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Virtual families cheats tips money for iPhone/iPod/iPad/Android

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Erza 12 yr ago x
Anybody can ask me for virtual families cheats
Erza 12 yr ago x
For iphone/ipad/android/ipod touch and other touch screen device i also have cheats for virtual families on the computer/desktop you will only need cheat engine get cheat engine here
Erza 12 yr ago x
For touch screen device=move the date into two years ago then open virtual families play 5min and then exit the game set the date into the correct year go back to the game then you've got lots of money sometimes you get 1000000
Erza 12 yr ago x
For desktop and computer cheats=you will have to download cheat engine from this web safe and free to download feom this website
You will have to start over your game then open your cheat engine then click the flashing computer icon at the top then you will see the process list select virtual families go back to the virtual families game
The adoption certificate will
be seen write the amount of the bank account of the
adoptee to the hex of cheat
engine then select first scan
Select try again on the game then write the amount of the bank account of the adoptee to the hex of cheat engine then select next scan select the address at the box then click the red arrow below right click the address that appeared below then select change value then select the value you wanted ex:1000000 select ok then surprise your money is so many

warning having lots of money causes the game to be boring
Ash 12 yr ago x
Does virtual families have a full version for free on a jail broken iPad?
ben2fresh 12 yr ago x
When you say to move the date into two years ago is that on my phone or the game? I have an lg optimus android touch screen will the cheat still work?
Cccccccaaaaaaa 11 yr ago x
Go into settings, general, date and time, set 'set automatically' to off, go into the newly appeared set date and time, set it two years back, go back into the game, make them do something like have a shower or take the trash out etc then whilst their doing that go back into settings and put 'set automatically on, go back ito the game and bam! $1,000,000 dollars!!!!
Hint: before you go into settings, double click the home button and some games will appear. Hold virtual families down, and a red minus sign will appear. Press it, don't worry! It's wont delete your game! Press the red minus sign, then go into settings. This is the only way the cheat will work
elaina 11 yr ago x
everytime I change the date in settings it will automatically change rite back to the current correct date! I have a Droid 4. Please help!
Weirdo 11 yr ago x
Biya 11 yr ago x
I have an iPad...there is no home button in it...and if there is which one is it?
Biya 11 yr ago x
Whenever I change the time and go back and forth all I get is 200 bucks
mafia 11 yr ago x
Elaina turn off your wifi then try it
lee 11 yr ago x
I have the lg motion an I don't have an option to change my phones time or date..
:) 11 yr ago x
My people keep ageing heaps every time I do this.
How do I stop it?
PS Does having a person with the job gold farmer get you more coins?
stormy 11 yr ago x
So, I keep trying change the time on my phone for the cheat, I have a galaxy s blaze. Everyone it changes itself back even after I turn auto date and time off. What can I do to change this
Juiceyburger 11 yr ago x
U must turn off sync and background data to change ur time... But I have a samsung admire do I have to do anything special for the $$ cheat?
pudda123 11 yr ago x
I have a galaxy tab 2 and I dont know how to get a lot of money on virtual families 2 can you help me
Mrsrosslynch 11 yr ago x
Umm I have a iPod 4th generation and it is NOT jail broken and I DON'T want to jailbreak it and I have did this hundreds of times and it never worked?!?!?
cool 11 yr ago x
Where can I change the date?
jj girl 10 yr ago x
i have an samsung tablet and when i change all i get is 50 bucks and my game froze everytime i set it back in time
jj girl 10 yr ago x
i tried it again and now it won't change the time
virtualgamesaddict 10 yr ago x
i have cheat engine 6.3 on my pc, and i have virtual families 2 on my phone, can i use cheat engine to hack my virtual families 2 on my phone? please help :)
virtualgamesaddict 10 yr ago x
please give attention, i really want to have more money, ive follow what you said about changing the time in my samsung galaxy young, but i dont have 1000000 that you said. only a hundred is added to my money.
makunga 10 yr ago x
doesn't work :'{.... help meee.... i had 45 money, than i changed date, played 5 min. set correct date. when i back i got 200 money.. what i did wrong?
DEDEE 10 yr ago x
I am using an android i have done that for the first time and i got the cash it wasnt 100 000 though. and when i try to do it again it doesnt give me any cash anymore. :( please help
janef 10 yr ago x
Its not proper to change the date it'll just make ur game worst and u won't able to receive new flea and furniture sale..and u will not even see ur housemaid and gardener.ur people will die faster..the effective way is make ur people work work work praise them 3x and ull see nagging praise them more.. Choose the people with starting salary of 15 bcause they will end up 690 if they master their job.u can do it within 1.5days..believe me it works and I upgraded first the work area it helps a lot make their work finish faster..
mickey mouse 10 yr ago x
Oh my word..everything I try dosent work at all..all I want is some bucks!!
KATIE 10 yr ago x
Ally 10 yr ago x
Do you keep praising them when they are running away
ayweha 10 yr ago x
When time froze you must advance the time to the present time so you wouldn't start all over again
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