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Tap Zoo how to get free coins and stars free cheats iphone/ipad game app

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Laiky 6 yr ago x
Ilove all tap games and was wondering how i can get coins for free
Breachy 6 yr ago x
i'm using tap zoo app on the samsung galaxy ace. however i can't see some of the things on it that you clearly can on iphone or ipad, such as the achievements page, or the crossbreeding section, anyone have any ideas? any help would be greatly appreciated, as i've seen nothing so far on this subject, thanks alot :)
Rhein 6 yr ago x
I need 5 neighbors in my Tap zoo, kindly add me in your fb account
Cvyhhohts 6 yr ago x
How do you get free stars on tap zoo
Tap Zoo POWNER 6 yr ago x
Well GET A LIFE tap zoo isn't ur life I go on it SOOO lil! Just get up shake ur booty and play sports!!
Bang111 6 yr ago x
If you crossed breed an animal and it got sick but u don't hav enough money to fix it can I do anything for free?
Tap zoo 6 yr ago x
Can u complete the save 3 of ur nbr sick animals in 24h if you have 1 nbr
eggi 6 yr ago x
I have Tap Zoo v2.5 40,0
I don't see in Documents gamestate.db
what is problem?
seriously no no seriously? NOTHING WORKS U FREE LOADING CHEAP SCATE! can one of you tell me a real money cheat for a NOT JAILBROKEN IPOD
rockonbrad 6 yr ago x
The gamestate.db cheat does not work anymore. Tap Zoo took that cheat off with one of its new updates. If anyone has any other suggestions, I really want a tazmanian devil.
Chieuahuahua 6 yr ago x
I found the easiest way to get stars is to get HBO max..hope this helps..
Samjoy1116 6 yr ago x
Ok the thingy where we went to stars and coins that you have to bye but we click the rectangular box instead all of that either costs money or something else and it's nothing about an app or anything sooooo free coins? Free land???? And PLEASE free stars?????????????????????
JJ 6 yr ago x
For all you lookin for the gamestate.db - it's not in Documents anymore.
It's in Library --> Application Support --> Database
And it's working perfectly on the zoo version 2.5 on a NON jailbroken phone ;-))
green66 6 yr ago x
how do i get stars i cant get much without them
eli 6 yr ago x
How do you get cheats on an HTC status
Abdullah11s 6 yr ago x
Is there a cheat for this game
eli 6 yr ago x
I really want free stars on a HTC status for tap zoo
Dose ennyone know??????
Mic 6 yr ago x
How do you get free coins and stars quick answer please!!
Matt 6 yr ago x
I tried to download these two iPhone Explorer & SQLite Database Browser, and they did not open. the iPhone Explorer keep asking for iTunes 8 or higher when I have 10 and I could not download the SQLite Database Browser it keep give me error about the domain. can someone help?
the ninja girl 6 yr ago x
there is two ways of getting free stars
1. download Iphone Explorer and SQLite
2.go to the top right click the little icon for achivements it will have a email tap on it and you will get 5 stars and a animal
foweedude 6 yr ago x
none of these work i tried them all :(
Mstar 6 yr ago x
any cheats for zombie farm?
Rock 6 yr ago x
It's easy just sell half you anmalswait for 4 mins and wola their 179 stars for coins just.........
Angelicalanna 6 yr ago x
I FOUND A FREE GENUIS CHEAT!!! Go to you tube and look up "unlimited coins and treats for tap pet hotel" but it works for all other pocket gem games as well and now I am SUPER rich in tap pet hotel and tap zoo
Angelicalanna 6 yr ago x
The ninja girl my cheat is almost the same as urs I found it on u tube
Peanut85 6 yr ago x
Ive got iphone browser and sqlite. Where am i suppose to find gamestate.db? and do i double click on documents in the start menu? If not where do i find documents?
yuhn 6 yr ago x
how to get 100000 coin and star?
Angelicanna 6 yr ago x
Oh um well yeah double click documents and then you will see gamestatedb
Help!!!! 6 yr ago x
Is there an easy way of achieving the send texts achievment coz i keep sending the same people texts n sometimes it dont register on tap zoo after sending them!!
Joe 6 yr ago x
Say a real cheat for once
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