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Tap Zoo how to get free coins and stars free cheats iphone/ipad game app

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Maverick 7 yr ago x
You all are dumb. All answers on how to get unlimited stars are here :)
Raymondo 7 yr ago x
Please please I've tried to get some stars . But no chance, could you tell me how to get lots of stars ! The game is tap zoo thanks ?
Iamthewonderhelper 7 yr ago x
all you have to do is press on the best offer that can give you stars but just when you press shut the whole game

Ur mom 7 yr ago x
U av 2 jailbreak there are hacks 2 get everything...
Maverick 7 yr ago x
to Raymondo:
Kittyk007 7 yr ago x
Dude or tap on coins and stars then u will c how to get them for free then download the games it shows you and play it for two min. Then u get stars
robert 7 yr ago x
GH- i kinow i was joking
Everyone and Everyone(lol) hurry quick!
robert 7 yr ago x
someone who has a badger add me , their cool, anyways add me 2! but i like just having animals no stands or anything
Carol322 7 yr ago x
Does anyone know how to cross breed to get the monarch butterfly or a bat? Also the new update does not allow u to download apps for free stars anymore!!! If anyone knows how to get free stars would appreciate the info. I play it on my iPad. Thanks!!!!
Abos 7 yr ago x
To "This is a real working Hack" and "Alexia"

Good stuff! I got this to work last night after fiddling around a bit. To those of you having trouble:

Make sure you are looking for com.streetviewlabs.tapzoo. Look closely and you will find it. Make sure you download the SQlite Database browser. After you drag the gamestate file to your desktop, next open this file with the SQLite software and then click the browse tab and find users. This is where you can manipulate the amount of points and stars.

With a little persistence, you will get it.

Take that, tap zoo!! lol
libbylou 7 yr ago x
how do you get those pink trees for free?
how do you get the restaurant for free?
tomdabom 7 yr ago x
I am level 25and have every animal possible to get. all you need to do is follow the sq database lite and iPhone explored hack you can also cheat neighbors
iDoNotCheat 7 yr ago x
You cannot hack Tap Zoo with the dumb delete all of your animals hack but some listed above such as the iPhone Browser work!!!
Franny 7 yr ago x
There aren't any cheats everyone. I am level 33 and have slowly built up me zoo spending $.99 at a time. And getting neighbors is almost impossible. What will really help is if all off you, instead of wasting your comments here, would write Tap Zoo and complain. Let them know that you will delete this game and find something else if they don't give us more options on earning stars and to come down on their ridiculous prices! Think how crazy spending so much money to buy a cartoon animal is? Complain complain complain. Let them know we will go elsewhere for fun and eventually greedy corporate bosses will listen. They need our business more than we need their zoo!
tar 7 yr ago x
I download tap zoo new vertion.
but I can not download game and get star how to do. I need star
Blahblak 7 yr ago x
How u expand land is u go 2 store on menu and click land
Joreagle 7 yr ago x
How get free star to tap zoo using iPad???
Gjfk 7 yr ago x
I can't get free stars what do I do
Abos 7 yr ago x
@Franny. Yes, there is a way to cheat. Read the post by Alexia and "This is a real working hack." It really works.

Everyone, the info is there. Just follow the steps and you can have as many stars and coins as you want. You can even change your level, number of cross breading slots and nursery slots.

You don't need to jailbreak your phone either.
tapper 7 yr ago x
is not working anymore with the latest update 1.8
the amount of money changes but then it gets resetted to '500'
if anyone has got any workaround for it plz share....
Angel 7 yr ago x
I am currently on level 25 and have already downloaded the latest version of Tap Zoo but they have now stopped the 'Free apps' which means that I have no option but to pay stupid amounts of money to get stars as thats the only way possible. Is there a quick and easy way to get lots of stars and coins? I see somebodies zoo and they were only on level 21 and had 987,657 stars...yes a ridiculous amount of stars which I believe they couldnt of paid for...unless their super rich!...Many of you have said about downloading this and that...but whats the truth?...dont want no time wasters I just want to know how to get these for free?
T 7 yr ago x
Hey Guys,

I'm from Holland and i have tapzoo on my iPad. But all those ways you told on the site don't workshop on my iPad... And it really takes a lot of time to get more animals if you don't have cheat! I want to move vaster in the game... Does anyone know how to do it for Holland?

Pleaaaassssseee answer me! I tried all of the ways placed above.... I am despared! Or however you need to write that ;)
gabz 7 yr ago x
At first the little rectangle box that says "click here to get free coins and stars" appeared at the bottom of my screen. BUt when i updated it, it no longer appears. anybody know what i can do to make it come back????
Hydra 7 yr ago x
I just want some stars
adel 7 yr ago x
hei i try alexis way its work ... but ussualy i buy the start but affter i succes the hack .. i afraid does its connect to my account.. help me answer this one... does it connect to my card account ?
Awesome 7 yr ago x
bulls fan 7 yr ago x
stop giving us this crap about the cheats give us something real.
Makna 7 yr ago x
Makna 7 yr ago x
By the way, don't use iFile to edit TapZoo because it will stop working. And if you already have, just uninstall it, reinstall it, and then load your old zoo.
Momma Jenn 7 yr ago x
Sold a tortois for 20 coins and I never got them.
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