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Marceline 7 yr ago x
I'm stuck on ruins labyrinth 2. :( I know I'm not that far in but I need help beating the boss or whatever that big blue guy is.
Fat Bunnies 7 yr ago x
CAS 7 yr ago x
HELP! I can't remember where the Capital is to get to the Knights...I'm at the Ruins now after the Village of the Origins...
CAS 7 yr ago x
@Where is the Capital
Did you find it? Where is it?
Inkkmann 7 yr ago x
Hey I forgot Whih monsters drop crystals. Does anybody remember? Trying I get 50 crystals to trade the knight
Ann 7 yr ago x
@Xapz: where is the treasure chest you did mention?
Anne 6 yr ago x
where do i find trident dropped from monster called demon to exchange rare gem called pride? I thought it's from sword demon but it doesn't drop.
Gamer 6 yr ago x
Where is the Facility Center?!
This is taking me Forever! .-.
Celty 6 yr ago x
Right now I have Jack at level 13 and Bella at level 15. Is this enough to tackle the ruins?
Chenglei  6 yr ago x
Don't put game on autosave. It save at inconvenient places.
Chenglei 6 yr ago x
The crystals can be found in the very beginning of the game. They are dropped by the spiders not poisonous spiders the drop fangs
Ange 6 yr ago x
How do u beat shadow cay?
Ali 6 yr ago x
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Kildude 6 yr ago x
What do you say to Lydia to get her ending?
Kildude  6 yr ago x
Nevermind, ok than how do you get Bella's ending?
Kildude 6 yr ago x
I farted
Dude 6 yr ago x
Not cool bro.
nick 5 yr ago x
How to get Bella's ending?

How to get Virginia's ending?

How to get Lydia's ending?

Keep getting Elle's. I would like to see the other's.
PRETTY 5 yr ago x
I know im a little late but, im still stuck at the big blue minotaur thing in labyrinth 2.. What is the best way to beat it?
cas 5 yr ago x
please add me to both stardoms cjenson410@gmail thanks
PRETTY 5 yr ago x
PLEASE HELP. Whats the best way to beat the big blue thing in ruins labyrinth 2
anna 5 yr ago x
please .. give me some cheats :'(
anna 5 yr ago x
please respawn :'( i need now
Liam 5 yr ago x
I need help with the guardian.I can't defeat it because it has 3500 health.Please help!!!!
Liam 5 yr ago x
Need help with labyrinth two
Liam 5 yr ago x
Please send me an email for codes for
g 5 yr ago x
the game frequently crashes during battles, particularly when i use skills/spells.. how to fix this???
Vanilla 4 yr ago x
Omg I'm Fricken stuck on defeating the beast in maze 2 GRR! I'm just gonna get ma boyfriend to do it at dis rate. I am turning into Satan right now!!!!
Ellie-desu 4 yr ago x
There was a code for 5000G, it was happy2012 but it expired last feb 2012. Know any codes to redeem.
Ellie-desu 4 yr ago x
There was a code for 5000G, it was happy2012 but it expired last feb 2012. Know any codes to redeem.?
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