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Melicious 6 yr ago x
Has anyone been able to unlock the theatre or the store next to Bling Agency?

Also, the bouncer will not let me in the Venus Nightclub... I am #1 A-Lister at level 15.

If anyone could let me know, that would be awesome. I'd just like a light at the end of the tunnel as I am getting kind of bored and losing patience. :/
Melicious 6 yr ago x
This is the V-neck tank that you need to be wearing when you crash the rival star's party at Club Coco...

Nikki 6 yr ago x
Kk well I am on level 10 and I can't get past the E list ... How do I become a 10 celebrity !
lk2481 6 yr ago x
I hate how even though I'm working on a project, and just finished a project that hasn't gone on star news yet, I lose fans. I went from B to C list. Did that happen to you guys even though you work on the project?
p.s I have never gotten the cougar quest, lefty quest, and I'm level 12.. :'( close to level 13. Oh well, must be patient.
CynCyn 6 yr ago x
Thanks for everyone's help!
Angel13 6 yr ago x
People who want to get into the bling bling agency or the boutique or the cinema you should be patient 'cause there is level 20 even if your an a celeb. When you check your clothing something's have to be unlocked at level 20. Oh and I think the task of the fur coat maybe be in the boutique thats just my opinion though.
Angel13 6 yr ago x
People who want to get into the bling bling agency or the boutique or the cinema you should be patient 'cause there is level 20 even if your an a celeb. When you check your clothing something's have to be unlocked at level 20. Oh and I think the task of the fur coat maybe be in the boutique thats just my opinion though.
Cath 6 yr ago x
Well, currently I'm still on the lefty quest. I went and said the lines and the guy said it was good. But it was night so I said "come back later" to do it tomorrow. But when I came the next day rising star studios was locked and I couldn't even do the movie anymore. And now arnie keeps calling me with other projects and rising star has seemed to forget about southpaw confessions. Does anyone know what happened and what I could do to solve this? Thanks. :D
Meet 6 yr ago x
I have a question..if i buy a house in the downtown is it worth it. Does that help us in the game coz we hardly visit our house anyways?
ice cream girl  6 yr ago x
PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!
I'm a A star and level 13 and#1..but the Bling Bling still won't let me in -_-
Melicious 6 yr ago x
ice cream girl-- you have to ruin your rival star's rep by crashing her party at Club Coco before you can join Bling. Make sure to talk to your publicist first and wear the V-neck tank top. It will be one of your quests.
Melicious 6 yr ago x
Meet-- buying the condo only makes it possible to throw parties and get pets. Honestly, I would wait to get a bigger place, so you can have more pets. The condo only allows fish and the small dog. And parties are a complete waste of time and money. Do not throw them.
Jbird4 6 yr ago x
Is there a way that u could sell my old apartment after buying a new one?
Aly 6 yr ago x
I decided to try out the time cheat thing, and fast forwarded the time to tomorrow. I went back on Stardom and my movie that I had been working on was ended, my date with a C-lister ended. I had just become a level C, and I was back to a level D, though I only lost a few thousand fans.

Plus, when I went to Arnie's office, the mover guy was standing in the corner! What do I do?! Do I click on him? Will reverting the time change everything back, or at least make the guy go away?

Please help!
Aj 6 yr ago x
HappyJenny- Thanks for telling what you remember!! :)
Aly- I'm sorry, but I have no idea. I don't trust cheats. I think you MIGHT have to start over if you talk to him, I don't know. Good luck though!
Leanne 6 yr ago x
I bought a pink and a white v neck tank top but the sexy and know it request didn't that becuz I didn't wear it to kimberly's party? What can I do for now? Plz help :(
P 6 yr ago x
I have just gotten into Bling Bling on this morning... before I got a quest, I met Zoe at the coast and she told me that I steal everything from her (Works @Bling Bling, including Jack, her BF.) and now she will return home and surely come back in the future!

After that, I went to Bling Bling agency, and found that there is a quest waited for me! I could represent myself at this time.. (after she didn't talk to me for a long time since I become #1)

Anyway, Could anyone tell me how to get into a pub@the hills?

P.S. Now I am a #1 A list with 50,000,000 fans :)
meandjulio 6 yr ago x
I'm currently no. 1 on the A-list, level 18. The boutique and the movie theatre are not yet available to me. However, I discovered that if you focus on certain genres of movies (i.e. romance, drama, comedy) and max out the points on them you will get a clothing prize. So far I've maxed out western, romance, and some other things and have gotten a free hat, purse and some necklaces among other things. The game is starting to get redundant and was wondering if anyone is beyond where I am? I flip-flop no. 1 with the arch nemesis but I have to encounter her again beyond her getting mad at me for being represented by the BlingBling agency and nabbing a high profile role above me...
Evelyn 6 yr ago x
@Melicious; thanks for the help. However I crashed the party before i bought the v neck :( by accident, I entered the club without intending to crash the party, I wanted to do some clickables for energy :( what do I do now? :( i can't possibly go back, can I?
HappyJenny 6 yr ago x
@evelyn ur right, I've completed the quest quite some time ago, I hope this could help:
Buy the sleeveless v neck top (Just buy the white one that costs cash, don't waste ur stars) wear it and go show Charlene, the lady. Then go into Club CoCo, and talk to ur enemy. (Like my enemy is Jessica Hall) then u should have completed the quest. Hope this helps :)
HappyJenny 6 yr ago x
@kate I got in by talking to the lady, she just recognized me cuz I'm also level13 A list. . but Kate, most important thing is, have u talk to ur enemy at the coast?she should be arguing how to stole her BF and Bling Bling rejected her, That's the time u SHOULD go to Bling and check. Hope this helps :)
Kate 6 yr ago x
@HappyJenny I've been back to the coast a few times & my enemy hasn't been there. Maybe it's because I'm waiting on a movie it has hasn't happened yet.
Evelyn 6 yr ago x
@happyjenny; thanks for the reply :) I've bought the white v neck shirt and have been wearing it for days but I haven't seen Charlene or my enemy anywhere :( I think its because I crashed her party before I bought the v neck :( is there a way that I can like, revert my progress?
Jayden 6 yr ago x
@cath: if you didn't return during the timeframe they gave you (i.e 12 hours) then most likely you missed the movie role.

@ jbird4: there is no way to sale your old apartment so you will always have your little studio that you started out with and you can always visit it
HappyJenny 6 yr ago x
@Kate , maybe u should just continue to do some movies, but do check after your movie debuted, and maybe u should just look whether there's a big black man sitting in Petit Cheval, if there is just tell the lady ur here for Max. But from now on, just continue what ur doing and stick to Arnie for a while :)
HappyJenny 6 yr ago x
@Evelyn, unfortunately there is no way to revert your progress, but did u crash the partyby getting into club coco and Talk to your enemy? If no, thn wear the top and do that. If yes, just leave the quest out, I understand that it's gonna be hanging around on ur tasks, but it's the only way, but do wear the top just incase! :)
Evelyn 6 yr ago x
@happyjenny; yes I crashed the party without wearing the v neck top and talked to the enemy :( I guess I'll have to leave it for now. I'm already an A-lister so it is kinda sad :(
Jon 6 yr ago x
hates the cougar bait mission! bought the orange undershirt after being told to and ive been wearing it since then but it's still there! aaaah! ive tried everything from changing clothes inside the sushi restaurant, wore it everywhere, changed clothes everywhere... maybe if i bought an orange undershirt in real life, the mission will get completed.
ice cream girl 6 yr ago x
Melicious: Thank you I don't have the quest yet but I did crash her party -_- ill try showing up in the white thank top thanks soo much!!
Aj 6 yr ago x
Woo-hoo! I'm on the A-List! Currently on the find a romantic movie to film quest. After completing Cougars of the City, do you see the publicist again? If you do, when??
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