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Tiny Chef iphone app free chef bucks cheats?

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karen 13 yr ago x
I like how you can design your own restaurant, I don't think the push notification work all the time, anyway, just check regularly.

Any way to earn some more free chef bucks? Mine are all gone :( Would really like to try some new dishes!
Bleebby 13 yr ago x
How do i get free Chef Cash without downloading stupid ass apps.?
Ty 13 yr ago x
Yeah I was just searching up cheats and there just walkthroughs I want cheats or codes if there is one is there if you know one please send it
The d 13 yr ago x
How can i get a ton of chef buck
Impatient1 13 yr ago x
I've been searching how to get free chef bucks too, so far no luck! The game is really good, but I'd like to upgrade my restaurant and try new dishes too =[
Free chef bucks 13 yr ago x
Your gonna have to sacrifice your restraunt for this:
don't spend any chef bucks
Lvl up and get chef bucks per lvl
Once around 50 chef bucks, restart your game don't worry you keep your bucks and then repeat until desired amount of bucks
Eman Ethan w 13 yr ago x
Wat iz da cheats ur not answering our question sum on just friggen do it or te us t cum on jezzzzzz
Phillipbaby 13 yr ago x
I don't think that there's any sort of cheats for tiny chef. Because people would want chef bucks so much they have the feature to buy them. It would be so nice of there were some cheats but I don't see why they would ever make any cheats.
Chrissi 13 yr ago x
I need chef bucks for free, how do I get them?
kai 13 yr ago x
this is how 2 get free chef buks. go to social and add barista to ur friend. he will have 3 resturants. visit all and tip him. then then press all the waiters in the downtown then hell reward u wit 500 chef buks. then restore it and keep doing it ntil u have millions
Zomb 13 yr ago x
dont fool other people to give u free tips kai
Coco 13 yr ago x
Guys! I've found a way to get 50 chef bucks and it ACTUALLY worked! Here's how-
There's someone called issaf and she has 1 restauraunt. If you tip her every day for 5 days you get the bucks!!! How cool is that!
kk ice 13 yr ago x
I have a feeling all if dat us fake and u just want tips
 13 yr ago x
gimme your tiny chef ID so we can tip each other and get coins
KariBeari 13 yr ago x
You guys seriously don't just say that stuff just cuz u want tips....i agree with PhillipBaby there are probably no cheats, good day
cheatmaster 13 yr ago x
To get free chefbucks, you need to add grimes as a friend, then tip the 'small town' restaurant only. Do this and then stay in the restaurant for 30 seconds. Close TinyChef then reopen and you'll have 10 chef bucks, you can only do it once a day but it get's you somewhere.
mystery 13 yr ago x
yr all noobs NONE work
Bobo 13 yr ago x
Stupid app it's good but I want free buck without paying or buying stupid apps
 13 yr ago x
Wow!!!!!!!! Does all of these tips acually work!!!! Yea well the one with the girl/guy saying to risk ur resturaunt yea im not doing that!!!
Tiny Chef 13 yr ago x
There are no cheats for "Tiny Chef".
LoveTheGame.... 13 yr ago x
To get free chef bucks all you do is (and this one really works!!!!) add 4everKrazie as your friend then tip all of the restuants. Next you tap on every piece of food you see! You will then be rewarded with 75 chef bucks!! Trust me it really works!!!!!!!!!
mystery 13 yr ago x
Gla 13 yr ago x
The best way to get chef bucks is to download free apps. If u don't like the app you've installed then just delete it (this does not get rid of ur chef bucks). The best part is they continue to add free apps so your basically not wasting your money!
Chef buck 13 yr ago x
Hey guys,we have no cheats for TINY CHEF. We have to download apps to get them.
TinyChefGrrrr 13 yr ago x
Transfer saved game to new iphone?

Off topic, how do you transfer your saved restaurant to new iphone? It didn't work when I backed up :(
michelle 13 yr ago x
Hi TinyChefGrrrr I think you should e-mail TinyCo and request your data to be transferred. They should be able to help you out. At least, this is what you have to do with all the Story games (Bakery, Farm, Restaurant etc.), but those games are made by TeamLava. Your game data is not backed up in iTunes, but resides on the servers of TinyCo.
Hunter 13 yr ago x
There is a way but you have to jailbreak your iPhone or ipod. I did it. I have around 152000 chef bucks. The video is on YouTube on how to do it, you just need to be jailbroken
Confused 13 yr ago x
Ok this stuff doesn't work why do u lie can we have things that work?!
Confused 13 yr ago x
I am getting kind of mad cuz these ppl just want tips. So lame.
lulu227 13 yr ago x
TinyChefGrrrr! I have the same problem. I have sent an email out and have not heard anything. Please let me know if you hear anything. It is so sad how much Tiny Chef has a hold on my life! Was without an iPhone for 2 months and Tiny Chef is the only thing I missed!
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