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Restaurant Story get more free gems cheat iphone app tips

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 9 yr ago x
Earn gems buying Click on the gem symble on top of screen to buy. I have purxhased 50 gems. Hooray! Oh, and be sure that have a sale! With sale, you can buy more gems, but even small price. like 9,99 turns into 6,99. Be fast because sales is for limited time! (Is not really, every 2 days have a sale?) Or you can earn gems getting gold badges, gives you 1 gem. Or you can earn gems by leveling up your first food. You earn up to 2 or 1 gem(s).
Kellybelly123 9 yr ago x
Don't do that 99999 gems attempt it's boogie messes up your game spoils your food and also when your phone reboots it goes back to the same amount you started with
london2001 9 yr ago x
leena 9 yr ago x
How come i dont have customers? I used to have so many md now i dont have one! Why? Or a hostess!
nana 9 yr ago x
Why no body vome to my restaurant?im in level 13,
smithn890 9 yr ago x
Add me please!!! smithn890
yammiammi  9 yr ago x
Add me ID: yammiammi
Wabi 9 yr ago x
joyceilao 9 yr ago x
Storm ID: joyceilao
EvLMnkY  9 yr ago x
Add me stormid: evlmnky
Chicagos Best  9 yr ago x
my friends on the game tell me that there are codes to get free gems but i cant find the web site does any know it
Ro 9 yr ago x
Add (ro1783) please need friends also adding friends helps u get money and gifts :) thnx in advance
Captain 9 yr ago x
** add me: LoveMyGSD
Tiffy 9 yr ago x
Add me TiffanyWang22113
jay 9 yr ago x
Add Me ;p jaygeekermit
fatoushh24 9 yr ago x
Moshi monsters 9 yr ago x
U liar how? >:(
jinky 9 yr ago x
hi tony

you know what I am interested of your cheat of restaurant story but when I tried it doesn't work I am so sad but well again atleast I tried your way tnx again..bye.
Lenlen 9 yr ago x
Please add lenlen333 I tip! I really need supplies!
MissJuicyxo 8 yr ago x
Add me! ID: missjuicyxo Generous gifter and tipper here! :)
ggg342 8 yr ago x
add me ggg342
I will tipp everyday and give everything you ask
I need to built an oven so I have to ask my friends for that!
April showers123 8 yr ago x
Add me happy12233
I really need neighbors, I gift food every day!
flo 8 yr ago x
i tried to move it up a day..but i think this time its not work anymore, i think team lava know about this matter an there is no way to do quick short cut way....we have to wait....
pinay10q 8 yr ago x
Please add me, I need neighbors to expand my restourant.. my storm8 id iis pinay10q and can somebody here knows how to build the drinking machine?
Ann 8 yr ago x
Please add lisa770 tip and gift daily😀💰🎁
RSBS player 8 yr ago x
To get GEMS:
Do not listen to fake downloads for gems!Do not listen to other dumb instructions like put a chair in front of door and cook etc. IT DOESNT WORK its fake!

Now, to EARN gem (which is the ONLY way to get them besides spending real money:
*You must cook the same item with many ovens as you have to get thru the levels of that foods. You can earn two gems per food item.
*when you get a popup to install another teamlava game DO IT, you will get 6 gems! First you must install it and play it for a few mins. Then return to your original game, they will ask you to buy a table, buy the cheapest one (uses your coins,a small amount) then you will be rewarded 6 GEMS!
***Do the challenges, they give you gems OR special items that would cost lots of gems but you get it free for doing the challenge. It will take lots of coins to do the challenges which involves cooking t least three items at a certain amount of items.

**There is no other way!! Get it?ONLY WAY is you cook for gems, you install other teamlava games or you do challeneges to get cool items that cost alot of gems.! that is the truth! Do believe the lies out there. There is no other way and yes if you are not carefull u will lose them easily by hitting a button by mistake. It has happened to me and I'm on lvl 99..btw there is NO lvl 100 either 99 is the max but can continue to play after you have maxed out the lvls.
prettygurl123456 8 yr ago x
how to get more gems and coins easy i want 10,000,0000 gems and 10,000,0000 coins plz write back and give me dat and how can u move the door
trin2789 8 yr ago x
I'm on level 21 and how do I get gems without paying?
trin2789 8 yr ago x
Why do you have to spend so much money on my expand I'm on level 21 and I have to pay 250,000 just to get an expand. That's too much it should be 100 or around that maybe why so much. The higher the level your on the more money. Why?
trin2789 8 yr ago x
Ok you can't get 10,000,000 gems and the coins you have to pay money for that real money so just save up on what you want.
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