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Restaurant Story get more free gems cheat iphone app tips

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Ecupbi 11 yr ago x
Add me tips and gifts Id-ecupbi
Jullian 11 yr ago x
Here is some Info to help (not cheat, simple math...)
if you want to know what to cook, here are some estimates I made to help you choose:
Amount Per Minutre ratio:
French toast - 30
Clam chawder - 12
Omlette - 10
Fruit salad - 10
Bacon - 5
Borritos - 4
Waffels - 4
The rest of the food have worse ratio.
Gold Per Minute ratio:
French toast - 20
Omlette - 12
Clam chawder - 8
Fruit salad - 6
Waffels - 5
Lobster - 4

Hope it helps
Tamara 11 yr ago x
Add me tamiaquino
Abby 11 yr ago x
How do you get ice cream machines? I keep getting items like screws and wires but when I accept them I cannot find them. Where do I get them?
DaNa 11 yr ago x
Add Me My ID : Feras_525
parag 11 yr ago x
add me:paragdhadiwal
weezy626 11 yr ago x
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shine_of_course 11 yr ago x
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Bielle 11 yr ago x
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Poopdeck90210 11 yr ago x
@ILoveDancing#1:  Your steps for accelerating free gem earnings by getting cooking status is a bit off.

The number in the corner next to a food item is the next cooking level you are working toward for that food item (note the meter next to that which shows how close you are to the next level.  There are four levels, and you get a free gem upon obtaining level 2 (Line Cook) and level 4 (Executive Chef) for a given food item.  You work your way to a new level by earning Chef Hats.  Chef Hats are given when you select (1 hat), prepare (2 hats before cooking and 1 hat for prep work for after food is cooked) and 3 hats when you serve your food.  This means that if you are not using an easy stove / grill / oven, you earn 7 chefs hats total for each food item you prep and serve. The easy stove / grill / ovenndevices net you only 4 chefs hats since there is no prep work done).  Sadly, you do not earn a free gem when you obtain  level 1 (Apprentice Chef) or level 3 (Sous Chef) for a given food item.  You can accelerate your free gems by sticking with non-easy stoves and cooking a lot of the same food item over and over.  When you have earned your gems for the food items that do not take long to cook - you could switch between 2 foods on your stove and pick up the first 3 pre-cook hats, then clear the food and prep a different food and get 3 pre-cook hats for that food.  Disadvantage is you lose money buying the ingredients for food that will never be finished and served.  

I hope this helps everyone! :-)
knothead8 11 yr ago x
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Razoredge187 11 yr ago x
Add me razoredge I like to send gifts
Rose 11 yr ago x
Can any one answer the "how to get a machine to build" questions .... ?? That would be a great help :) !!
reatsraunt story freak 11 yr ago x
add me id superman1545
agzturn 11 yr ago x
Add me Agzturn
Sydney5545 11 yr ago x
i need gems badly in restaurant story and farm story any suggestions other than planting and cooking? PLZ ADD Sydney5545!!!!!!!!!
Lilly 11 yr ago x
add me my Storm Id is Atiyahq and give me tips pleeeaaassse
Untsx3 11 yr ago x
Okay did this happen to anyone else?

I saw that i could have 10 neighbors and it would let me expand but when i had 10 neighbors the option wasnt there anymore. It gave 20 neighbors instead and that disappeared too.

Anyone know why?

My IDs untsx3
Restaurant story: I want gems  11 yr ago x
No, I'm lvl 58 on this and as far as I know u can't.
Zanet 11 yr ago x
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Jimbosup 11 yr ago x
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smnara22 11 yr ago x
Plz add me Smnara22
Razoredge187 11 yr ago x
Alittle FYI
If you are planning to expand your shop do not try to double it all at once. I tried to do the 100000 dollar expand and skip the 500 one and it will not let you. You must do them all in order.
I hope that helped.
Add me razoredge187
Sandysbakery 11 yr ago x
There is a setting on your iPad that stops you from "accidentally" spending money on gems. If you set it , you will have to unset it to spend $ ... Hope this helps - add me? Sandyslunchables
vicks2387 11 yr ago x
i'm vicks2387. pls add me :-)
mitra 11 yr ago x
i dont have any store to buy gems
what can i do? please help me
Mitra 11 yr ago x
Hi again
Add me
My ID 'mitrajoon'
XelevadoalaY 11 yr ago x
ID: XelevadoalaYs
Nancyhun 11 yr ago x
I need more gems but I can't get some how can I get free gems please!!!!!!!
coolj 11 yr ago x
Add sunnyger my I droped my phone one day and it messed with my restaraunt and now anytime I log on it gives me 33 gem. I found out if anybody adds me they get 59 some how
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