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Stardom: The A-List free iphone cheats star pack cash stack hacks

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MasterJ 6 yr ago x
@bobby - I've missed the questions but usually intentionally. I often save off my game progress so I can investigate the different options. It's easy enough to restore if I want to see what different things do.
Anapple 6 yr ago x
I'm up to level 14 now, and my estate agent has asked me to do that commercial in new York. I said yes...does that mean I lose fans or...?
Another random person 6 yr ago x
@CynCorn_Cupidz: I thought the character was different? I used to just read this forum, and I saw that people had different rival names to me.
Anapple 6 yr ago x
Does anyone know anyone called Madison Price? Need to know urgently...
Bobby  6 yr ago x
MasterJ, how do you save or back up Stardom files if you messed up and would rather go back to a certain point to start over? I know it wont help me for the things I did in the past I Difnt want to but it would be nice to know it for the future, that's for sure.
I'm using an IPhone so if you can, please let me know. Thanks man.
Bobby  6 yr ago x
And I really don't think there really are right/wrong answers all the time in the game, it seems like the game lets you make a decision, and different outcomes can arise from whatever you decided to pick.

I don't think there will be a way to mess up so badly that your storyline doesn't move on anymore. It might just be a lil different at some parts and the same at other times.
Bobby  6 yr ago x
So, really going back to other save files to make sure you pick the "best option" really isn't the suprising way to go. It just makes sure your a saint all game long pretty much, but who's like that in real life? ESP when your an up and coming movie star. You will have your ups and downs throughout the way. Thats how I'm making myself think when I do mess up something.

I don't have to own every wardrobe item either, there's tons that I would never even wear. I'm just intrigued with the storyline (when we actually get an update) and see what happens next in your story.
Geeky chick  6 yr ago x
I'm a Alist level 16 and I already did that big Paris and rising star movie what's next I feel like there's nothing else I can do!
Quinn 6 yr ago x
@Rene and @Lighting: Tbh the best way to really quickly gain fans is to date a real life contact (preferably an A-list one). If you don't have any real life friends playing this game, try adding some fellow players who left their GC usernames here. I won't know about your eventual results, but I once dated my A-list friend when I was like a E-to-B lister and I gained like, 16 million fans (true story!! I was so shocked then lol)

Hope that helps! Hope you won't get sick of this game, it really rocks once you're B list and above :D
Geeky chick  6 yr ago x
Im stuck on the mystery movie task is crime and mystery the same? Cuz I'm only getting crime movie deals from max
Geeky chick  6 yr ago x
Added me on game center lambertsgirl
Another random person 6 yr ago x
@Geeky chick, No ,crime and mystery are two different genres
@Anapple No, I have not heard of a Madison Price. Sorry I can't be of help :-)-|-<
Geeky chick  6 yr ago x
@Another random person thanks!
Geeky chick  6 yr ago x
Is there anything else I can do I'm alist level 16 and I have nothing to do.......
--------- lambertsgirl add me on gc
Sugar 6 yr ago x
One person from my entourage just appeared in the house so I guess that's something..

But seriously, has this update *fixed* the contact list bugs for anyone?
fromalebrawithlove  6 yr ago x
I need help I haven't gotten any quest lately and it's been like a week and the last quest I got was when I recommend my friend to starbeans but before that I lied about dean d then i filmed the movie. So I don't know what to do.
MasterJ 6 yr ago x
@bobby - I try different options out of curiosity. If I didn't I would get seriously bored between updates because each update only adds a little. I like to explore the entire game, it's the only thing that keeps it interesting for me.

As for backing it up, I use a program called I-FunBox to access the file directory on my device. Locate the stardom game under user apps. Then save the documents directory. There are really only 2 files you need to save but it's easier to just copy the folder over. To restore it you just delete the same folder on your device then copy the old one in its place. Time still passes so if you go back to a version from 1 month ago then 1 month will have passed in the game. In prior versions that means you would have lost a lot of fans but with the current version it's not much of a problem.
fromalebrawithlove  6 yr ago x
Also is there a specific level to get the Miguel stolen items quest because I'm level 17 and I sent my friend to starbeans at level 16. So help please
Brittany 6 yr ago x
Okay so I used the fast forwarding time cheat, but I wanna set my time back to normal however, when I do, the game gets all messed up. Can someone help me? Is there something I could do?
MasterJ 6 yr ago x
@Brittany - you need to set your time to normal then wait the same amount of time before your game returns to normal. If you set it forward 24 hours then you need to wait 24 hours after returning it before the game will revert to normal.
DC 6 yr ago x
New Update. Fly to Paris...
Brittany 6 yr ago x I have to wait 4 months lol I'm so guilty
feefee 6 yr ago x
48 hour movie take too long
Sierra 6 yr ago x
Okay you guys in dire need of help asap! I got the new Paris update (yaay!) and (spoiler alert!!) I'm already at the part back at The Hills where I'm talking to the French lady telling her I found out she's cheating on Max with her French husband. (Interesting plot twist Stardom!) But I have NO idea whether to choose "I won't tell (Max)" and get the job in France, or do the better morally thing to do and choose "no deal!" but according to the French lady that means Isabella Ryan gets the job & Idk if I'll be offered it again! I usually choose the most truthful, honest, & nice answers in the game but this one I'm not do sure! Which is the better option? PLEASE HELLPPP!!
MasterJ 6 yr ago x
@brittany - I have never done the clock cheat but many people on this forum have and that was what each of them indicated. I assume that even at four months you will need to wait that long before the mover stops following you and your energy returns to a normal refresh rate
MasterJ 6 yr ago x
@Sierra - well you can choose to do the movie then face max later when he says he wants to marry her, or you can give up the role and your rival will get it.
Sierra 6 yr ago x
@MasterJ Hmm, argh, so there really isn't a better choice is there?? :)? Okay then, thank you but what do I say/do when and if I choose the "I won't tell" option and Max says he wants to propose?? (Crazy!)
Sierra 6 yr ago x
P.S. I guess in this case I'll choose that I really don't want my rival to get it over truthful honesty to Max haha. :) Also, will I lose fans in either option? Because my game's being stupid again and only allows me to gain fans if I have 4+ stars on a project which really sucks.. xP
DC 6 yr ago x
Tha Iap crack don't work anymore :)
DC 6 yr ago x
Oops, the IAP Free still works. My Bad..
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