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Tap Zoo how to get free coins and stars free cheats iphone/ipad game app

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spookie123 6 yr ago x
to II: tap zoo 2 graphics SUCK!
spookie123 6 yr ago x
anyone here?
spookie123 6 yr ago x

God, this feels lonely...
lubbilubb123 6 yr ago x
tap zoo is GREAT!!
hello spookie123
Lynne 6 yr ago x
I did santas quest twice now but it isn't showing on my tap zoo 2 quest achievement?
chandler 6 yr ago x
When I go to the main menu, press coins and starts then press free stars it goes to offers, not apps how do I make it go to apps?
spookie123 6 yr ago x
when you go to the offers, you can sometimes see apps, sometimes other offers, but don't give up looking there 'till you see any
spookie123 6 yr ago x
that can sometimes happen that it doesn't show in achievements, just wait 'till it does.
Lauren 6 yr ago x
How do you get friends if you don't have a Facebook?
Byrd 6 yr ago x
No one wast their money on buying this stars and coins crap
Byrd 6 yr ago x
Anyone there?
yoshi 6 yr ago x
what do u do if you have iphone explorer but it isnt working
nicole 6 yr ago x
how do u move the things from one place to another?
Byrd 6 yr ago x
There is a little arrow on the bottom right go to that and it says (move) press on that
Byrd 6 yr ago x
How do yogurt the yeti
Idiots.  6 yr ago x
Omg, okay fOr all those idots who ask what is ifile, it's a jailbroken app, which you need to jailbreak and get from CYDIA.

Next, all those idiots that keep saying cheating is bad blah blah blah, you've probably
Cheated more than you even know you have and not even realized it, so stfu and leave the rest of us alone.

Next, these cheats are called f'ing HACKS not CHEATS. Cheats are like cheat codes, and are so simple to use. Hacks are different. So stop saying cheats.

Next, to get a ton of coins, change the value of any of those things to 2147000000. That's almost the highest number your calue can reach without going into negatives.

Idiots that are posting non-hacking related things, stop. And people that are trying to trick people, keep it up. You're teaching them that they are completely stupid and don't know what the hell they are doing and have NO common sense.

Finally, if you don't know what the hell you're doing or are having problems, F%@%@ GOOGLE IT YOU IDIOTS. I doubt anyone will take the time to help you.
admins 6 yr ago x
Everyone is welcome to ask any questions here. Even questions like "what is iFile". That certainly makes you no idiot.

Also please mind your language, this is a family-friendly site. Thank you.
Spookie123 6 yr ago x
WTF?!? are you mad?!?
Spookie123 6 yr ago x
Hello dear 'idiots', if u r calling everyone stupid, you're probably the biggest idiot yourself. Also, listen to admins. That is all.
admins 6 yr ago x
@Byrd you are now warned. If you don't understand why your comments get removed, do not post at all.
Tintin712 6 yr ago x
Hi everyone, please help me how to unlock safari in tap zoo 2. I do now which is blue duiker in the animal list.Thx
Spookie123 6 yr ago x
The blue duiker is not in the animals list, you have to cross-breed it; just follow the instructions in the achievents.
BOSS 6 yr ago x
Ok someone say how to get free coins and stars, free land or free other stuff. And how to get a narwhal.
BYRD 6 yr ago x
Cross breed a giraffe and a hyena to get a blue duiker. (it's not worth 300,000 coins)
Spookie123 6 yr ago x
To get a narwhal, first you must unlock into the deep step 2 or 3 or whatever. Then you crossbreed a swordfish with whale
Spookie123 6 yr ago x get a narwhal.
BYRD 6 yr ago x
Greg 6 yr ago x
Someone please tell me how to get stuff for free I have tried every possible YouTube video and all that stuff
Not dumb 6 yr ago x
Dumb 
spookie123 6 yr ago x
does anyone here know how to get back your animals in tap zoo 2? I accidentally sold my fennec fox but now i cant get it back, it says that i still have four of them. (this is really annoying when it comes to seeing "your fennec fox has zoo revenue etc.")
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