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Restaurant Story get more free gems cheat iphone app tips

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Trev 11 yr ago x
Nah - it doesn't work for me. All that does is create a glitch when you want to move the item away from the door and I had to shut down and restart my ipad. Rubbish Tony!
james.leo83 11 yr ago x
Tony, your suggestion did not work. Any other suggestions people?
debobin 11 yr ago x
there are pretty much NO secrets to getting gems. However, if you get to level 4 on, oh, lets say stew. after uve cooked enough, you will earn 1 gem. this works with every food. im wish there were eisier way :-(
dan 11 yr ago x
I will post the actual cheat to gain 36 gems which can be done multiple times if you add 'dannyhayd' and leave gifts/tips etc. Believe me you wanna know this. I have 758 gems atm.
Durden 11 yr ago x
There are usually news updates that tell u to install Bakery Story or some other game. Each one pays you 10 gems. I was up to 30 gems and hit the stupid magic box when trying to go to the next page. Like many others I agree that there should be a confirmation page before taking all ur gems. I emailed lava asking them to credit my account for the accident and they kept giving me the same automated answer "there is no way to issue refunds". Even when I asked different questions. The customer service is pitiful. Someone please post how to get some quick gems other than the aforementioned. Thanks. Oh and I'm epchef if anyone wants a neighbor.
Zwei Hunde 11 yr ago x
Why can't get in the game from this afternoon?what happens?
"Stephanie7480" <--- add me for aily tips & Gifts 11 yr ago x
Grr I had several tables of food ready to serve and this morning's update took it all away! Ste and burritos and more! Boo
Abb's 11 yr ago x
Plzzzzzzzz tell us how to get them I need more gems for the fruit basket!!

Abb's = ) = )
Mark 11 yr ago x
The game is really addicting, but I guess you get what you pay for. It's probably the most addicting game I have ever played on my phone. Don't worry soon we will get what we want. Happy Days!
Reg Man 11 yr ago x
Yea Tony. It use to work but as of 6/11/11 its doesn't work any more. I think they are using the Internet to control the time and date now, therefore, we can't cheat anymore :)
dan 11 yr ago x
Hi, i posted the earlier comment about 36 gems, turns out it was a glitch and i was unable to spend them and they soon vanished.. im working very hard with my new account to find a cheat for you guys. So if you add: abbeylid i can keep you informed via my wall posts.
Candice be 11 yr ago x
There's a way you see what if you don't cook but the germs come think bout it add saraii123
Codyily 11 yr ago x
Agree with gem all I can do is if u add me I'll send u gifts and tips. :)
I'd: codyily
Maddie 11 yr ago x
is there anyway i can get gems for free?
blakers 11 yr ago x
add me blakewright
qa6wa 11 yr ago x
if i want to buy gems i have this message how can i solve it

Amanda 11 yr ago x
I have no neighbors. Add MaddogMandy
william 11 yr ago x
please add zezestax
QVCmodel 11 yr ago x
Can everyone please add me lexiebieber did u all know that adding friends makes u richer because sending gifts and everything saves u money and u can save up and really make your place cool so send gifts and u will get them back and again add me lexiebieber.. I will gift and tip everyday! Thank you! (;
pointeblank4 11 yr ago x
if in need of neighbor add pointeblank4
bambam 11 yr ago x
please add me as a neighbor: bambamtobin
Neva 11 yr ago x
Add me as a neighbor hearts4u
john 11 yr ago x
I also get the message as in the picture above when buying gems: Please contact iTunes support to complete this transaction. Please help!
Joshua 11 yr ago x
Add me Joshua2012
Bubblegum 11 yr ago x
How do I get free gems
id:mysticloveprincess 11 yr ago x
I am a 4 star tipper add me if u are too ID:Mysticloveprincess

and who knows the glitch/hack?
Mynameiscat 11 yr ago x
Lol I can't find the home button plz tell me where it is
Mynameiscat 11 yr ago x
I'm trying to do what Tony said but I can't find the home button only the main button is it the samething? Btw add mynameiscat
Shyangel13 11 yr ago x
When you cook some food , there are levels for every kind of food , when it go to level 3 it will give you 1 gem  ,and sorry about the bad English 
kiz 11 yr ago x
how do i get gems at level 20
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