a wifi.... is 3g not enough???
azure 6 yr ago x
Not sure if 3G is enough. Check if the title becomes red when opening gamecih upon turning 3G on.
kezuke023 6 yr ago x
yow :D its working now thanks

i figured everything now
kezuke023 6 yr ago x
@azure can i edit my gold here 2???
kezuke023 6 yr ago x
@andrea ayumi

i am a filipino

u know were late playing the game :D
azure 6 yr ago x

Try this one from thelazt16

*thelazt16*4 wk ago |.@azure
.that trick is to crazy
.i got gold from merchant shop
.fir go to merchant shop
.click on any item that has highest price
.pop up will show with how many item you want to buy
.search the number that shown, in gamecih
.back to game...change again
.repeat until get 1 address start with 8xx
.change to 32768
.press locked in gamecih
.in game will minus value
.just press ok to buy the item
.voila...your gold increase
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